Help Desk Portal

The portal is the main entry point for your help desk. It's where customers go to learn information, read knowledge base articles, keep track of what's going on with your business, interact with you and other users in the community, and more. The portal is fully customizable, and each brand that is added to SmarterTrack can have its own unique portal interface with its own custom URL.

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Funnel Support

Ideally, you want to funnel customers from the least expensive support option, the knowledge base, to the most expensive, phone calls. This helps maximize agent efficiency and keeps support costs low. The portal allows a business to do this, efficiently and without sacrificing customer service. Articles and news items appear right there on the portal home page, allowing a business to get its most current, and most important, information in front of their customers.

Ticket Systems Centralize Communication
Help Desk Ticket Distribution

Customer Facing

As the entry point for your help desk, the portal offers businesses the opportunity to leverage multiple channels for distributing information to customers: a knowledge base, news articles, and the community, where users can work together to solve problems and answer questions. In addition, the portal offers multiple branding opportunities and has the ability to be customized in a way that matches the visual style of the business and its existing online presence.

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Tickets and Live Chat

The portal can also be used as a way for users to submit tickets and start live chats with agents. This is another way to help funnel users to a central location for communicating with a business.

User Management

When enabled, the portal offers customers the ability to create accounts. With an account, users can log in to submit tickets (though tickets can also be enabled without the need to log in), and then manage those tickets through resolution. Registered users can also communicate with each other through direct messaging, users can add their own custom avatars and signatures, and more. A user's profile also shows all of the community threads they've participated in as well as some statistics on their community involvement.

Help Desk Canned Replies
Help Desk Ticket Quality Control


Businesses can limit what is available on the portal as they see fit. For example, if they want tickets to be submitted solely through email, the Tickets area can be hidden. If they want users to register before posting in the Community, that can be done as well. The portal is flexible enough, and offers enough customization, that a business can use it in a way that best suits their business and business model.

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