ASPnix - A Case Study

ASPnix, a web hosting company based in Denver, Colorado, was looking for a powerful, yet economical, email solution when starting up their hosting business. They ended up selecting SmarterMail and have since built a reliable email hosting platform for over 20,000 customers.

ASPnix web hosting
  • Name: ASPnix
  • Industry: Web Hosting
  • Location: Denver, CO USA
  • Product(s): SmarterMail, SmarterStats


Founded in 2003, ASPnix is a full-service web hosting company specializing in Windows and Linux shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers, Enterprise Email hosting and much, much more. Since their inception, they've constantly introduced newer, better technologies to serve the needs of their clients. They are constantly innovating, investing in and introducing bleeding-edge technologies, while their clients reap the rewards. Their mantra is to "provide higher service, never higher prices" and their longevity in the ever-evolving world of web hosting is a testament to keeping to that mantra.


When starting a small business, every penny saved is crucial. As such, finding affordable, yet reliable and feature-rich products is of paramount importance. Saving money in one area allows new start-ups to spend those savings in other areas such as purchasing newer, better hardware, and much more.

Even when you find a solution, it has to grow with your new business and adapt to changes in technology, just as your business does.


Not surprisingly, ASPnix found SmarterTools products to be the perfect choice for their new company. For one, SmarterMail is very inexpensive compared to competing products, especially for what it offers. In addition, SmarterStats essentially stands alone in the Windows-hosting world as a web log analytics solution. This was especially true way back in 2003.

In SmarterTools, ASPnix found a like-minded partner that also looked to continually innovate and improve, adopting and implementing the latest trends in the ever-changing world of technology. In addition, SmarterMail, SmarterStats and SmarterTicket (which eventually became SmarterTrack) were built to specifically address the issues hosting companies like ASPnix were facing when it came to reliable, affordable and feature-rich products.

What They're Saying

"SmarterTools products have been amazing to support and operate. Newer versions of SmarterMail have cutdown our support tickets for email-related issues to a few customer-related issues per week. SmarterStats since day-one has been a setup-and-forget-it product. It just works. "
Roman Buzinov - President, ASPnix


  • Expanded Enterprise Email offering
  • Exchange ActiveSync for mobile client synchronization
  • SmarterMail Archiving
  • Complete email client compatibility, including mobile email clients
  • Decrease in overall email-related issues
  • SmarterStats has been a "setup-and-forget-it" product since day one
  • Continual innovation in a solution that

Infrastructure and Deployment Details

ASPnix network diagram
  • Server OS: Windows Server 2019
  • CPU: Dual Intel Xeon 3.3GHz E5-2643
  • RAM: 64GB
  • Avg. CPU/Memory Usage: 20% CPU / 30GB RAM
  • Drives: Data stored on 24x 2TB RAID10 with 2x 1TB SSD cache; OS on RAID1 SSD
  • Connection Details: 30% use webmail, balance use various clients
  • Protocols: Primarily IMAP; POP3, EAS and EWS/MAPI are also available
  • Domains / Users: 2500 domains / 20000+ mailboxes
  • Antispam: rSpamD cloud service integrated with VadeSecure
  • Antivirus / Security: ClamAV (with custom/paid databases) + VadeSecure malware/phishing detection
  • Network Security: Custom-built router/firewalls with custom VYOS
  • Backup: Macrium Reflect


If you want to talk to ASPnix about their experiences with SmarterMail and/or SmarterStats, you can email them at or call their sales team at +1 (303) 552-0227. Live chat is also available on their website: