SmarterMail Release Notes and Version History

Several releases contain notes marked as "Important". Prior to upgrading versions, enter your current build number (e.g. 7852) to view important notes that may affect your upgrade.

2.6.2167 (Dec 14, 2005)

  • Fixed: A 451 return code from a remote mail server would cause timeouts, which occasionally caused message delivery failures
  • Fixed: Attachment names in non-latin character sets may not display correctly
  • Fixed: Attachments with names containing characters that are not allowed in Windows filenames could not be opened
  • Fixed: If a content filter delivered to a subfolder that no longer existed, the message would loop being delivered to the Inbox
  • Fixed: Senders address could be truncated during delivery of messages.
  • Fixed: Sony Ericson phones issue an IMAP command that was not correctly implemented by SmarterMail

2.6.2119 (Oct 27, 2005)

  • Added: Automatic update notification service added to SmarterMail. Administrators will be notified when updates are available
  • Changed: If there are more than 500 users on a domain, the primary domain admin dropdown box turns into a textbox for easier use
  • Fixed: "Skip intra-domain spam checks" option was not adding spam weights properly when set to false
  • Fixed: A potential looping issue was addressed when dealing with outgoing gateways
  • Fixed: After replying to a message in webmail, SmarterMail returns you to the folder you were in before composing the reply
  • Fixed: IMAP command ALL was returning incorrect information
  • Fixed: Session state was not getting fully cleared out when logging in to webmail, leading to some caching issues
  • Fixed: The first delivery retry time was being skipped
  • Fixed: When adding alias members, the "Bypass Forward Blacklist" option for the domain was not being taken into account
  • Fixed: When composing a message, if you click Add Files and add add an attachment or cancel, the spell checker no longer works
  • Fixed: When using the SmarterMail Web Server (not IIS), downloading list subscribers did not function properly

2.6.2012 (Jul 5, 2005)

  • Fixed: "Allow domain override" checkbox was not correctly reflecting setting.

2.6.2004 (Jun 28, 2005)

  • Added: An option in mailConfig.xml (no interface setting) allowing an admin to use the dns lookup component from version 1
  • Added: Web service functions were added to set and remove a domain forwarding block using the target server rather than a block ID
  • Changed: Links in messages will open in a new window changing the url of the current one
  • Changed: Restarting SmarterMail is no longer necessary after changing DNS settings
  • Changed: SPF Pass weight value is always deducted from the weight total even if the weight given is positive
  • Changed: The 'who can post' option when creating a list is now defaulted to 'Moderator Only'
  • Fixed: A problem with activation on some servers where the default system language was not English
  • Fixed: A security issue where a domain admin could potentially change the name and signature for a user in a different domain on the same server
  • Fixed: Adding a user with an apostrophe in the username would error
  • Fixed: An IMAP command to fetch messages would error in cases where there are no messages in the selected folder
  • Fixed: DNS servers specified in General Settings were not being used
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when attaching files to a new message
  • Fixed: Messages with more than one occurrence of a return-path field in the header prevented SPF checks from running correctly
  • Fixed: Option to skip intra-domain spam filtering on the global Spam Options page wasn't being used
  • Fixed: Setting and extremely high 'Max recipients per message' value for a list would cause an out of memory exception when a message is sent to the list
  • Fixed: SmarterMail displayed "This message has been removed from the server" in messages with invalid Quoted Printable encoding
  • Fixed: The autoclean feature rarely didn't always remove the oldest messages first
  • Fixed: The bounce message on messages sent to non existent local addresses gave the wrong reason

2.6.1921 (Apr 6, 2005)

