Features List

SmarterMail offers well over 300 different features that are available in the Enterprise, Professional and Free Editions. Below is a very brief list of some of them. See the Enterprise vs Professional page of our website for an overview of the different Editions of SmarterMail.

SmarterMail Features

Robust Webmail Client that is as powerful as any desktop email client
HTML rich emails that support images and videos
Complete synchronization with desktop and mobile clients
Request Read receipts (per email or setting to enable for all)
Request Delivery receipts (per email or setting to enable for all)
"Disposable" addressing by folder -- Create one-time use email addresses that are active for a specific amount of time for things like free trial sign-ups, newsletters, etc.
Add/create a task from an email
Ability to share email folders (parents and children) individually with domain users
View an email’s text, raw content, and header
Support for nested folders
Ability to move, rename and delete email folders
Automatic and manual saving of Drafts
Warning for common mistakes prior to sending messages (e.g. no subject, missing attachments, etc.)
Ability to use To address for replies
Choose Default From Address and Reply-To Email address
Plus Addressing to help organize newsletters, etc.
System, domain or user level folder auto-clean rules based on date, time in folder or size
Automatic forwarding to one or multiple email addresses
Catch-all alias
Ability to link files from cloud storage -- SmarterMail’s File Storage, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.
Send / receive from email and domain alias addresses
Centralize email accounts from different providers within a single interface (SMTP Accounts and Email Retrieval)
Support for Autoresponders, including the ability to set different autoresponders for internal users, contacts or domain, set date ranges, frequency, etc.
Robust Content Filtering rules
Content filters can be run on demand
Contextual shortcut for adding / updating filters
Domain or user Trusted / Blocked Senders
System, domain or user level spam filtering actions (move to junk, delete, mark as spam, etc)
Create and use multiple signatures
Set Delete action (move to folder, etc.)
Set text encoding
Set message priority
Ability to sort and filter by common items like: read/unread, emails with attachments, messages linked to tasks, flagged messages, etc.
Forward multiple emails as attachments
Help against phishing – indications of Trusted Senders, full email address shown if not trusted
Ability to hide images from external website
Automatic blocking of harmful scripts present in messages
Attendee availability
Multiple Calendar support
Ability to share primary and secondary calendars with domain users
Share user and/or domain calendars via webcal links
Subscribe to internet calendars
Set default event duration and reminder times for events
Set default "first day of the week"
Domain or user Calendar auto-clean
Create appointments based off of specific time zones
Conference room scheduling
Domain calendaring for things like company holidays, PTO calendars, payroll calendars, etc.
Import/export ICS file
Categorize appointments for primary and secondary calendars
See Task start and due dates on a user's calendar
Ability to view personal and shared calendars concurrently or separately
Various views (e.g. Agenda, Month, Week, etc.)
Set a primary or secondary calendar as default
Complete synchronization with desktop and mobile clients
Contacts / Address Books
Grid view or card view
Import/Export VCard or CSV
Categorize contacts from primary and secondary folders
Multiple phone numbers and email addresses
Global Address List (ability to allow users to opt out)
Ability to show aliases and mailing lists in GAL
Multiple folder support
Ability to view personal and shared contacts concurrently or separately
Ability to share primary and secondary contact folders with domain users
Set a primary or secondary contact folder as default
Shortcut to add a contact from Email view
Shortcut to email a contact (or group of contacts) from Contacts view
Shortcut to send one or more contacts’ VCards via email
Supports contact properties from popular clients like Microsoft Outlook and Apple Contacts
Support for Apple’s contact groups (client-side only)
Complete synchronization with desktop and mobile clients
Group Chat
XMPP support for syncing to desktop and mobile clients (Adium, Digsby, IM+, etc.)
Domain chat search
Archiving for HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley compliance
Audio and video chat
File sharing with previews
Offline messaging within the webmail client
Ability to use aliases as rooms
User availability (online, offline, away)
Download chat history
Ability to enable/disable per domain or per user
All communciation is kept within your server / domain
Can eliminate the need for third-party products/services like #Slack
Team Workspaces
Audio and video support for up to 9 individual users
Screen sharing: individual windows, applications or browser tabs
Password protected Workspaces
Guest access
Total attendee list and attendee management
Pin/unpin attendees
Pin/unpin attendees
Text chat for unlimited users
Manage attendees: remove from workspace, remove from video and more
File sharing/storage by Workspace (separate from standard File Storage)
Ability to restrict file sharing permissions to organizer, domain users or everyone
Shareable links to a Workspace to allow for participation of users outside your domain
Can be used in conjunction with Calendar appointments/invites
Ability to set video quality
Input/output device management
Ability to see previous workspaces -- live chat, shared files, etc.
