Twitch Streaming at SmarterTools

Here at SmarterTools, we like to say "we work hard, we play hard, and we build great software." Part of that "playing hard" is playing video games. Several of us – the vast majority, in fact – are serious gamers, and our games of choice run the gamut from RPGs to FPSs.

MoiDawg streaming from SmarterTools This past week, we got to geek out a bit and host a TRUE gamer and Twitch streamer! MoiDawg, who streams games such as Battlefield V, Escape from Tarkov, Squad and Post Scriptum, happened to be in the Phoenix area on business. We offered to host him at our office, so he didn't have to suffer through dealing with the usual hotel noises, not to mention sketchy hotel WiFi. We were able to set him up with a few peripherals so he could break away from the touchpad and keyboard on his "travel rig" and for two nights he streamed his gameplay and chatted with his viewers. (And drank most of our La Croix.)

Moi (as he's known to his viewers) has been streaming for about 8 months, and in that period of time he's gained quite a following. In fact, earlier this month he was named an Official Creative Partner by Offworld Industries, the publisher of both Squad and Post Scriptum. He gained that partner status for a couple of reasons:

  1. He's good at playing both Squad and Post Scriptum, and does a great job of being a brand ambassador for both games during his streams and offering constructive feedback on the various sub-Reddits and Discord channels dedicated to the games, and
  2. He's a very good Twitch streamer: he keeps Chat – those people who watch him – engaged and informed while he plays. He talks to his viewers as much as he does to other players in game, and does what he can to educate those viewers who are less familiar with the intricacies of the games he's playing.

It was a real pleasure hosting MoiDawg, and learning the ins-and-outs of streaming. He's on his way to becoming a Twitch staple, and we're pleased we could help him out, however briefly. He's welcome anytime....

For more information on Twitch, MoiDawg or the games mentioned, below are some quick links to help you out. You can find the games on on Steam, from the Humble Bundle or on EA's Origin platform.

Finally, we're always open to visits from customers, partners or anyone interested in learning more about SmarterTools. If you're ever in the Phoenix area, feel free to reach out to us: we'd love to have you come to the office and meet with us.