Introducing the new Smartertools

The last time we refreshed the SmarterTools website, Windows 7 had just launched, Avatar was breaking box office records and Facebook only had 150 million users. So, it's been awhile. But when we do things, we go BIG, so the new website will be the start of the new SmarterTools!

The site was developed using the latest Web technologies and we focused on a modern, streamlined design that works well across all browsers. We've simplified the language, cleaned up the shopping experience and improved the performance on both desktop and mobile.

But the new website isn't the only thing we're excited about…

We will soon be moving SmarterTrack Hosted Helpdesk into the website, and will no longer be using the separate site, The reason for this is pretty simple: We have new services coming to market, and they'll all be part of the website.

SmarterMail, SmarterTrack and SmarterStats also have exciting changes coming their way, with two major versions planned before mid-2016! The first version releases of the year will focus on new additions and functionality, along with standard feature enhancements and bug fixes. In the major releases after that, you'll find dramatically redesigned product interfaces! These versions will utilize the latest technologies to create a single interface for both desktop and mobile browsers, allowing for full functionality across all platforms. Over the next couple of months, and before the BETA releases, we will be providing glimpses of the changes in the Community, and we look forward to the discussions!

We are also working closely with customers to improve our Account Management and licensing systems so that all your products and services with SmarterTools are streamlined under one Account. New opportunities for Partners, which will be available around the middle of the year, are in the works as well.

Although our products are seen as leaders in their respective industries, we are determined to continue reinventing and reinvesting in those products and services to ensure we remain a leader in the future.

Stay tuned... It's going to be an exciting end to 2015 and a great beginning to 2016!