All communciation is kept within your server / domain
Can eliminate the need for third-party conferencing products/services like GoToMeeting or Zoom
Grid view or card view
Task start and due dates can be added to your Calendar
Set Status (Canceled, Not Started, Completed, In Progress)
Set Priority level (1 - 10)
Manage/track completion percentage
HTML editor for Task description
Set reminders for Task due dates/times
Task Categories for primary and secondary folders
Multiple folder support
Ability to view personal and shared tasks concurrently or separately
Ability to share primary and secondary Task folders with domain users
Set a primary or secondary Task folder as default
Create a Task from email
Complete synchronization with desktop and mobile clients
Color coding to help with organization
HTML editor for Note description
Support images and video
Import Notes in CSV format
Grid view or card view
Category support for primary and secondary folders
Multiple folder support
Ability to view personal and shared Notes concurrently or separately
Ability to share primary and secondary task folders with domain users
Set a primary or secondary Notes folder as default
Complete synchronization with desktop and mobile clients
Web Interface (Webmail Client)
Robust browser-based client that matches features available in any desktop email client
Compatible with any modern browser
Responsive design for both desktop and mobile compatibility
Light or dark theme
Show/hide message preview pane
Standard and Advanced Search
Preview message attachments
Notifications for shares, appointment reminders, events etc.
Automatic attachment/removal of shared items
Ability to customize login page for system wide or per domain
Thumbnails for image file attachments
Download email messages as .EML files
News Feeds section - add/subscribe to news feeds and review directly from webmail
Download all attachments as .ZIP
Upload attachments in the background
File storage linking PLUS the ability to link files from services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.
Automatic save as draft
Follow-up flagging
Linked emails and tasks
Advanced content filtering
Advanced spam filtering rules
User-level auto-clean
Support for multiple languages
Email address auto-complete similar to Microsoft Outlook
Import and export contacts
Support for user and domain aliases
Multiple signatures support
Multiple identity/SMTP support
Sharing of primary and secondary email folders
Sharing of primary and secondary Calendars
Sharing of primary and secondary Contacts
Sharing of primary and secondary Tasks
Sharing of primary and secondary Notes
Team Workspaces for audio / video conferencing for team-wide collaboration, within or outside a domain
Group Chat for audio / video / text chat for domain users
Automatic sharing of items / removal of shares
Synchronization of shares with desktop and mobile clients
Ability to use Aliases or User Groups for group messaging and sharing
File Storage
Share links to files versus adding attachments -- eliminates sending/file size limits
Upload individual files or entire folders
Blacklist certain file types/extensions
Previews available for certain file types -- icons for PDFs, etc.
Multiple folder support
Workspace and Group Chat files stored separately
Ability to password protect shared links
Ability to set time limit for link/download availability
Set public/private availability
Connect to third-party services such as Dropbox and OneDrive (including the ability to connect using School/Work Account)
Mailing Lists
Bounce detection
Automatic removal of subscribers on bounces
Optional double opt-in
Subscriber custom fields
Friendly unsubscribe links in messages
Common subscriber database for all mailing lists
Merge variables and custom fields into messages (mail merge)
Toggle auto-generated response to mailing list commands
Enhanced mailing list compose with attachments
Customized command messages
Mail logging per subscriber
Throttling of mailing lists
Domain administration / system administration as separate roles
Multiple system administrator accounts, including permissions
Exhaustive domain settings management
Ability to set system administrator permission levels
Extensive Protocol and Process logging
System messages can be configured in multiple languages
Ability to set log levels (detailed, normal, exceptions only)
Set log file path to store logs on a separate drive/path
Set automatic deletion of logs to help conserve disk space
STUN/TURN server support
Set up log compression after X days to help conserve disk space
Custom logging available for specific, SmarterTools-led troubleshooting
Mark a domain as hosted externally
Create Domain and User Defaults with propagation of either
Remote wipe of mobile devices (requires EAS add-on)
Failover functionality
Administration from a Web browser
Users can be limited to specific protocols (e.g., IMAP, POP, SMTP)
Mass messaging to some or all users and domain administrators
Prioritize SMTP based on message type, domain or user
Spool functionality that allows third-party integration
Configurable outbound SMTP IP addresses
Complete Spool management and reporting (messages delivered, local vs. remote, top senders, etc.)
Complete message management (individual or multiple) for things like resetting retries, forcing delivery, moving and deletion of messages, all while they're in the Spool.
Access to Spam Quarantine, Virus Quarantine
View Throttled Users and/or Domains
View User Activity such as active/inactive users, duration, IP used to log in to webmail, protocol usage, etc.
User connection management by protocol
Multiple spools (smart spooling)
Manage current IDS blocks
Immediate blacklisting of connections and sessions
Powerful User impersonation
Configurable user password strength requirements
Configurable user settings by domain
Configurable and manageable bindings by IP and Port
Delivery limits, sender priority, reserved domains
Configurable and manageable system messages
Diagnostic tool for version checks, system locale settings, folder permissions, connectivity and product checks
Password compliance reporting and enforcement
System-wide folder auto-clean to enforce user quotas
Domain-wide and system-wide footers
Configurable and manageable Indexing
Ability to import users via LDAP or CSV
Ability to set Spool up on a separate drive, apart from Domain and User files/folders and program files
Domain list/dashboard that displays domain status plus the number of Users, Aliases, Mailing Lists, EAS users and MAPI / EWS users compared to limits, and overall disk usage
Ability to set domain/user status: enabled/disabled, ability to still accept mail when disabled, etc.
