SmarterTracks quick and easy setup wizard walks system administrators through the entire setup process, from installing SmarterTrack to setting up the database, creating default departments and groups, and even logging in for the first time. From there, adding in brands, then creating departments, groups and agents within those brands is a breeze. And best of all, the system administrator is an independent role and won’t take up a valuable agent license.

Multiple reporting bar charts in SmarterTrack

Detailed Reports

With more than 70 pre-defined summary and trend reports, SmarterTrack provides the information companies need to accurately measure results. It's possible to see when agents log in and out, see ticket and live chat trends by department or group, and even dig down to the agent level to see who is doing the most work and where their time is spent.

Events System

SmarterTrack's events system allows managers and users to stay on top of all help desk activity. Events can be used to automatically send emails or text messages when chats go unanswered, ticket conversations get too long or when requests for help from VIPs are received. Managers can use events to create escalation rules, enforce SLAs, offer customer satisfaction surveys and more. The event system is an extremely powerful, yet flexible, way to keep up with virtually every aspect of your helpdesk.

Measure Satisfaction

The best person to use to gauge customer satisfaction is the customer themself. Using surveys, managers can create any type of survey to ensure that agents are providing the highest levels of service possible. From multiple choice questions to questions requiring thought and detailed input, any survey can be created. In addition, surveys can be sent via the events system, automatically when conversations end or on demand. Survey links can even be part of an agent’s signature, so it’s always in front of customers and end users so they know a business takes their level of support seriously.

Custom customer surveys for measuring customer satisfaction

Multiple Brands

Companies with different divisions, different subsidiaries or even completely separate companies can use the same customer service software installation to manage all of their communications. Tickets, agents, departments, emails, news items, knowledge base articles, live chat, Who's On and even the portal can be customized to support multiple brands and languages.

List of multiple organizations


Creating Organizations within SmarterTrack consolidates all user communication -- tickets, live chats, call logs, surveys completed and more -- for any given customer based on the criteria that's set for that Organization. For example, two users may be working together to complete a purchase. One of them will decide which product is needed; the other will complete the purchase. When the purchaser calls in to complete the transaction, rather than searching through all tickets, live chats and calls, an agent can simply look at their Organization to see their collaborative wants and needs. Users can be added to Organizations using a domain name, email address, username or phone number, or a combination of these. Regardless, all communication is stored for that Organization and is easily accessible and actionable.

Quality Control

Apart from things like agent-to-agent chat and live chat coaching, managers can set up quality control rules on new or existing agents. This allows the manager to be copied on ticket replies to ensure the proper information is being provided by the agent to the end user.

Task Management

The task management system allows agents to associate tasks to all customer conversations -- tickets, live chats and call logs. Track tasks at all stages of completion, assign tasks to categories and use the task scheduler to automatically create recurring tasks. To help agents meet business deadlines, SmarterTrack also allows agents to configure reminders and events based upon each task. In fact, the task management system can be used to manage an entire business, not just business communications.

Agent task management interface
Comprehensive Automated Programing Interface
Comprehensive API

SmarterTrack supports helpdesk automation through its comprehensive API. Using the API it’s possible to automate a variety of different tasks, from retrieving ticket information to setting custom fields or comments for tickets, from monitoring the number of active tickets to getting lists of departments, groups or agents.

Third Party Integrations

Having an extensive API means that third-party developers can build integration modules for SmarterTrack. In addition, we’ve created modules for some of the leading management applications and control panels that are used by organizations around the world.

Connected Services
Connected Services

SmarterTrack offers external providers (calls to third-party applications or databases) for authentication, to populate custom fields inside SmarterTrack and to display custom screens and options, giving companies unlimited capacity for customization.