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Customer service and help desk software

SmarterTrack is a powerful communications platform that acts as an online help desk for initiating, tracking, managing and reporting on issues across a number of different communication channels. Whether it is a ticket submission via email or from the online portal, a live chat, a community post, comments made on a knowledge base article or more, SmarterTrack provides a centralized outlet for all communication channels and is an ideal solution for building your online community.

Hosted SmarterTrack Vs. On Premise

Benefits of Hosted

  • We manage the hardware, software, network and security.
  • You're always on the latest version of SmarterTrack.
  • You have the ability to add/remove Agents as needed.
  • All of the features of SmarterTrack Enterprise.
  • Free access to our SIP-compliant softphone.
  • Free support via email.

Benefits on On Premise

  • You control the hardware, software, network and security.
  • You control the upgrade path to fit your business needs.
  • Your employees support the installation and management.
  • Greater control and integration with existing systems.
  • Multiple license levels to fit your customer service goals.
  • Static licensing costs on initial purchase and upgrades.

A complete support ticketing system

SmarterTrack includes a flexible, powerful and customizable ticketing platform that allows tickets to be submitted via email or the online portal while responses can be sent from SmarterTrack's Management Interface or even from an agent's email client. In addition, it's possible to monitor the complete history of a helpdesk ticket and take total control of all related ticket communications, including emails, notes, tasks, phone call logs and associated live chats. Detailed reporting, interactive monitoring and flexible distribution methods mean that helpdesk ticket management is virtually effortless.

SmarterTrack administrators can set up custom distribution rules so that agents are automatically assigned tickets or tickets can be pulled by agents from the queue. Tickets can be transferred between agents, assigned priorities, scheduled for follow-up, enforce company-wide signatures, have possible resolutions automatically displayed for tickets submitted through the portal, have agent-only comments added and much more.

Instant customer service through live chat

Industry analysts report that live chat software can significantly reduce costs when compared to phone calls and it allows companies to double the capacity of their customer service and support teams since multiple chats can be handled simultaneously. In addition, more and more people are turning to chat as a preferred method of communication. SmarterTrack's live chat feature can help businesses reduce phone calls, assist more customers concurrently and caters to customer preferences. It also increases service levels efficiently without increasing cost.

SmarterTrack's live chat can be personalized using agent avatars, and completed chats can be instantly scored using a survey, so administrators and managers can track the effectiveness of an agent's chat. Live chats can be instantly translated -- on both the user and agent sides -- so that customers can be addressed in the language they're most comfortable with. In addition, agents can push pages to users, related items such as tickets or tasks can be associated with a chat, coaching is available so that managers can watch a chat in real time and offer suggestions to the agent, and much more!

Self-service portal

With SmarterTrack's helpdesk portal, companies can improve their marketability and create a central hub for all communication channels. Encourage customers to submit tickets, initiate live chats and search self-service resources and use the Community to empower customers to give feedback, ask questions, report bugs and interact together. Using the portal, it's possible to expand your social network and improve your community outreach.

The customer portal can be customized for a consistent company appearance and branding, plus all knowledge base articles, news items and community posts are SEO-friendly, meaning it's an additional source of content for search engines!

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Flexible help desk management

In addition to providing crucial data to managers, such as customer satisfaction and the efficiency of your agents, SmarterTrack's administrative features make it easy to customize the system to meet your business' unique needs. This includes support for multiple brands, custom signature creation, detailed reporting, service level management and much more.

Management features include:

  • Robust reporting - Over 70 pre-defined summary and trend reports covering tickets, live chats, calls, time logs and more!
  • Surveys - gauge the effectiveness of your agents with your own, customizable surveys. Surveys can even be scheduled, so they're not sent with every closed ticket or chat, but with every 3rd, etc.
  • Coaching and comments - Managers can watch live chats in real time and offer assistance, or add comments to tickets so that agents reply effectively and on-message.
  • Customizable distribution - Tickets and chats can be distributed based on customizable factors using custom fields: product name, native language, area of specialization and more!

Web Services

With a complete API that encompasses virtually all of the functionality available in SmarterTrack, you can automate common tasks like creating users, querying live chats and more! You can also use External Providers to integrate into your existing applications or databases, such as a CRM database, billing software or any other back-end system.

Automation with Web Services
Extend functionality with External Providers

Product Integrations

Having an extensive API means that third-party developers can build integration modules for their own applications or other popular products and services. In addition, we created our own modules for some of the leading management applications and control panels that are used by web hosts and ISPs and enterprise organizations around the world.

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