SmarterTrack Downloads

Download the most up-to-date Build of SmarterTrack. Legacy Builds can be downloaded by logging in to your SmarterTools Account.

Build 8928

June 12, 2024

Release Notes

Click HERE for the Manual Installer

System Requirements

Windows 2016 64-bit

SQL Server / MySQL

Microsoft .NET 4.7

Microsoft IIS

All System Requirements

Legacy Builds can be downloaded by logging in to your Account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I "Try for Free"?
If you don't have a license key but want to try SmarterTrack using a single brand and a single agent, you can simply download Smartertrack. Then, when asked for a License Key during installation, leave that area blank. Once SmarterTrack finishes installing, it will run as the Free Edition! It's a fully-functional product that has some Enterprise features built-in. If you want to test using multiple brands or want multiple agents, we'd be happy to provide you with a 30-day trial. Simply contact our sales department by emailing During business hours you can also start a live chat or call us at 877-357-6278.
What about bug fixes and patches?
Customers with active Maintenance and Support for their licenses have access to ALL new builds of our products. This includes bug fixes, patches, updates and new features.
Can I install any version?
If you're using the free edition, yes! If you have a licensed installation, and active Maintenance and Support, you can install any current or legacy version, so you can re-install your existing version or upgrade to the most current Build. If you do not have active Maintenance and Support, you DO have the ability to install any version up to when the Maintenance and Support expired for that license. However, you cannot go beyond that version without first renewing or reinstating Maintenance and Support.
Can I use a new license on an older installation?
Yes! Our licenses are backwards compatible, meaning a newer license can be used on any older version of the software as long as Maintenance and Support is active for the license.
Where can I check the status of my Maintenance and Support?
Check out the status of your license's Maintenance and Support by viewing your Licenses!
What if my question isn't answered here?
Find more information and answers to other questions in the SmarterTools Knowledge Base or the SmarterTools Online Documentation. You can also contact our Sales Department and we'd be happy to help you out.

Legacy Builds

To download Legacy Builds, please login to the Account Management area and use the Legacy Builds page. Also, you can view and download the latest licensed version for any license key from the Licenses page.

Free Edition

SmarterTrack Free supports a single Agent and has most of the features of SmarterTrack Enterprise. In fact, you can do everything in the Free Editions -- set up multiple Brands, use forms, set up live chat on an external website and more -- except use SmarterTrack Communicator. That said, the Free Edition is primarily used to give you an opportunity to try out SmarterTrack before making a purchase decision. However, small companies can use it as a free, full-service help desk.

Build 8928