SmarterStats Release Notes and Version History

Several releases contain notes marked as "Important". Prior to upgrading versions, enter your current build number (e.g. 7852) to view important notes that may affect your upgrade.

6.5.4450 (Mar 8, 2012)

  • Fixed: Adding the Spider Top Pages report item to a custom report no longer causes the custom report to fail.
  • Fixed: Charts for report items by day of week now display the correct labels.
  • Fixed: Exceptions that occur on remote servers now send details about the exception to the MRS for logging.
  • Fixed: Log source folder changes are now honored by site moves.
  • Fixed: Poorly quoted strings in log files no longer cause the log import to fail.
  • Fixed: SEO reports for now return results as expected.
  • Fixed: URLs from Google now display correctly in SEO position reports.

6.5.4310 (Oct 20, 2011)

  • Changed: Updated SEO definitions to accomodate for changes to Google PageRank algorithm
  • Changed: Updated SEO definitions to accomodate for changes to keyword ranking algorithms

6.5.4296 (Oct 6, 2011)

  • Fixed: A favorite report that is edited will now function properly when viewing the report.
  • Fixed: Percentage bars in email reports now display correctly.
  • Fixed: Propagating server settings no longer causes the service to fail to stop.
  • Fixed: Resolved a cause of high memory situations.
  • Fixed: Scheduled email reports now apply selected filter set(s) as expected

6.4.4254 (Aug 25, 2011)

  • Added: New definitions to improve spider and bot detection
  • Changed: Geographic databases updated for better location resolution.
  • Changed: Report items in the custom report editor are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Changed: Scheduled email reports now send after 4:00 AM in the timezone set for the website to accommodate higher-workload servers.
  • Fixed: Editing a site with multiple primary administrators no longer displays an error.
  • Fixed: Leased licenses now properly remain activated.
  • Fixed: Paths with encoded characters such as + and ' now function as expected in data mining.
  • Fixed: Problems with system performance counters will no longer cause SmarterStats to use a lot of CPU trying to examine them.
  • Fixed: SEO rankings now properly ignore Google's "Places for X near Y" results.
  • Fixed: Server propagation no longer displays an error when a connection to a server times out.
  • Fixed: Sorting now functions as expected in the Spider Daily Totals report.
  • Fixed: The report item Daily Visit Length and the data mining report Daily Activity now show data correctly when added to custom reports
  • Fixed: Updated Google definitions to accommodate the search engine's rendering changes implemented on 8/14/2011.

6.3.4212 (Jul 14, 2011)

  • Changed: When editing a site, the Site URL field is now pre-filled with the assigned value.
  • Fixed: Adjusted processing to ignore timeouts when processing from FTP logs, allowing SmarterStats to process all FTP logs.
  • Fixed: Custom and favorite reports now display the date range that was used when creating the report.
  • Fixed: Custom reports that were set to sort by day in SmarterStats 5.x and earlier are now upgraded correctly.
  • Fixed: IP address based reports with IP address resolution enabled are now generated much faster.
  • Fixed: Numeric fields no longer include comma separators when exported to a comma or tab delimited file due to some cultures use of commas as a decimal separator.
  • Fixed: SEO processing of Google results now handles video and image search results correctly.
  • Fixed: SmarterStats now remembers the previous installation path when upgrading.
  • Fixed: The SmarterStats web interface folder permissions are now set up in a way that allows it to work under IIS 7.5 without any additional permissions changes by the user.

6.2.4100 (Mar 24, 2011)

  • Fixed: SEO processing for keywords and sites in Google has been updated to reflect a recent change in how Google search results are returned.

6.2.4072 (Feb 24, 2011)

  • Changed: Changed how SEO calls are made to Google and its language-specific domains (i.e., to help prevent blocking delays.
  • Fixed: SmarterStats now correctly differentiates between webmail referrals and search engine referrals.
  • Fixed: The built-in Web server now returns HTTP version 1.1 as expected.
  • Fixed: The GetActivityForServer function in the statistics Web service now functions as expected.
  • Fixed: The GetForServer function in the bandwidth Web service now functions as expected.

6.1.3974 (Nov 18, 2010)

  • Fixed: Switching between data mining queries now retains the filename or IP address to generate accurate reports.
  • Efficiency: The Sites page of the system administrator interface now retrieves the activity and status information for the sites currently displayed on the page instead of all of the sites in the system.

