SmarterMail 16.x GO LIVE BETA Now Available

Announcing the GO LIVE BETA release of SmarterMail 16.x! What's a "Go Live" BETA? Well, while it's still technically a BETA release, we feel this release is ready for use in production environments. It's stable, it's reliable, it's stress-tested and profiled, it's fully-functional and we're confident it can run in high-volume environments without issue. So give it a test-drive and be sure to visit the SmarterTools Community and join in the discussions with other BETA participants!

The Release Is Almost Here

We've teased the next version of SmarterMail 16.x a few times over the last several months. Apart from the formal BETA announcement, we've offered up a sneak peek of where we were headed with the new interface, we teased the new group chat and web conferencing, and then we full offered your first REAL look at web conferencing. Well, the time for "sneak peeks" is over. With the Go Live relase of SmarterMail 16.x we're practically feature-complete. Barring some minor tweaks here and there, the interface, on the user and domain admin side, is done. The System Administrator side is still in the works, but it's 85% complete as well. Therefore, we fully encourage anyone to download this version of SmarterMail 16.x and give it a try.

That said, we know not everyone has the luxury of installing a pre-release version of SmarterMail on a production server. Therefore, below you'll find some screenshots of what the new version will look like. The screenshots feature some user areas, including the inbox, contacts, tasks and calendars, as well as the new meetings area. We even have a screenshot of an actual web conference members of our team had last week. There are also a few system admin screens, for those of you who are interested in where that's heading.

As you can see, this is the most ambitious release of SmarterMail we've ever built, and we're excited that the day is almost here when everyone can download it and use it. It truly is the future of SmarterMail.

Getting Started with the BETA

Once you've received your BETA key, visit the SmarterMail 16.x BETA category in our Community! There, you can communicate with other testers (as well as the SmarterTools development team), view release notes for the most recent BETA releases and stay up-to-date with any additional BETA news and announcements.