Technical Support Options

SmarterTools offers a number of different support options. Whether you have questions about how a particular feature works, have a problem you can't quite figure out, or want help installing or upgrading a product, we're here to help.

To view existing tickets, or submit a new one, you'll need to login by clicking on the account avatar at the top of the page.

Standard Support

Each license that SmarterTools sells comes with standard technical support -- via email or phone call -- absolutely free of charge. As long as you keep your Maintenance and Support active, any ticket you submit to us will be worked on by our knowledgeable support technicians at no additional cost.

Our Service Level goal is to answer every ticket within four hours of it being submitted to us during our normal business hours. However, most tickets receive responses well ahead of that target.

Free Technical Support
Technical Support in Emergencies

Emergency Support

Problems don't always occur during business hours: yours or ours. In those instances where a total failure of one of our products significatnly impacts your business, we offer 24x7x365 Emergency Support.

These tickets are purchased from our shopping cart and are submitted immediately after they're purchased to avoid any delays in us getting notified. We will respond within one hour of the ticket's submission -- and have been known to reply within minutes, even during weekends, over holidays or in the middle of the night.

Installation Assistance

While we make the installation process as simple as possible, there are times when you simply want to have the product installed or upgraded, and ready to use, so you can focus on your core business.

In these instances, one of our support technicians can schedule the installation or upgrade at your convenience: during your business hours or even at night or on a weekend. Installation tickets can also be purchased from our shopping cart.

SmarterTools Product Installation Assistance
SmarterTools Product Training

Product Training

Whether you're a domain administrator or a system admin, SmarterTools products were built to be easy to understand and even easier to use and manage.

However, new administrators may need help understanding things like how to set up spam filtering, how to manage SmarterTools security and more. That's why we offer product training. Once submitted, one of our support techincians will contact you and schedule a time to walk you through whatever you want to know. Training sessions are held via conferencing software and can accommodate one-on-one sessions or groups. Training tickets are purchased from our shopping cart and training is held during our normal business hours.