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Build business. Create revenue. Ensure maximum return. Partner with SmarterTools for access to industry-leading products and services that meet the needs of small businesses, enterprise organizations and hosting companies alike.

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Resell Licenses

By becoming an authorized Reseller, you can generate additional revenue and expand on your current product and service line! Purchase SmarterTools software licenses, and Maintenance and Support, at a discounted price and sell them to your customers. This program includes built-in profit, generous discounts for both resale and internal use and is architected to ensure a level playing field.

Once you sell a license, it can easily be assigned to your customer right from our Partner Portal. You have full access to the customer, the customer information and the licensing details. You can even email customers right from the Partnership Portal!

Assign and Lease Licenses

Lease Licenses

This option is a great entry point for new partners and those that already lease software and/or server space. As a Lease-Reseller, you can purchase SmarterTools software licenses at discounted monthly rates and sell them at a profit to your customers! This not only allows you to offer top-of-the-line products at a fraction of the purchase price, but it's also a great source of recurring, monthly revenue to help your business grow.

Leasing is also an extremely flexible way to get customers into SmarterTools products. Leases can be started and stopped as needed, and payment is pro-rated based on that timing. In addition, all SmarterTools products and add-ons are availble via the leasing model.

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