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SmarterTrack is an online help desk that allows you to improve customer service while better utilizing employees and lowering your overall support costs. Deliver unparalleled customer care using an email ticketing system, live chat and VoIP integration. Plus, SmarterTrack has a self service portal that includes a complete knowledge base and an online community for user-to-user interaction.

Everything you need for exceptional customer service

Ticketing System

Let SmarterTrack manage your all of your communications! With a robust and flexible email ticketing system, you'll spend less time handling requests and more time finding solutions.

Live Chat

Take a proactive approach to increasing business and securing sales by bringing live chat to your online Web presence! Deliver instant, real-time customer service when it matters most.

VoIP and Call Logs

Connect your VoIP service to easily track calls. Managing phone calls alongside other communications lets you make the seamless switch from text to voice.

Self-Service Portal

Your resources should be available, even when you're not. With a complete knowledge base, user community and more, information is readily available for your customers 24/7/365.

On Premise Vs. Hosted SmarterTrack

Installed On Premise

Starting as low as $199.00

  • You control the hardware, software, network and security.
  • You control the upgrade path to fit your business needs.
  • Your employees support the installation and management.
  • Greater control and integration with existing systems.
  • Choose the license that fits your customer service goals.
  • Static licensing costs on initial purchase and upgrades.

Hosted On Our Cloud

ONLY $20/Agent/Month

  • We manage the hardware, software, network and security.
  • You're ALWAYS on the latest version.
  • Add/remove Agents at any time.
  • All the features of SmarterTrack Enterprise.
  • FREE Email support; FREE use of our SIP-compliant softphone; FREE 30 day trial.

The cornerstone of your help desk

Reliable issue tracking starts with an email ticketing system that centralizes customer communication. In addition, your help desk should deliver robust reporting on, and management of, the questions and comments that are made across all departments and agents. SmarterTrack delivers that and much more.

Whether on desktop or mobile, SmarterTrack's robust help desk software helps ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and that issues are addressed quickly, reliably and professionally.

iMac and Samsung mobile device displaying ticket interface

Live chat for real-time conversations

Instant communication equals instant happiness. Offering live chat on your support portal and website allows you to reduce phone calls, assist more customers concurrently and cater to customer preferences. Live chats can also increase customer service while decreasing your overall expenses!

Agent view of live chat with customer

Agent View

User view of live chat with agent

User View

Calling all customers!

Use your legacy analog phones or connect through your existing VoIP phone system to effortlessly add the personal touch of connecting with customers over the phone. Take it up a notch by using SmarterTrack Communicator, the help desk's softphone that seamlessly integrates your phone system with all other forms of customer correspondence.

Regardless of the method used, it's possible to keep and track phone calls, associate calls with tasks or tickets, create time logs and more, further centralizing all communications in a single location. Perfect for two-agent shops, corporate call centers and anything in between!

Use SmarterTrack for ALL customer communication

SmarterTrack can centralize all of your communication channels in one location! This means you can see the complete history of a customer, including all of the email exchanges you've had with them, all of their live chats, their survey history, the amount of time you've spent working with them and so much more.

With all of this information at your fingertips, you will be better equipped to deliver exceptional customer service with a personal touch.

iMac displaying complete user details and communications

Benefits of a self service portal

Inform your customers of new announcements and posts using the ultimate communications hub: your self service portal! Along with the standard communication methods available -- email ticketing, live chat, calls and the Community -- customers can also access your RSS feeds and see things like your recent blog posts or social media activity, as well as announcements that are broadcast in the News section. All of this works together to create a current, constantly updated stream of information that search engines like Google and Bing absolutely LOVE.

Macbook laptop displaying custom-branded portal interface

Educate customers using your knowledge base! It can eliminate repetitious support requests, give customers instant access to solutions and provide round-the-clock online customer service! Your customers aren't the only ones who can learn from your knowledge base either; make your business better by discovering what your customers are looking for, and quickly learn which articles are delivering insight and which might need adjustment with the ability for customers to let you know how helpful an article is.

Macbook laptop displaying Knowledge Base article

Communicate with customers in your online Community and empower them to give feedback, ask questions, report problems and interact with each other. An active Community means that solutions to problems and answers to questions are available to anyone and everyone, 24x7x365. In addition, Community threads last forever, giving both current and future customers easy access to the solutions they need. While the benefits of an online community are endless, there is always one end result: increased customer service and improved customer care!

Macbook laptop displaying online Community for agents and customers

Global presence

With support for nearly 60 different languages, SmarterTrack makes it easy to communicate on a global level. Talk to your customers in their language, regardless of your location. Managing a team spread across the globe? Multiple time zone support for both agents and customers means you'll always meet your SLA!

Map displaying SmarterTrack's global presence

Gain greater insights

More than 70 pre-defined summary and trend reports give you the information needed to uncover problems, establish policies and accurately measure results. With all of your communications incorporated in one platform, you can correlate all of your data together to truly understand company and employee performances, along with customer satisfaction.

Macbook laptop displaying analytics reports

But wait...There's more!

Task Management

Spend more time completing tasks and less time managing them! Use SmarterTrack to manage an efficient process for company projects and individual agent deadlines by organizing, assigning and prioritizing tasks, all from one location.

Custom Forms

Forms can be built using different data and question types making it easy to gather additional information from both tickets or live chats. Customize the introductory email and gather the information you need, safely and securely.

Customer Surveys

Measure customer satisfaction to live chat or ticket responses quickly and easily! Surveys are fully customizable, allowing you to get all the information you need to monitor agent replies and ensure customer satisfaction.

Events System

Automatically trigger a series of actions on virtually every aspect of your help desk so that you can keep your focus where it belongs: on your customers. With Events you can escalate issues, enforce SLAs, send out alerts and more.


Group users by domain name, email address, phone number and more into a single organization. This makes it easy to keep all communications -- tickets, live chats, call logs, etc. -- from a single customer easily accessible for agents and managers.

Multiple Brands

Provide customers with unique experiences across every company, product, division or brand you have! Each self service portal can be styled using custom CSS, colors and logos so that customers get the proper experience based on your brand.

Web Services

With a complete API that encompasses virtually all of the functionality available in SmarterTrack, you can automate common tasks like creating users, querying live chats and more! You can also use External Providers to integrate into your existing applications or databases, such as a CRM database, billing software or any other back-end system.

Automation with Web Services
Extend functionality with External Providers

Product Integrations

Having an extensive API means that third-party developers can build integration modules for their own applications or other popular products and services. In addition, we created our own modules for some of the leading management applications and control panels that are used by web hosts and ISPs and enterprise organizations around the world.

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