Tasks and Call Logs

Task management is an integral part of any help desk. Often times, customer communication results in some task needing to be performed by an agent. Being able to create that task, assign it to an agent, and track it through to completion is crucial. And just as important is the ability to log and track phone calls, then use that information and either associate the call to an existing ticket, or even create a new ticket based on the call.

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Create Tasks

Agents can use SmarterTrack's task system to help manage their day-to-day workload as well as manage any activity that is required based on customer communication. Tasks can be created on their own or added to an existing ticket or live chat. When created separately, they can be managed and tracked as standalone tasks or "related" to a ticket or chat later, if needed. When created alongside an existing chat or ticket, the two items are linked and automatically associated with each other.

Help Desk Task List
Help Desk Task Management

Task Management

All tasks can be fully managed by the agents they're assigned to, and viewed and tracked by managers. Agent management includes being able to change the task status, manage priority, add and update time estimates, add start and due dates and times, add notes and comments, and more. Tasks are grouped by their status for an agent, and by status or by agent for managers. Single tasks can be created and managed, or recurring tasks can be created for longer-terms or for items that need to be completed on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

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SmarterTrack Communicator

A fully integrated SIP-compliant softphone for SmarterTrack that is available as an add-on for your existing VoIP phone server and tightly integrates phone communications with all other forms of customer correspondence. Records incoming/outgoing calls, automatically creates call logs, and much more!

Call Logging

Calls can be logged independently, or automatically when using SmarterTrack Communicator, a SIP-compliant soft phone. Regardless of how they're started, agents can provide as much information about the caller, and the call, as they need. This includes the caller's email address, name and phone number, and details of the call can be added using the included HTML editor. Call time and duration can be logged as well. Finally, calls take priority over things like live chat. That means that when a call log is open, and an agent is speaking to a customer on the phone, they're automatically "unavailable" to receive new live chats. This ensures the agent can focus on the call, and on the customer.

Help Desk Call Logging
Help Desk Add Items

Relate Items

Your help desk allows you to centralize all communication in one place, then SmarterTrack takes it one step further. Many different items can be attached to each other, or otherwise "related" to one another. Tickets can have live chats, tasks and call logs attached to them. Call logs, tasks and time logs can be created and added to tickets and chats. Whenever one item is viewed in the Management Interface, the other items are right there and can be viewed as well. This allows agents and managers to see everything going on with a particular issue, or a particular customer.

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