SmarterTools 2nd Qtr Recap

This quarter has been a busy one at SmarterTools! In the past three months, we've had two major version releases, as well as a fun promotion to reward customers for sticking with us through the years. Below you'll find a quick recap, and as an added bonus, you can participate in the $100 Credit Giveaway!

Customer Appreciation Game on TapFoo

SmarterTools prize giveawayThe Customer Appreciation Game held on TapFoo was a great way to say "Thanks!" for allowing us to serve you for the last 12 years. Customers had the chance to download TapFoo, a mobile gaming app, and play to win over $14,000 in free prizes, including a 40″ TCL Roku TV, 1TB external hard drive, Roku 3, HP Elitebook, 10″ Galaxy Tab 4, SmarterTools products and more! Customers had fun winning free prizes, and we had fun giving back! Based on TapFoo's location, this game was limited to U.S. players only. So if you missed your chance to win, don't worry! We've got you covered with the upcoming…

$100 SmarterTools Credit Giveaway!

10 lucky winners will receive a $100 credit for any SmarterTools purchase! Anyone can participate, and you have two ways to enter to win!! Contest ends Thursday, July 16th at 3:00pm MST. Participants will be gathered via Facebook and Twitter, and winners will be selected at random. Check back to see if you're one of the lucky 10!

Follow these steps to enter the giveaway:


  1. You must Follow smartertools on Twitter.
  2. Retweet the giveaway post posted earlier today, July 13th.
  3. Check back Thursday, July 16th to see the lucky winners!


  1. You must Like SmarterTools on Facebook.
  2. Like the giveaway post posted earlier today, July 13th.
  3. Check back Thursday, July 16th to see the lucky winners!

The following terms and conditions apply: Only two entries per person (one via Facebook, one via Twitter). Those found to use multiple accounts to enter will be ineligible. $100 credit will be applied to the customer's account in the SmarterTools customer database. Credit does not expire but cannot be transferred among accounts. Winners will be notified via Facebook and Twitter and must contact SmarterTools within 30 days to provide an account email address to credit. $100 credit is valid toward ANY SmarterTools purchase. To use the credit, contact the Sales Department for a discounted price quote. This sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter.

Updated Business Hours

Effective May 19th, the SmarterTools business hours are: Monday-Friday 7:00am-4:30pm MST (GMT -7).

We are always looking for ways to better serve customers, and adjusting our business hours proved to be one of the easier methods found. Over the last few months we've tracked calls and have found that these hours provide customers with the best coverage and availability to our team.

New Versions Available!

Let's give a shout out to the developers who were kept extra busy this quarter! With over 120 release notes combined, >SmarterTrack 11.x and SmarterMail 14.x are two of the larger releases we've had, combing new features and efficiencies that continue to make both SmarterTrack and SmarterMail extremely popular with end users and administrators alike. A detailed list of new features can be found on each product's What's New page, but here are some of the highlights:

Smartertrack 11.x -- Released April 30th

  • A complete overhaul of the Settings section makes everything incredibly easy to find and rids the interface of unnecessary settings. We consolidated features and functions, reduced the number of settings and pages and drastically improved the overall structure.
  • The users and Organizations section in SmarterTrack's Management Interface allows agents to view all communications from multiple users within the same organization. By associating multiple users to an organization, agents will no longer have to browse through tickets or users; they can simply choose the company the customer is associated with and they'll see all the information they need.
  • New ticket views are now available: Recent Activity and Recently Transferred. All tickets that have been modified in any way will appear in the Recent Tickets view, whether you've simply added a comment, changed the priority or sent a ticket response. The Recently Transferred ticket view will list all tickets that have left your queue altogether, regardless of whether they were taken by another agent or transferred out.
  • Users can add a personal touch to each of their posts in the Community with the ability to add signatures! On the management side of things, new community reports have been created that show just how engaged your employees are with your community, making quality control simpler than ever.
  • See a more comprehensive list of What's New in SmarterTrack.

SmarterMail 14.x -- Released June 8th

  • Administrators can customize the SmarterMail login page to add a company logo, provide additional branding text, or simply adjust the default "Login to SmarterMail" text to be more in line with an overall brand message. Because specific domains can be chosen to override the login page settings, Web hosts and ISPs can choose to offer this customization for free or to use it as an upsell opportunity for their hosting plans.
  • Message Sniffer is now offered as an optional third-party add-on. It complements SmarterMail's built-in antispam and antivirus features and accurately captures more than 99% of spam, viruses, and malware right out of the box.
  • With a more recent version of Exchange Web Services, a data synchronization protocol that allows communication between an email client and the mail server, more third-party email clients are now supported, including Outlook 2015 for Mac from Office 365 and the Outlook client for iPads.
  • Users can create additional personal calendars for their account and adjust the default calendar selected when creating new appointments. Additional account calendars can also be synced using Exchange ActiveSync, Exchange Web Services, CaldDAV and SharePoint.
  • See a more comprehensive list of What's New in SmarterMail.

We Want Your Feedback

Our developers are back at it! Third quarter marks the start of production on the next versions of our products. While we've got some features planned and ideas on what else to include, we'd like to know what YOU want to see in the next major versions of SmarterMail, SmarterTrack and SmarterStats. Tell us in the Community! Vote up the Idea threads that you'd like to see implemented, or create your own if your idea hasn't been proposed. Add your input. Ask questions and let us know the features that matter the most to you! Now is the time to participate in the conversation.