Overview - Website Analytics

SmarterStats offers true web log analytics to provide a complete understanding of the popularity and performance of your online presence. Google Analytics and script-based website analysis products only track those pages that have a script added to them, and then only track those visitors that allow JavaScript. A web server logs every visit to every web page of a site, making log analytics many times more reliable than script-based products.

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Powerful Reporting

SmarterStats has several reports that analyze website traffic and help business owners improve a site's overall performance. Along with pre-built reports, webmasters, marketers and business owners can build custom reports so the information they need is the information they get.

Powerful Website Analytics
Improve Website Performance

Improve Website Performance

Site Tuning helps improve a website's overall performance and search engine compatibility. By looking for common, and sometimes hidden, issues that could cause visitors to leave your site, and search engines to avoid it, Site Tuning ensures your site is available to anyone looking for it.

Dig Deep

Sometimes a "high level" view isn't enough. SmarterStats offers Data Mining, which gives users the ability to drill into their web server logs. See individual page statistics, view paths to and away from specific pages of your site, see which downloads are getting the most attention, and more.

Dig Deep Into Website Log Files

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