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Our mission is to help companies communicate, analyze and support their worldwide businesses. Our products are utilized by tens of thousands of companies across the globe in a broad base of market segments -- including those in the technology, financial, education, and hosting industries.

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Tim Uzzanti


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Helping businesses succeed since 2003

SmarterTools began as a way for Web hosting companies to provide reliable, powerful and fully functional software that was simple for end users to understand and easy for server administrators to install. Using those principles -- creating powerful software that is easy to use and even easier to manage -- SmarterTools has grown into a leading provider of business software for tens of thousands of small to medium-sized businesses, enterprise organizations and hosting companies worldwide.

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Generate multiple revenue streams, increase the value of your current product offerings, enhance your retention of customers and ensure maximum return! SmarterTools partnerships provide multiple opportunities for all of this and more!

Become of an authorized Reseller, Bundle Provider or Lease-Reseller today to leverage the SmarterTools brand and bring industry-leading solutions to your customers.

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Our global presence

SmarterTools has over 12 million end users and a strong, global network of channel partnerships. In addition, by targeting various small and enterprise-level businesses, Web hosts and service providers, our install base has grown to include customers in more than 120 countries. Our industry-leading products continue to evolve in order to assist customers both nationwide and internationally, with products that support over 60 languages.

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