  • Added: Blocking forwards to specific domains supported. Added to assist those companies getting blocked by AOL for user-forwards.
  • Added: New fields created on Settings -> General Settings to restrict bouncing and auto-responders system-wide. Created to adapt to new recommendations put forth by SpamCop and other RBLs. New default is to not allow bouncing or auto-responses to catch-alls.
  • Changed: Attachment content filters now properly detect attachments without the disposition tag.
  • Changed: FireFox compose window was narrow when using plain text mode.
  • Changed: Improved performance of multiple-message moving, deleting, and marking/unmarking as spam from webmail interface.
  • Changed: Increased clarity on bounce messages.
  • Changed: Multi-line content filter boxes were doubled in size to make it easier to edit.
  • Changed: Removed the "Maximum size of all files is 5 MB" from upload page.
  • Changed: TO field is automatically focused when entering compose screen.
  • Fixed: A corrupt .cfg file could rarely cause a very large .grp file to be created or other folder oddities.
  • Fixed: A high-CPU problem involving SPF checks was resolved.
  • Fixed: Certain "text/plain" emails would not show up in webmail.
  • Fixed: Editing a user as a domain administrator now allows you to specify multiple forwarding addresses, and includes the spam forward option box.
  • Fixed: Failed connections to external mail servers were being incorrectly logged as succeeding.
  • Fixed: When viewing messages in a folder, that folder name does not appear in the "move to folder" combo box.

2.5.1874 (Feb 17, 2005)

  • Added: SPF filter types added to Spam Checks
  • Changed: Bounce message from content filters and spam filtering was changed to better indicate why the email bounced.
  • Changed: If a primary domain administrator does not exist when logging into a domain from the system admin account, a friendly message is shown.
  • Changed: Increased default timeout for attachment uploads
  • Changed: More detail added to the reason a user, alias, or list could not be added
  • Changed: Raw content and Headers views now show the contents indented and line-fed exactly as the original message was sent
  • Changed: Response code to disabled EXPN and VRFY commands to conform to RFC
  • Changed: Response code to mailbox or domain size exceeding storage limits changed to conform to RFC
  • Fixed: Deleting a domain forwarding block through the web interface also cleared out the domains in the other blocks
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where a mailbox with an auto-responder set with "once per day per sender" can cause duplicate messages to be sent to the account (introduced in 2.0.1837)
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where auto-responders would not be sent when you have a forward set up with "delete on forward" enabled.
  • Fixed: Installer no longer requires an uninstall/reinstall. Upgrading works properly. Installations using IIS should stop IIS during the upgrade process.
  • Fixed: Manually removing a message from the spool will now remove it from the spool page
  • Fixed: More types of inline images can be viewed through the web mail interface, including those generated by SmarterStats.
  • Fixed: Outlook express was receiving an error when trying to subscribe to a folder that was already in the list
  • Fixed: Text encoding now applies to incoming messages when the messages do not contain a proper encoding method (like Hotmail). This fix applies only to the body text of the message.

2.0.1837 (Jan 11, 2005)

  • IMPORTANT: This build resolves a security vulnerability. It is recommended to update to this version or higher.
  • Added: A new content filter was added for "Message size under X bytes"
  • Added: A new user-level option has been added to not forward email if it fails spam checks
  • Changed: X-rcpt-to is now set to the original address instead of the final destination address if it does not exist in the TO or CC fields
  • Fixed: A rare interface bug was fixed when accessing the spool page after modifying a user with a period in their name
  • Fixed: An auto-responder bug was fixed where the address in a reply-to field could be parsed incorrectly
  • Fixed: Domain forwarding to an alias did not work properly
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue that may cause SmarterMail to send mail to itself (critical update)
  • Fixed: The "attachment extenstion" content filter was not properly identifying certain types of attachments
  • Fixed: Uploading attachments over slow connections should no longer cause the browser to stall

2.0.1816 (Dec 21, 2004)

  • Added: Domain forwarding feature added that allows you to forward mail for specific domains to other servers.
  • Changed: Improved memory usage and efficiency of remote delivery mechanism.
  • Fixed: A rare issue involving the bayesian filter definition file locking was resolved.
  • Fixed: SMTP was adjusted to remove extra spaces from transmission.