6.0.3932 (Oct 7, 2010)

  • Added: A new report detailing the ISPs of site visitors.
  • Added: A new report item for mobile device versions that displays the most popular versions of mobile devices used to access the site.
  • Added: A popup window with a Getting Started checklist to help system administrators get new installations up and running.
  • Added: A redesigned user interface that improves performance and usability.
  • Added: All report pages now indicate the date ranges of imported log files.
  • Added: An option to set the base URL for the site to make URL links in reports clickable.
  • Added: Browser and platform reports now separate blank (masked) user agents from unknown user agents.
  • Added: Browser definitions have been updated to improve support for Safari and Opera. In addition, more detail about versions of browsers is now available.
  • Added: Dozens of new spider and bot detections, plus routines to detect generic unknown bots, spiders and crawlers.
  • Added: Dual axis charting for many reports, resulting in reports that are easier to read and better for detecting trends.
  • Added: Email reports now display an error message if email settings are not defined.
  • Added: Filter sets now include easy ways to exclude blank user agents and referrers.
  • Added: Geographic cities reports now include the state/province of the city, if applicable.
  • Added: Import from IIS now imports default documents and site name as well as log location.
  • Added: International Google site definitions for monitoring and evaluating SEO efforts.
  • Added: New overview reports to key interface sections.
  • Added: Pie charts have been completely redesigned and now include "Other Items" so that the chart is correct no matter how many table rows are displayed.
  • Added: Platform definitions have been updated to support many new devices, such as the iPad, iPhone and Android. They also detect existing platforms better and provide more information, such as specific models of BlackBerry devices.
  • Added: Search bar added to top of some configuration pages.
  • Added: Slashes (/) in reports are now rendered differently to make URLs easier to read.
  • Added: The ability to cancel report generation by closing the progress window.
  • Added: The ability to quickly data mine IP addresses in report items.
  • Added: The ability to search for a site by site name or site ID.
  • Added: To facilitate logging in to view reports, a new View Stats button has been added to the Sites page.
  • Added: To improve usability, data mining has been redesigned and functions similarly to an advanced search.
  • Added: User and site name are now visible at the top of the interface.
  • Changed: Add/Edit site now displays in a popup window, allowing administrators to edit multiple sites at a time.
  • Changed: All report items were evaluated to determine the best default views and settings for them individually.
  • Changed: Bandwidth report columns now show in MB.
  • Changed: Charts now use the built-in ASP.NET 4.0 chart component.
  • Changed: Favorites, Custom Reports, and Scheduled Email Reports have been redesigned for ease of use and configuration.
  • Changed: For SEO purposes, Google is now enabled by default for new sites.
  • Changed: Functionality to import logs from IIS has moved to be more prominent in Add/Edit Site popup.
  • Changed: Geographic maps were updated to improve clarity and usability.
  • Changed: Installer updated to use a newer version of InstallShield that includes support for .NET 4.0.
  • Changed: Percentage boxes now display for all counts, including 0.
  • Changed: Report items have been reorganized into sections to make it easier to find them
  • Changed: SEO campaign, keyword and competitor setup is now performed from within the SEO section.
  • Changed: Settings pages with configuration sub-pages have been modified to open related windows without navigating away from the page.
  • Changed: SmarterStats 6.x now requires Microsoft.NET 4.0.
  • Changed: Some SEO reports now default to no chart to make them easier to use. (Chart can still be added manually.)
  • Changed: The default ordering for data displayed in SEO trend reports is now consistent with other reports.
  • Changed: The Log Status page, which details which log files have been imported, is now visible to site administrators.
  • Changed: The names of some SEO report items have been changed to better describe the report content.
  • Changed: The option to impersonate an user is now called View Site as User. When clicked, administrators can select the desired user from a list.
  • Changed: The Time Taken column in server health reports has been renamed Time (ms).
  • Removed: Silverlight charting was removed due to incompatibilities on many devices. Attention was placed instead on making the standard charts better.
  • Fixed: Exporting a large report now functions as expected.
  • Fixed: If a search engine is enabled for a site and is later removed, the search engine positions report now properly excludes that search engine from the report.
  • Fixed: Reminders popup window now functions as expected when dismissing or snoozing a reminder.
  • Fixed: SmarterStats now begins importing data as soon as an SEO campaign is created.
  • Fixed: The View Logs page now properly reports back Web interface based log files.
  • Efficiency: Percentage indicators on table rows no longer require many separate images in emails and in the Web interface.
  • Security: Various UI changes have been made to prevent XSS attacks.