Your First REAL Look at SmarterMail Web Conferencing

As we mentioned in our last post, SmarterMail 16 will introduce built-in web conferencing. You'll soon be able to take advantage of the standard functionality you know and love directly within the newly designed and mobile-responsive SmarterMail interface, PLUS new features like video conferencing, meeting agendas, screen sharing, group chat and more! In this post, we're moving beyond the "concept" phase and are happy to show actual mock ups of the web conferencing functionality, along with a couple of concepts for document and screen sharing.

To demonstrate how these new features will help users of any size, imagine the following scenario:

You've been emailing your designer regarding the creation of a new advertisement, and it's time for your team to get together and collaborate on a design! With a meeting invite already in place, accessing the web conferencing session is as easy as clicking a link in the calendar appointment! After ensuring everyone is present in video, audio or group chat, you share control of the Whiteboard, a drawing space for building ideas and brainstorming designs. By allowing multiple members of your session to collaborate together in the Whiteboard, all of their ideas are not only heard, but even seen! And when a design and game plan are agreed upon, you ensure everyone has what they need to move forward by saving and sharing those files via Shared Documents. Finally, with the session at its end, you send a quick and convenient follow-up email to your attendees that includes a recording of the session and the Meeting Notes that were logged. Quick to setup, even easier to use and seamlessly integrated.

With SmarterMail 16 you'll be able to get rid of expensive third-party services, like GoToMeeting, AnyMeeting, Slack, or Skype and take advantage of native web conferencing and team collaboration directly within your email platform, where ALL of your communication is centralized, archived and available wherever you are.

Without further ado, preview some designs for the web conferencing interface that's coming in our secure mail server software, SmarterMail 16!

Don't Miss the BETA

Can't wait to check out the latest and greatest? Well you're in luck! The SmarterMail 16 BETA is still on track for its release in the upcoming 4th quarter! Stay connected on our Facebook and Twitter pages and in the SmarterTools Community to participate in the BETA at its release. We'd love to hear your feedback on the greatness that's on its way!