Frequently Asked Questions

So I filled out the form. Now what?
After you start your trial, you will receive a link that will allow you to start using your hosted helpdesk. You will have access to all the features for free for 30 days.
What happens after my trial?
At the end of the free trial, you can move into a monthly subscription plan without any interruptions in your service. Of course, if you're just "testing the waters," you can simply let the trial expire. Since we don't ask for a credit card at signup, there's no obligation.
How will I be billed?
Once you subscribe, your credit card will be charged for one low price of $20 per agent/month. You will be billed for service one month in advance and receive an email receipt for your records.
Is an SSL certificate included?
The short answer is a resounding YES! Any domain, which is created by default, is secured with our wildcard SSL certificate. When you add a host header to your account, which is how you use your own custom domains, we also secure those custom domains using Let's Encrypt. This is handled automatically, so there's nothing you need to do or submit to us in order to have your custom domain secured!
How secure is the hosting environment?
We implement industry standard security and safety protocols across our hosting environment. This includes a having our servers in a Tier-1 datacenter that is FISMA/NIST certified, ISO 27001 certified and HIPAA compliant. It also provides 24x7 multiple-layer security access, 24x7 infrastructure and perimeter monitoring, biometric access, multiple redundant power and direct connect network carriers. All servers and services are monitored 24x7 using various internal and external resources. We have multiple redundancies across our network infrastructure, from border routers to firewalls.
Can I performance test and/or have a penetration test performed?
SmarterTrack, and the SmarterTrack Hosted Service, all run using SmarterTools' APIs. As a result, if you want to performance test SmarterTrack, we encourage you to do so. Regarding penetration testing and network security testing, we work with a number of companies at different intervals across our infrastructure, hardware and software products. That said, we have had some larger companies perform their own testing against our products and services and share the results with us. If you want to conduct your own testing please contact us beforehand at Otherwise, our systems could block some of the requests.
Can I point my own domain to my hosted SmarterTrack site?
Trial accounts will need to use the domain during the trial period. However, after you subscribe you can use your own custom domain, such as, to point to your site. Hosted SmarterTrack uses host headers, which you manage from your Account, and even adds a Let's Encrypt SSL binding for your custom domains automatically!
Are there any other subscription fees apart from the per agent fee?
Nope! You are billed solely per agent per month. There aren't any hidden fees or overage charges subject to the terms of service.
Can I install SmarterTrack on my own servers?
You certainly can! SmarterTrack is available as a cloud-based online help desk or your own on-premise help desk software.
What if my question isn't answered here?
Find more information and answers to other questions in the SmarterTools Knowledge Base or the SmarterTools Online Documentation. You can also email us at or, during our business hours, give us a call or start a live chat with us.