Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options?
The preferred method of payment is credit card, though we also accept company check, money order, cashier's check or wire transfer. Those using the hosted SmarterTrack service will be charged by credit card on a monthly basis and are billed one month in advance. For more information, see our Acceptable Payment Methods knoweldgebase article.
Can I try your products before buying them?
Of course! All of our products come with "free editions" that you can download and start using immediately. These versions offer many of the same features as the Enterprise versions of our products, though they are limited in the number of domains, mailboxes or agents you can use, depending on the product. If you want to start a trial of any version of any of our products, you can do that as well. Simply contact our Sales Team at, or, during business hours, you can also start a live chat or call us at 1.877.357.6278. Our team would be happy to set you up with a trial license!
Can I upgrade the edition or level of my license?
You can upgrade your license's level (number of mailboxes/agents/sites) or edition (Professional to Enterprise) at any time simply by paying the difference in cost between the license you currently have and the license you now need. Those using the hosted SmarterTrack service can upgrade their agent subscription at any time and pay the prorated cost for that month.
Do you offer any product discounts?
We do! If you're a non-profit, government or educational institution, or use a competing product you may qualify for a discount. Contact our Sales Department for more details. Discounts are not available for the initial purchase and yearly renewal of add-ons as there are licensing and royalty commitments to the companies who provide the software and services for the add-ons we offer.
What is "Maintenance and Support"?
SmarterTools customers are provided 12 months of Maintenance and Support with the purchase of any new product license. Maintenance and Support includes access to install and run any version of that product released during the dates that maintenance is active. That means that all new features, product updates, bug fixes and other improvements to the products are available for download and installation, free of charge. In addition, unlimited email support is included for free for any license that is covered by Maintenance and Support. (Phone calls and remote access to customer servers is at the discretion of the Technical Support staff.) Emergency 24x7x365 support, managed installations, and personalized training are also available for purchase.
What happens to Maintenance and Support after that inital 12 months?
After the initial 12 months, customers have the option to renew Maintenance and Support at a substantial discount off the initial license cost. If customers fail to renew, they DO have the option to reinstate Maintenance and Support, though at a slighly smaller discount.
Is Maintenance and Support Required?
While not “required” for a product to work, it is strongly suggested you keep Maintenance and Support active due to its many benefits: unlimited support of the product, free access to any and all updates and new features that are released for the product, and the ability to use add-ons such as MAPI/EWS, EAS, Cyren, and MessageSniffer products. Therefore, while our products will continue to work without Maintenance and Support, it IS required if you plan on using any add-on, along with the yearly renewal of the add-on(s). This is because the agreements in place with our vendors dictate that the licensing for any SmarterTools product is active and updated to the most recent release.
Are product purchases refundable?
Products created by SmarterTools Inc. and purchased through our website are refundable within 15 days of original purchase. Those using the hosted SmarterTrack service are not eligible for refunds as this service utilizes a pay-as-you-go pricing plan which is billed one month in advance.
What if my question isn't answered here?
Find more information and answers to other questions in the SmarterTools Knowledge Base or the SmarterTools Online Documentation.