Desktop and Mobile Email Clients

With support for industry-standard protocols such as MAPI, EAS, EWS, IMAP, POP, CalDAV, CardDAV, and Jabber/XMPP, SmarterMail is able to synchronize with virtually any desktop or mobile email or chat client, calendaring app, contacts app, or scheduling service. Clients on Windows, MacOS, and even Linux for the desktop, or iOS and Android on mobile, are all compatible, giving users access to virtually every feature of SmarterMail, regardless of whether they're at home or at the office, in front of their computers or on-the-go.

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Desktop Clients

Whether you prefer Windows, MacOS, or Linux, SmarterMail provides users with all of the functionality they expect from their favorite email client.

  • Outlook (Windows / MacOS)
  • eM Client (Windows / MacOS)
  • Apple Mail
  • Windows Mail
  • Spark
  • Thunderbird
  • MacOS Calendar, Contacts
  • Mailbird
  • Countless others!
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SmarterMail integration with eM Client

SmarterMail and eM Client

SmarterTools Inc. and eM Client have partnered to provide domain administrators with 3 FREE device activations of eM Client Business Pro! These activations can be provided to any domain user, and activations can be managed right from within SmarterMail. Working closely with the eM Client team, we've collaborated to ensure their client offers 100% compatibility with SmarterMail. Features include:

  • Integration with SmarterMail Online Meetings
  • Jabber/XMPP Chat
  • Automated account setup
  • Delegation
  • Public folders
  • Contact groups
  • Encryption
  • Many, many more!

Mobile Clients

SmarterMail works with virtually any email client as well as apps for calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, and more across both iOS and Android.

  • Outlook (iOS / Android)
  • Mail (iOS)
  • Gmail (iOS / Android)
  • eM Client (iOS / Android)
  • Samsung Mail (Android)
  • Spark (iOS / Android)
  • Various native (OEM) apps (iOS / Android)
  • Countless others!
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