Online Meetings

Online Meetings offer audio and/or video conferencing for up to 9 individuals, with no limit to the number of people who can attend and participate in an Online Meeting via text chat. Whether organizational meetings or meetings with offsite employees, contractors, or others, Online Meetings can easily replace third-party conferencing solutions such as GoToMeeting.

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Audio and Video Conferencing

Built on the latest WebRTC framework and offering dynamic scaling for the most efficient bandwidth usage and highest audio and video quality, an Online Meeting audio/video conference can accommodate up to 9 on screen participants, and unlimited participants in a meeting's text chat. Each on-screen user has full control over their own audio and video stream, and participants can be pinned so their screens are more prominent to others.

Mail Server Audio Video Conferencing
Take Control Icon

Take Control

Meeting organizers have total control over any Online Meeting they create: they can allow or restrict guest access, set permissions for who can upload files to the meeting, allow guests to start the meeting, set the defaults for video and audio quality, password protect meetings, and much more. Online Meetings can even be created as part of meetings or events created in a webmail calendar OR can be used as the default meeting provider in eM Client!

Mail Server Screen Sharing

Screen Sharing

Users and organizers can share their entire screens, share specific applications, or even share individual browser tabs. From training sessions to document collaboration, Screen Sharing expands Online Meetings, allowing groups to be even more connected and productive, and enhances a team's ability to communicate and work together.

File Sharing

File sharing in Online Meetings works just like it does in SmarterMail's instant messaging: uploaded files show preview images (where supported), and can be downloaded by meeting participants. Shared files are stored in SmarterMail's integrated File Storage area, making it easy to retrieve and download files as needed, even long after the meeting has ended.

Mail Server File Sharing and Conferencing
Mail Server Instant Messenger and Conferencing

Chat with Participants

Chat is available across all areas of an Online Meeting conference, and an unlimited number of participants can text chat with each other across all features -- including throughout a video conference. Chats includes real-time image previews, link previews, the ability to add and upload files, and much more.

Eliminate Third-Party Services

Online Meetings can be created and used once, or the same meeting can be used multiple times or as an ongoing meeting space. In addition, there's no limit to the number of meetings that can be created and used. However you use them, Online Meetings can easily replace services such as #Slack or Microsoft Teams, without incurring any additional expense!

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