Tech Review

This post follows up with what I've previously written about my experience with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Windows 10.

I had high hopes. Honestly, I did. I was excited to try both the Surface Pro 3 and, after reading about what was coming with Windows 10, I was even more excited. And I will be honest, the Surface Pro 3 is an incredible computer: It is a very powerful PC wrapped in a very small package with a screen that can be used as a tablet. This is exactly how Microsoft is marketing it, and it's a point.

My biggest problem with the Surface Pro 3 is that, whether you're using Windows 8 or Windows 10, its actual usefulness as a Tablet is almost non-existent. Using IE on it is incredibly fast so picking up the Surface and browsing websites just destroys the Samsung Tab S and iPads. I did some side-by-side tests so this isn't just my opinion. But that's where the usefulness ends.

Every part of the Windows UI seems confused when using the Surface as a tablet. Every application from Microsoft just seems and feels wrong, except for People (the contacts app) and possibly Windows Mail. Other than that, Microsoft fails at allowing users to work side to side to side. That is, having multiple applications open at the same time and using the Surface Pro as a true productivity device. What certainly doesn't help is that every application is full of bugs. I blame this on the Windows UI framework more than anything: Microsoft attempts to scale down applications when users attempt to split the screen, giving users all of the app's functionality, but on a smaller scale. It just doesn't feel right. What's interesting is that app developers can override this functionality and provide custom layouts for the smaller screen, but few seem to take advantage of this. It's odd as you'd think developers would want to control as much of their app as possible, giving users the best user experience. Not sure what the disconnect is there.

Even though my frustrations continue to mount, there are some definite pluses. For example, I continue to find little issues with our various application and how it works with things like the new mail, contacts and calendars apps. As a result, I was thinking of giving one or two employees Surface Pros to see if they have the same difficulties I do. In addition, I want them to use IE 11, which all other employees avoid like the plague.

Another plus is that the Start menu returning to Windows 10 is a HUGE step towards making the desktop experience feel the way it used to be. However, I just don't see Microsoft resolving all the issues they have with the Windows UI interface. There is no way all native apps can be re-worked to feel right and that goes with all the 3rd party applications. On top of that, everything just feels BUGGY. And before anyone says that this is because Windows 10 is just in a technical preview at this point, the exact same things can be said about Windows 8.1, which is a full, stable release.

With Apple releasing iOS 8.1 and Yosemite, and Google releasing Android Lollipop, both of which continue to fill all the gaps and make these operating systems extremely solid, Windows is in absolute disarray. Microsoft, even with all the enterprise features, store changes and associated tools that you are introducing with Windows 10 you are not going to be able to NAIL the consumer market. When the iPad was released it was revolutionary. I get that Microsoft is trying to do something similar with this merged tablet/desktop direction they are taking. And believe me, I am completely on board with that direction. However, at this point their implementation has been horrific and it doesn't seem like its going to change. Call me a glutton for punishment, but I have not completely lost faith.

We are committed to making sure our products work on whatever Microsoft releases, both on the OS side as well as on the app side. So, I'm still toying with getting a few more Surface Pro 3s for our employees so we can continue our testing. I'll be sure to let everyone know what's going on as we move in that direction...