SmarterStats has over 100 different individual report items that, when combined into pre-built reports, give site and business owners the information they need to fully and completely understand how their website, and their business, is performing. Each report can be broken down by year, month, week or day. In addition, individual pages can be drilled down into, exposing more and more crucial data. Learn what parts of the country, or the world, drives visitors; understand the devices and operating systems being used; view search engine bots as they navigate through a site and much, much more.

Detailed metrics for viewing website traffic

View Traffic

Whether it’s information on the people that visit a site or the search engines and bots that crawl each page, SmarterStats can provide the visitor, user and search engine stats -- the overall business analytics -- that a business needs. Unlike other web analytics software, SmarterStats separates human visitors from spider and bots, providing companies with true website statistics that reflect actual customer behavior. Discover which countries or cities visitors are from, which sites referred them, and the pages they view on a site in the order they view them. It’s even possible to see which pages of a site are not getting indexed in search engines.

Discover Trends

SmarterStats breaks down website statistics both broadly and granularly, so it’s possible to analyze data across months, weeks, days or even hours. Discover which day of the week a website gets the most traffic and use that information to determine the best day to launch a new marketing campaign. See the times of the day a site has the fewest visitors and schedule web server maintenance for those off-peak times.

Study Behavior

It’s just as important to know where visitors come from when they visit a site as it is to know where they go once they leave. Detailed reports can help discover which pages visitors frequently use to enter a site, the path they take as they navigate throughout a site and then the pages on which they spend the least amount of time. All of this allows site owners to modify content accordingly. Plus, find out which search engines, keywords or key phrases are bringing the most organic traffic and use that information to develop an overall SEO strategy.

Charts for data presentaion of user behavior

Take Action

Understanding how website visitors and search engine spiders access and use a site is crucial for running a successful website and can help drive successful business strategy. If specific websites are driving traffic to a site, that may mean a potential new partner. Or, place advertising on those sites to help drive more traffic. If the bounce rate for a particular page is high, review and modify the messaging to see if that improves the time visitors spend reading the content. SmarterStats can help you unlock all this data and more.