2.0.1797 (Dec 3, 2004)

  • Added: New web service added to query domain default settings
  • Changed: A command-line window will no longer pop up when running for messages in the spool
  • Changed: Domain aliases are immediately cleared when their referenced domain is deleted.
  • Changed: Relay option "Only local hosts" changed to "Only local domains" for clarity.
  • Changed: The "Has Attachments" filter now ignores winmail.dat
  • Changed: The "log write caching" option was removed from the web interface
  • Fixed: A bug in the Current Blocks page has been resolved
  • Fixed: An IMAP issue with Treo cell phones was resolved
  • Fixed: Certain characters un usernames (plus, pound, and ampersand) would cause problems in web mail.
  • Fixed: Statistics may now be queried across month boundaries for non-US date formats

2.0.1780 (Nov 15, 2004)

  • Added: For installations that map a unique IP to each domain, the user can login without the domain part of their email address for POP, IMAP and SMTP.
  • Added: Max timeout for command-line executable was added, after which exe spawned will be killed.
  • Changed: Command-line exe option now executes as part of the delivery threads. Number of concurrent threads is controlled by max number of delivery threads.
  • Changed: WinMail.dat is now filtered out of the attachments list in webmail.
  • Fixed: An infrequent delivery error corresponding to errors after messages sent was resolved.
  • Fixed: DNS records will not be cached upon error or upon empty DNS.
  • Fixed: My Content Filtering and My Spam Filtering menus were not being hidden if disabled at the domain level.
  • Fixed: Web service for user statistics now accepts aliases.

2.0.1754 (Oct 20, 2004)

  • Added: A web service was added to manage domain administrators.
  • Added: Text Encoding variable in My Settings now allows webmail users to send mail in other encoding types, like Arabic, Big-5, etc.
  • Fixed: A very rare issue with very large .grp files was resolved.
  • Fixed: An issue with IMAP and POP for servers running on non-English locales was resolved.
  • Fixed: Content filter for IP range was not functioning properly
  • Fixed: Gateways now have additional protection against relay loops.

2.0.1733 (Sep 29, 2004)

  • Added: Delivery Timeout option added to General Settings that gives finer control over the delivery service.
  • Fixed: "Enable hover bar in tables" option in My Settings now properly saves setting.
  • Fixed: An IMAP issue with Thunderbird was resolved.
  • Fixed: An issue with [No Subject] emails being added into mailboxes was resolved.
  • Fixed: SmartHosting occasionally failed to redirect mail.

2.0.1721 (Sep 17, 2004)

  • Fixed: A display issue with the sidebar on Netscape and Mozilla browsers was resolved.
  • Fixed: Adding, enabling, or disabling a spam check did not take effect until service was restarted. Change now takes effect immediately.
  • Fixed: An issue with [No Subject] emails being added when more than 100 messages per day are received was resolved.
  • Fixed: Blackberry devices were receiving duplicate messages when using the IMAP protocol.
  • Fixed: Certain non-translatable elements were added to translation table.
  • Fixed: Changing weights of Bayesian Filtering or Reverse DNS checks at the system level did not save correctly.
  • Fixed: Duplicates were sometimes appearing in IP address dropdown of Edit Domain page.
  • Fixed: Search results page did not navigate correctly to non-Inbox search hits.
  • Fixed: Text added to subject line on spam filtering would not be correctly parsed by content filtering.

2.0.1714 (Sep 10, 2004)

  • Fixed: DNS server options were added in to the web interface in General Settings to aid those whose server was not correctly identifying them.

2.0.1713 (Sep 9, 2004)

  • None: Initial release of version 2.0
  • Added: Additional Statistics to monitor your servers usage such as Messages Delivered etc.
  • Added: Advanced content filtering
  • Added: Completely redesigned interface
  • Added: Folder auto-clean to keep those Junk E-Mail and Deleted Items folders in check
  • Added: Full HTML / Plain Text viewing and composing
  • Added: Intuitive spam filtering
  • Added: Live server diagnostics in sidebar
  • Added: Multi-language interface with new translations being added all the time
  • Added: Mutli-language spell checking
  • Added: New Bayesian Filtering support
  • Added: SmartHosting support
  • Added: Speed and stability enhancements