Release Notes and Version History

9.3.5409 (Oct 23, 2014)

  • Changed: A static message is now displayed when Site Administrators access the email settings of a site, if the system administrator has already configured SMTP settings.
  • Fixed: An error that would be thrown if a custom report contained reports no longer available in SmarterStats.
  • Fixed: Custom reports keep sort order when generated.
  • Fixed: If no keyword suggestions are available, a notification will now be displayed.
  • Fixed: Licenses should no longer deactivate in certain cases.
  • Fixed: Only one 'Traffic Trend' option will now be listed when adding custom report items.
  • Fixed: SEO reports now display correctly in cases where a different search engine is used exclusively.

9.2.5360 (Sep 4, 2014)

  • Fixed: An issue where the folder path did not properly populate for Data Mining queries.
  • Fixed: Email reports now properly include PDF and CSV attachments.
  • Fixed: Filter sets are now properly applied to Custom Reports.
  • Fixed: GZ files will no longer be downloaded from FTP if they don't match the log file mask.
  • Fixed: Server level reports now export to PDF as expected.
  • Fixed: Top Documents and Top Downloads reports no longer show the root directory in reporting.
  • Fixed: Top Pages report now properly reports on pages where extensions are not used or included.
  • Fixed: XML files with MIME type application/xml will now be scanned during site tuning.

9.1.5339 (Aug 14, 2014)

  • Fixed: An issue where SEO reports were not correctly displaying data for the date selected.
  • Fixed: Custom reports now properly show the configured chart type.
  • Fixed: Filter sets are now properly applied to Server Utilization and Page Utilization Reports.
  • Fixed: Filter sets are now properly applied to Visitors reports.
  • Fixed: Import from IIS now works as expected for installations with a large number of sites.
  • Fixed: Logs now properly import when a client IP port number is included in the raw logs.
  • Fixed: Query.asmx web service now can accept a Server ID key\value pair to access sites on different servers.
  • Fixed: Server level reports will not provide a 500 level error in rare cases.
  • Fixed: Server level reports will not throw an error if a remote server is unavailable.
  • Fixed: Server level reports will not throw an error if no sites are hosted on a remote server.
  • Fixed: Site Traffic Summary report properly returns bandwidth for each site.
  • Fixed: Site Visitors Summary report now properly displays return visitors.
  • Fixed: Statistics.asmx web service now properly returns data for 'GetVisitorsForSite'.
  • Fixed: Top Pages report now includes root folder views in report totals.

9.0.5318 (Jul 24, 2014)

  • Fixed: A null reference exception regarding the UtcToLocal time function used by SEO Processing.
  • Fixed: GetActivityForSite web service now returns data as expected.
  • Fixed: Pop-up windows would shrink and refuse to resize in Firefox version 31.0.

9.0.5305 (Jul 14, 2014)

  • Added: AddSite4 has been added to the SmarterStats web services. This now accounts for the DomainUrl field when adding a site.
  • Fixed: A Javascript error that occurred when Af.length was null.
  • Fixed: A null reference exception regarding GetSeoProcessingPercent has been resolved.
  • Fixed: IP address resolution now works as expected.
  • Fixed: svcSiteAdmin - GetRequestedSettings now properly returns the max campaigns.

9.0.5289 (Jun 25, 2014)

  • Fixed: A JavaScript error that would cause charts to not display on some machines.
  • Fixed: A null reference exception regarding GetSoeProcessingPercent.

9.0.5283 (Jun 19, 2014)

  • Fixed: Web interface will no longer fail to switch tabs on Internet Explorer 9.

9.0.5280 (Jun 16, 2014)

  • Added: Clicking on a data point in charts now highlights the row you were working on.
  • Added: Discoverable query system that can be easily queried through web services.
  • Added: Email reports can now be sent with CSV or PDF attachments of the report.
  • Added: Failure to load AppConfig.xml will now result in automatic revert to backup file.
  • Added: Friendly error pages.
  • Added: Improved report printing window that prints more closely to how the report looks in the browser.
  • Added: Log paths can now recursively search child folders.
  • Added: Low disk space monitoring will prevent processing of data or downloading of logs when disk space is critical.
  • Added: Many new types of devices are now detected, including Kindle Fire, Google Glass, PS4, and many others.
  • Added: Mobile Devices report.
  • Added: More Google spiders to the user agent detections.
  • Added: New reporting engine with resizable and interactive charts.
  • Added: New web service function: SiteAdmin.asmx/GetSiteByName.
  • Added: Reports can now be exported as PDF.
  • Added: Several new search engines and bots.
  • Changed: 'Unknown' and 'No User Agent (masked)' counts are now combined into one single number on user agent reports.
  • Changed: Chart type options are now selectable without a sub-menu.
  • Changed: Export menu has been redesigned as a dropdown menu rather then a separate popup window.
  • Changed: Filter set definition has been simplified and no longer requires a '!' on inclusion items.
  • Changed: Local processing service now shows up with the computer's machine name instead of localhost.
  • Changed: Logging out of an impersonated site now closes the window rather than ending the entire session.
  • Changed: Logging screens improved for viewing.
  • Changed: Site name is now included on printed reports.
  • Changed: SmarterStats self diagnostic page provides more information.
  • Changed: SmarterStats system-level logs are now automatically deleted after 30 days.
  • Efficiency: Browser performance optimizations for web interface.
  • Efficiency: Process metrics will now use less memory.
  • Efficiency: Reporting engine now uses lower resources and much lower bandwidth.
  • Efficiency: Several optimizations to code structure, allowing for faster startup and reduced resource usage.
  • Fixed: FTP now pulls in compressed logs when indicated.
  • Fixed: Search Engine Breakdown now properly represents log data.
  • Fixed: Server level log search now functions as expected.
  • Fixed: Site SEO Config file will now load from backup properly if required.
  • Fixed: When FTP is configured, log auto-delete settings will no longer appear.
  • Removed: Dual axis option for charts was removed to reduce confusion and misunderstandings of chart data.
  • Removed: ISP and Organization reports removed due to licensing change with data provider.
  • Removed: Option to get keyword suggestions based off of a list of keywords.
  • Removed: Plain Text only reports.
  • Removed: Recent Visitor reports removed.
  • Removed: Severity column from Spiders and Page Utilization reports.
  • Removed: Tab delimited exporting was removed in favor of CSV.