SmarterTrack Mobile

The SmarterTrack mobile app is a perfect complement to the desktop / tablet version of SmarterTrack. It allows agents and managers to reply to tickets, respond to chats, manage tasks, and log calls wherever they are and whenever they're needed. Access the most important aspects of tickets, live chat, call logs, tasks, notifications and more. Available for iOS and Android.

Ticket Management

Communication is key. Access the most crucial ticket actions available, right from the mobile app, so agents can keep customers and users up to date:

  • Reply to tickets
  • Start new tickets (incoming or outgoing)
  • Ticket transfers
  • Comment tickets
  • Set Follow Ups
  • Status changes
  • Change a ticket's priority
  • Much more!
Mobile Help Desk Tickets
Mobile Help Desk Live Chat

Live Chat On the Go

Participate in immediate, instantaneous conversations with end users and customers, wherever you are, quickly and easily:

  • Reply to chats
  • Take existing chats
  • Transfer chats to other agents
  • Coach agents
  • Much more!
SmarterTrack server icon

On-Premises OR Hosted

Our mobile app works with any SmarterTrack installation. Whether you are hosting your help desk on your own server or in the cloud, or you're using the SmarterTrack Hosted Help Desk, the mobile app just works!

Task Management

Your day doesn't necessarily end when you leave the office or when you work remotely. With mobile task management, stay ahead of task due dates and deadlines right from your device:

  • Create new tasks
  • Edit descriptions
  • Manage progress
  • Assign / re-assign tasks
  • Much more!
Mobile Help Desk Task Management
Mobile Help Desk Call Logging

Call Logging

Make sure you're staying up-to-date with what's going on with your tickets. Get notified when a new ticket comes in, or when you receive a reply. You can turn on all notifications, enable only one or two, or even mute them all, right from the app.

Multiple Brand Support

One of the most powerful features of SmarterTrack is multi-brand support. This allows a business to utilize agents more efficiently, whether on or off hours, across various businesses, divisions, locations and more. And that power is also available on SmarterTrack Mobile.

Mobile Help Desk Brand Support

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