SmarterStats Release Notes and Version History

Several releases contain notes marked as "Important". Prior to upgrading versions, enter your current build number (e.g. 7852) to view important notes that may affect your upgrade.

1.2.0 (Jun 25, 2003)

  • Added: More failsafes to secure the application
  • Added: My Settings now contains an option "Auto Generate Reports" that will generate reports on the first hit, rather than requiring the user to click the [Generate Report] button.
  • Added: New Report Items: Total Views by Month and Total Visits by Month. These were added by end-user request who found it hard to view the combined report with views/visits by month. This combined view Total Visits/Views by Month still exists.
  • Added: Support for FTP downloads through proxies. For information how to do this, please ask
  • Changed: Edit site now allows the global administrator to change the primary admin of a site.
  • Changed: Email reports are now sent in a method that more email clients can view them correctly.
  • Changed: In email reports, any day-of-week query will now return at least 7 days of data in order to make the report more useful. Behavior when manually viewing these reports remains unchanged.
  • Changed: Monthly reports now include data from the entire months of the date ranges they include.
  • Changed: Report change: "Top Directories by Views/Visits" was changed to "Top Directories by Hits/Views."
  • Changed: The "Total" column for some report items was removed.
  • Changed: The installer is now more intuitive, and pops up "getting started" automatically after a successful install.
  • Changed: User administration page has been updated to be easier to understand.
  • Fixed: FTP downloads now correctly identify and use MS DOS format file listings.
  • Fixed: FTP downloads would stall after downloading many large log files.
  • Fixed: Inconsistent visit reporting on several reports due to sessions that have no valid hits.
  • Fixed: Pop-up menus for the newest version of the Opera browser.

1.1.0 (Jun 13, 2003)

  • Added: "Raw Bandwidth" added to Welcome Page. The Welcome Page is the page viewed after logging in to view statistics. Raw Bandwidth is the actual bandwidth totaled from the log files imported ignoring any filters the end-user may have added. This is also available through Web Services so hosting companies or any company could bill their customers for their usage with very little programming.
  • Added: Added Report Items: Overview of Views by Day and Overview of Visits by Day. These were added by end-user request who found it hard to view the combined report with views/visits by Day. This combined view Overview of Visits/Views by Day still exists.
  • Added: Additional Web Services have been added to SmarterStats so that every aspect of Site additions, Server management can be automated to reduce overhead by administrators.
  • Added: All SmarterStats versions come with a built in Web Server. SmarterStats now runs out of the box with very little requirements so ANYONE can use the SmarterStats product line. In addition, SmarterStats can still be configured to use IIS which will provide many benefits for larger installations, especially the SmarterStats Enterprise version.
  • Added: FTP has now been added as a valid "Log Source" location. The system can now automatically download log files via FTP on intervals to keep statistics up to date for each site. "Log Source" options now include local file system, UNC, and now FTP.
  • Added: Interactive Report IP Bandwidth By Image. This report will list IP addresses that are using the most bandwidth downloading images on your web site.
  • Added: Interactive Report IP Bandwidth By Page. This report will list IP addresses that are using the most bandwidth downloading a page that you select.
  • Added: Interactive Report Top Referrals by Image. This report will list the top referring URLs that have linked to an image you select
  • Added: New Interactive Report "Top Query Strings by Page". This was a requested feature that would allow end-users to see the full query string, not just one of the items in the query string for a particular page. This is commonly used for shopping carts, order systems etc.
  • Changed: All buttons in the web interface for both the System Administrator and the End-User have been replaced with Style buttons. Images are no longer used allowing administrators great control in making new styles by not having to manipulate numerous images.
  • Changed: Drastically cleaner web interface. All tips, errors and pages have been modified using results from usability studies.
  • Changed: Licensing and Pricing model has changed to have multiple versions to tailor to each company's size and requirements for sites/domains.
  • Changed: Licensing interface significantly updated for both the Professional and the Enterprise versions.
  • Changed: Moved from the .NET 1.0 framework to the NET 1.1 Framework increasing speed and decreasing memory utilization.
  • Changed: Product names changed from SmarterStats Network to SmarterStats Enterprise and added the SmarterStats Professional versions for desktop users and small hosting companies.
  • Changed: Separated Overview of Views by Day and Overview of Visits By Day into their own report items.
  • Changed: SmarterStats uses 30% less memory when importing web sites. SmarterStats better allocates and releases memory when moving site to site on log importing.
  • Changed: The "Add Site" option is now a wizard significantly simplifying the process of adding a site to SmarterStats
  • Changed: The configuration pages for SmarterStats have been broken into multiple pages. This will significantly ease the configuration/administration of SmarterStats.
  • Changed: The SmarterStats service now runs in a lower priority not affecting any other resources/applications on the machine it is running on.
  • Changed: The web interface for administrators now shows local time
  • Changed: The web interface for end-users now shows the time based on the time-zone they chose to see their statistics in.
  • Fixed: Bug that cause limit of rows on email reports.
  • Fixed: Visit bug that dealt with 400/404 errors
  • Efficiency: 20% increase in overall speed of application. Report Item, Standard Reports and Interactive Reports benefit the most from this optimization.

1.0.0 (Mar 10, 2003)

  • None: Original Release