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SmarterMail has all the same functionality as Microsoft Exchange. Where SmarterMail beats Exchange is in the additional features available, such as real time audio/video messaging, and online meetings for team meetings. In addition, SmarterMail has ONE thing Exchange doesn't: a low price. From licensing to hardware requirements, SmarterMail is significantly less expensive than Exchange.

Email Profitability

Turn email hosting into a profit center! SmarterMail was built to be packaged by web hosts, ISPs and other service providers: Standard POP/IMAP can be a base-level plan, while adding things like enterprise antispam and security, as well as desktop and mobile synchronization using MAPI/ EWS and EAS can be easily grouped together and sold on a per-mailbox model.

Hosting, in general, can be a product that offers razor-thin margins. In addition, ISPs and other service providers will benefit from a product that offers built-in profitability. Email can provide additional revenue opportunities as it offers more room for growth, in terms of features and functionality, than web hosting.

Industry Leading Webmail Client
Simple Mail Server Management

Simple Web-Based Management

SmarterMail's web-based interface provides both system and domain administrators with remote access to their mail servers using any desktop or mobile web browser. System administrators can quickly and securely manage configuration and mail server maintenance tasks while domain administrators can manage users, user settings and the entire domain.

Having access to SmarterMail from anywhere, at any time, means administrators can be more proactive in dealing with issues well before they become problems.

Compliance as a Service

SmarterMail was architected to work in an environment built for any compliance or regulatory specification and includes features such as email archiving on a per domain or server-wide basis, auditor access, integration with third-party security products and services, comprehensive logging and more. That means that web hosts, ISPs and service providers can market those types of email hosting services -- HIPAA certified, SOX compliant, etc. -- to their own customers. In addition, "compliant email hosting" can then become another revenue stream for service providers, ISPs and web hosts.

Mail Server Compliance as a Service
Minimal Email Server System Requirements

Minimal Requirements

SmarterMail was built to run on a standalone server, virtual machine or even in the cloud on Azure or Amazon Web Services. Its minimal hardware requirements mean it can even run on a server that hosts other applications or services, meaning web hosts and ISPs can maximize hardware usage.

Unlike competing products, SmarterMail was built by a web host, specifically for web hosts, with efficiency in mind. This also keeps the total cost of ownership (TCO) significantly lower than Microsoft Exchange or other enterprise-level email servers.

Multi-Tenant Environment

We started out as branch of an existing, world-class web hosting company. So SmarterMail � and ALL SmarterTools products � was built to replace the email server that we were using at the time. Therefore, it was built with the service provider in mind. Its efficiency, lack of hardware requirements, speed and security were all built for an environment that catered to thousands of domains and tens of thousands of mailboxes.

Multi Tenant Email Server
Comprehensive Email Server API

Comprehensive API

SmarterMail is totally API-driven. In addition, our API is fully documented. This allows web hosts, ISPs and service providers to build on top of SmarterMail or integrate it with existing management and other back end applications. We even offer pre-build integration modules for hosting control panels such as Plesk, ODIN and WHMCS.

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