Service status (e.g., IMAP, Indexing, SMTP, etc.)
Indexing and Migration status
Ability to block certain File Extensions for attachments
Antispam Measures
Configurable and manageable options, including content filter bounces, max message size to scan, enabling SRS when forwarding, etc.
Support for Message Sniffer add-on
Support for Cyren Premium Antispam add-on
Incoming and outbound spam checking
Message retrieval via POP and IMAP (outgoing messages only)
Spam checking on POP3 message retrieval
Outgoing spammer detection and limiting
SpamAssassin-based Pattern Matching Engine
Support for distributed SpamAssassin servers (Linux or Windows)
SPF record checking
DKIM support
DMARC support
RBL/URIBL listing detection
Ability to add and weigh custom RBLs/URIBLs
Reverse DNS checking
Greylisting (based on IP, sender location, spam weight, etc.)
Configurable spam weights for system, domain and users
Configurable spam headers
Configurable and manageable Greylist options
Trusted senders
Require SMTP authentication for outgoing messages
Support for Declude
Allow domain administrators to override Actions
IP Bypassing for spam checks and/or greylisting
Greylist Filtering for excluding greylisting based on IP
SMTP Blocking
System-level Trusted Senders (domains and/or email addresses)
Compatible with third-party antispam solutions, services and appliances
Support for Cyren Zero-hour Outbreak Detection add-on
Out-of-the-box ClamAV
Windows Defender integration
Support for third-party command-line antivirus solutions
Support for a remote ClamAV server (Linux or Windows)
Virus quarantine (outgoing messages only)
Security/Attack Prevention
Incoming and outgoing TLS
Two-Step Authentication, including support for email recovery or authentication clients (e.g. Microsoft or Google Authenticator)
Application password support
Incoming and outgoing SSL
Active Directory Authentication
Import/export all security settings for a consistent infrastructure
Optional alternate SMTP port
SMTP authentication by domain
Restrict administrator access via IP
Brute force detection for Webmail
Manual and automatic IP whitelisting/blacklisting
Automatic harvest attack prevention
Automatic denial of service prevention
Malicious script filtering in webmail
Throttle user and domain activity
Throttle incoming bounces to prevent saturation
Domain or user-based throttling
Summary and trend reports available for system administrators, domain administrators and users
Real-time performance Dashboard (service status, CPU usage, Memory usage, etc.)
Server Health reports/dashboard (average cpu/memory usage, drive statistics)
Security Dashboard (blacklist/whitelist connections, Zero-Hour outbreak info, ClamAV info, IDS violations, etc.)
Antispam Dashboard (Inbound spam level counts, Cyren/MessageSniffer/SpamAssassin numbers, greylisted connections, etc.)
Advanced summary/trend reports for system and domain administrators
(connections, traffic, spam, virus, etc.)
Domain Admininstrators and Users have Overviews/Dashboards that offer a high-level snapshot of data that's detailed in individual report
Data drill down for summary reports
Reporting statistics exposed as PerfMon counters
Export report data to CSV
Events and Notifications
Event-driven architecture
Notification profiles
Configurable system, domain and user events
Assign actions to events (e.g. command-line, notifications, etc.)
Default notification to all users when disk quotas are reached
Message Archiving
Enable message archiving for individual domains or all domains on the server
Set Archiving rules per Archive (all messages, inbound/outbound only)
Archive path can be on a separate or networked drive
Archive can be backed up separately or have custom backup rules
Search by domain, date range, sender/recipients or subject
Messages .ZIP compressed to help conserve disk space
Search, view and download (the original .eml files) archived messages
Messages stored in original .EML format
Restore messages to individual account/folder
Eliminates the need for third-party archiving products/services
Set up as SmartHost or incoming gateway
Set up as a backup MX server
Set up as an outgoing gateway
User authentication and SSL/TLS support for outgoing gateways
Gateway authentication with other SmarterMail servers
Gateway can have domain exceptions
Spam checking available for incoming gateways
Greylisting available on gateways
Can set up multiple gateways in a round robin configuration
Mail Server Protocols
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) (Optional add-on)
Native MAPI (Optional add-on)
Exchange Web Services (EWS) (Optional add-on)
Migration and Converters
Built-in mailbox migration for email, calendars, contacts and tasks from a variety of mail providers including Exchange, Office365 and more
Mail server converters for a variety of competitive products: Ipswitch iMail, Icewarp, MailEnable, and Mailmax
Automation (Web Services/SOAP)
SmarterMail is 100% API-driven meaning virtually every feature and function within all areas of SmarterMail is availble for integration/automation by third-party developers
Pre-built, open source integrations/modules for several popular control panels such as Plesk and WHMCS
All web services fully documented