Web Analtyics and Website Statistics

Fully Understand Your Website Traffic

See when your online traffic peaks

SmarterStats breaks down your websites statistics broadly or granularly, so users can analyze data across months, weeks, days or even hours. Discover which day of the week your website gets the most traffic and use that information to determine the best day to launch a new marketing campaign. See the times of the day your site has the fewest visitors and schedule web server maintenance for those off-peak times.

See where visitors are going and where they're from

It’s just as important to know where visitors come from when they visit your site as it is to know where they go once they’re on your site. Detailed reports help you discover which pages visitors frequently enter your site on, the path they take as they navigate your site and the pages on which they spend the least amount of time so you can modify your content accordingly. Plus, find out which search engines, keywords or phrases are bringing you the most organic traffic and use that information to develop your overall SEO strategy.

Learn what is going on

Once you know who your visitors are, you can find out what they’re like. What browser or operating system are they using? Which mobile devices are frequently used to access your site? This information can be critical when deciding whether to start a marketing strategy that targets mobile users or even whether to continue to support a legacy browser like Internet Explorer 6. The last thing you want to do build a new site component like a shopping cart without support for a specific browser if 50% of your visitors are still using it.

Similarly, system administrators can see what the web server is doing as visitors navigate your site. Are there issues like 404 or 500 errors that could cause problems for visitors and spiders? Are there pages or scripts that take too long to load or that disrupt the flow of the visitor’s experience? Are there any potential bandwidth leaks resulting from hotlinked images or stolen content? Knowing what is causing problems on your site is half of the battle, and SmarterStats gives you that information.

Act on how visitors get to your website

Understanding how website visitors and search engine spiders access and use your site is crucial for running a successful website and can help drive successful business strategy. If specific websites are driving traffic to your site, you may want to develop new partnerships or place advertising on the sites. If the bounce rate for a particular page is high, review and modify the messaging to see if that improves the time visitors spend reading the content. See which search terms are bringing traffic to your site and use that data to refine your SEO strategy. SmarterStats can help you unlock all this data and more.

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