Release Notes and Version History

10.5.5751 (Oct 1, 2015)

  • Fixed: Custom Reports now properly show maps corresponding to the data provided.
  • Fixed: Datamining now takes into account the Date Start value when browsing for files to datamine.

10.4.5703 (Aug 13, 2015)

  • Added: Updated Browser User Agents to include Windows Edge.
  • Added: Updated Operating Systems User Agents to include Windows 10.
  • Added: Updated Spiders and Bots User Agents to include Applebot.
  • Changed: Decreased the frequency in which SEO data is pulled for sites.
  • Fixed: A case where SEO Keyword Suggestions would not properly return.
  • Fixed: Settings in Custom Reports are now applied properly to reports.

10.4.5696 (Aug 6, 2015)

  • Changed: SEO and Site Tuning is no longer enabled by default for each site on new installations.
  • Efficiency: Significant performance improvements on sites that have many log files.
  • Fixed: Activation through automation web services now functions properly.
  • Fixed: SEO Visibility Trend report now loads as expected.

10.4.5654 (Jun 25, 2015)

  • Efficiency: Generating charts on larger sites now occurs much faster.
  • Efficiency: Importing is now more efficient when using Import Filters.
  • Efficiency: Significant memory and CPU reduction in service for larger sites.
  • Fixed: Active Processes page will no longer show Idle sites.
  • Fixed: Active Processes page will now update correctly.
  • Fixed: Active Processes view will now properly show activity on servers.
  • Fixed: Data mining referrer reports will no longer show a blank line for unknown referrers.
  • Fixed: Data mining will no longer fail to return results if a date is entered outside of the data set date range.
  • Fixed: Reports will no longer fail to come up when reports take a significant amount of time to appear.
  • Fixed: Server IP field (s-ip) will now be read properly from log files.
  • Security: Report handler now does additional user verification checks.

10.3.5619 (May 21, 2015)

  • Added: Applebot is now detected as a spider.
  • Added: Browser detection for Microsoft Edge.
  • Changed: If AddSite4 web service is called with a log location that does not include a value for LocationGuid, one will be generated.
  • Changed: Web services will now add http:// to the beginning of the Domain URL if it is not passed in correctly.
  • Fixed: In SEO PageRank Trend, Position Trend, and Visibility Trend reports, the "Competitor" drop down is now properly labeled.
  • Fixed: In SEO Position by Keyword and Position Trend reports, the "Site" drop down is now properly labeled.
  • Fixed: Referring Sites and Referring Links reports now show properly even if a site does not have a domain URL configured.
  • Fixed: Referring Sites report will no longer separate different casings of the same item.
  • Fixed: SEO reports will now show properly in custom and scheduled email reports.

10.2.5598 (Apr 30, 2015)

  • Added: Google.PT is now in search engine list.
  • Fixed: Editing or adding a page alias directly from a report will now function properly with pages that contain query string items.
  • Fixed: Referring Links report now properly includes query string items.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where Server selection in server level reports was not taking effect.
  • Fixed: Search engine reports now have proper default sorting selections and chart options.

10.2.5584 (Apr 16, 2015)

  • Added: is now available in SEO.
  • Changed: EULA has been updated to accommodate white labeling.

10.2.5577 (Apr 9, 2015)

  • Efficiency: Sites with multiple import filters will now import faster.
  • Fixed: Printed Server level reports will no longer cut off prematurely.
  • Fixed: Resolved an exception with DNS resolution and unknown IP Addresses.
  • Fixed: Search engine selector now shows properly on the Visibility Trend report.
  • Fixed: SEO report data now shows properly when is not enabled for a site but others are.
  • Fixed: Sorting and grouping now works properly in SEO Visibility Trend report.
  • Fixed: Sorting by Return Visits now functions properly in Server level reports.
  • Fixed: Sorting by Site Name now functions properly in Server level reports.

