Mail Server Competitor Comparison

Pricing and features are taken directly from related websites, customer support, and marketing materials as of November 27, 2018 , unless otherwise noted. Information, features and pricing are subject to change. To report corrections, please contact the sales department by emailing During business hours you can also start a live chat or call us at 1.877.357.6278. For a more detailed comparison of SmarterMail and Microsoft Exchange, see SmarterMail and Microsoft Exchange: An Administrative Comparison

Features MDaemon Pro Mailsite Fusion SE IMail Premium Icewarp Suite Kerio Connect Deluxe Office 365 Enterprise E11 SmarterMail Enterprise
Initial cost for 500 mailboxes $1,510 $2,000 $1,795 $5,640 $15,0152 $48,0003 $799
Over-the-air iPhone sync
Over-the-air BlackBerry sync
Over-the-air Windows Mobile sync
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) (50 mailboxes) $249 $20004 $249.50 $1805 $349
Microsoft Outlook sync $2,400
MAPI / Exchange Web Services $199
Webmail interface with collaboration
Instant messaging server
Team Chat $1,500
FTP server
SIP server
SMS server
Events & notifications system
Antivirus $2,000
Antispam $2,000
Premium antivirus $1,629 $600 $349
Premium antispam $1,035 $1,200 $900 $349
Intrusion detection system
Message archiving
File storage
License Maintenance (12 months)
Business hour support 6 7 7
Support contract $7558
Emergency support (24/7/365) $9959 $99910 – / •11 $39912
Total Cost $5,949.00 $8,995.00 $5,872.50 $8,820.00 $15,015.00 $48,000.00 $2,444.00

1Office 365 Enterprise E1 does NOT come with any Office products or downloads

2The cost is $495 for 5 users and one year software maintenance. It is $33 for each additional user

3$8 per user per month

4$4 per mailbox and required for every user

5First 20 mailboxes are free - $6 per mailbox after

63-5 business day wait time for the included support and phone support available for $90 per incident

7Requires active Maintenance on a license

8Priority support: email support response within 1 business day, unlimited phone support during business hours, priority over non-priority tickets

98x5 support is available with a full subscription, and it's $995 for 1 year of 24x7 support

1024x7 Support provides two (2) support incidents which can be used during non-business hours -- Unused incidents will expire when your IMail service agreement expires

11Starting December 5th customers can call support for urgent issues AFTER a ticket has been submitted

12Emergency support can be purchased and submitted immediately, as needed, and you will receive a response within 1 hour of submission