10.2.5556 (Mar 19, 2015)

  • Efficiency: Performance increase in Site Activity > Files reports.
  • Fixed: A problem with importing log folders that contain sub-folders with duplicate file names was resolved.
  • Fixed: Admin level trend reports now group properly.
  • Fixed: Demographics reports now properly sort by region and country.
  • Fixed: Directory hits will no longer show duplicate "/" characters.
  • Fixed: Email reports containing SEO report items now function properly.
  • Fixed: Email reports will now function properly for system level reports.
  • Fixed: Empty c-ip entries in logs will no longer cause import exceptions to be logged.
  • Fixed: PDF export will now function properly for system level reports.
  • Fixed: Print preview now delays slightly to allow charts to initialize on browsers that stall it.
  • Fixed: Report timeout increased.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue with duplicate email reports sending in some time zones.
  • Fixed: Scheduled Email Reports page now properly converts Last Sent to site user's time zone.
  • Fixed: Search engine selection now takes effect on SEO reports.
  • Fixed: Server Traffic Trend report will now function properly when looking at a single day and will properly include the last day in range reports.

10.1.5529 (Feb 20, 2015)

  • Fixed: Browsing FTP folders now works as expected.
  • Fixed: Charts will now display properly over HTTPS.
  • Fixed: Filter sets ending with a '/' are handled properly.
  • Fixed: Import Filters will no longer cause Visits numbers to be too low in reports when visitors hit an excluded record at the beginning of their session.
  • Fixed: Query web service functions will now function properly if a server with ID of 1 does not exist.
  • Fixed: Server level reports now properly sort.
  • Fixed: Site tuning page will now properly show results immediately after scanning.
  • Fixed: UNC log sources will now work properly with Workgroups.

10.0.5420 (Nov 3, 2014)

  • Added: A site count displaying the total number of sites configured is now shown in the management interface.
  • Added: A specific month can be chosen for re-importing logs.
  • Added: A specific month can be chosen for reprocessing.
  • Added: Ability to cancel the reprocessing of logs for a site.
  • Added: Ability to compress original logs after a specified amount of time.
  • Added: Ability to customize interface colors and add custom CSS.
  • Added: Ability to datamine IP addresses.
  • Added: Ability to force all traffic related to the SmarterStats application over HTTPS.
  • Added: Ability to modify the default time that email reports are scheduled to be sent after.
  • Added: Ability to propagate the site setting "Look for logs in .gz and .zip archives".
  • Added: Ability to propagate the site setting “Include logs stored in subfolders”.
  • Added: Brute Force Detection for the Web interface login.
  • Added: Informational message for site tuning errors.
  • Added: IP Addresses report now includes a 'View Details' button which shows DNS resolution and statistics.
  • Added: New API documentation browser.
  • Added: System and site level UNC credentials can now be used instead of modifying the SmarterStats service.
  • Added: View Site Stats option has been added to the Actions menu.
  • Added: Web Service examples for using query.asmx to display data outside of SmarterStats.
  • Changed: All supported Internet Explorer versions are properly detected, regardless of whether compatibility mode is used.
  • Changed: Referrals reports will no longer show if a valid URL is not configured for the site.
  • Efficiency: IIS 6.0 Management Compatibility (and all subsets therein) is no longer needed.
  • Efficiency: Updated jquery integration.
  • Efficiency: User Agents report has been updated to include new devices and operating systems.
  • Fixed: An issue where a notice of invalid permissions was incorrectly displayed.
  • Fixed: Horizontal scroll bar is no longer needed when entering a URL for Site Tuning.
  • Fixed: Setting for "Include logs stored in subfolders" now properly takes into account site defaults when creating a site.
  • Fixed: Site Tuning now properly accounts for the number of max pages to be crawled.
  • Fixed: Site Tuning now properly works after a service restart.
  • Fixed: SmarterLogs are now labeled correctly when using site propagation.
  • Removed: "No Referrer" information has been removed from Referrals reports.
  • Removed: Referring URLs report has been removed and its data added to the Referring Links report.