New Features in SmarterTrack

SmarterTrack 14.x

For a complete breakdown of the new features, changes and improvements in SmarterTrack 14.x, take a look at the release notes for this latest version.

Introducing Custom Forms

SmarterTrack gives administrators the ability to customize the templates that are used when either live chats or ticket are started from the portal. (Live chat templates also carry over to instances where live chats are initiated from other websites, from shopping carts, etc. as well.) This customization means that specific types of information can be gathered at the point of starting a conversation between agents and users. However, the last thing you want to do when is overwhelm users with endless fields that need to be filled out, whether they have an actual issue they’re dealing with or just want to ask a simple question. That’s where SmarterTrack’s Forms come into play.

Forms work, essentially, just like Surveys: you build a form using a number of different data types, you title the form, and then you create the introduction message that explains the form and its purpose to your users -- You can even create separate messages for when the form is sent with a ticket versus when it’s sent as part of a live chat.

Agents can then send Forms as a reply to a ticket or inline during a live chat. Completed Forms are then associated directly with a specific ticket or live chat, keeping information organized and easily-retrievable. We’ve even added the ability to create Events based on whether a Form was sent for a ticket or chat, and when those forms are filled out.

Getting information into the hands of agents is crucial for offering fast, professional and thorough customer service. However, getting that information without making the customer feel overloaded is also important. SmarterTrack’s Forms feature is one way of getting information quickly and easily, and with minimal effort.

New Cookie and Privacy Options

With recent changes to how personal information needs to be handled, especially within the European Union, and to help accommodate any potential future changes, SmarterTrack 14.x offers up some new cookie and privacy features.

From a cookie perspective, when setting up a Brand in SmarterTrack, it’s now possible to customize the default cookie policy message that displays on the SmarterTrack portal. Administrators can customize the message with a full HTML editor to add in any pertinent links to actual privacy policies or Terms of Service, and also modify the message’s background, font and button color as needed.

For tickets and live chats, it’s also possible to add in a URL that points to a privacy policy. When enabled, default “consent” text is added to the ticket or live chat template that displays that link for users. Anyone submitting a ticket or chat then consents to providing their information and can view the policy or Terms of Service that's linked to. While the cookie policy is on by default, the display of the privacy link for tickets and live chats can be enabled or disabled by Brand.

Organizations, Tickets and the Portal

Collaboration is an important aspect of any company. In a previous version of SmarterTrack, we introduced Organizations, which allow agents to view all communications from users within the same organization in one convenient location. In SmarterTrack 14.x, we’ve taken it one step further: With one simple setting, all users within an Organization can see the tickets started by other Organization members, right from withi the Portal.

Often times, multiple users from one company will be in communication with your agents, and these users need the ability to see what their coworkers are working on. With SmarterTrack 14.x, users can navigate to the Portal to view tickets where they'll see two tabs: My Tickets, which display all of the tickets they've submitted, and Organization, which displays their tickets as well as tickets started by other members of their company. By having the ability to view tickets from their organization, users will be able to check whether an issue has already been reported or follow a request to its resolution.

Redesigned Community Profiles

The Community is THE place for customer interaction, which reinforces brand loyalty, increases your connection with customers and end users, and improves the overall relationship with your customers. The community can be used in many ways, whether it’s customer-to-customer interaction or your employees having conversations with customers.

In SmarterTrack 14.x, we’ve modified the design of user profiles for a much cleaner look. Users have a much better look at their own Community activity and stats, and will find it easier to learn about other Community members. We’ve also streamlined all of a user’s conversations into a handy My Conversations view, where users can quickly find their conversations with members of the Community. As for starting a conversation, that’s been simplified as well, organizing all actions to a dropdown button that appears beside a user’s name in their profile.

On the agent side, agents have a simpler way of viewing user information and participating in conversations as well. In addition, the actions available to an agent when viewing Community members are also handled from the dropdown button next to the user’s profile name.

Better, Faster Performance

Just as we started in our last version, we are continuing to re-build the foundation of SmarterTrack. We are re-thinking how people use SmarterTrack and what functionality we will be provide over the next decade. We are massively increasing the performance of SmarterTrack at both the server and client level. We are introducing new technologies that help us improve the speed and that will make the introduction of new features easier. We are introducing caching and performance improvements to handle even larger installations of SmarterTrack. Much of this was started with the last version, and you will continue seeing some of the benefits in SmarterTrack 14.x. And, as always, even more will be introduced in future versions.

SmarterTrack 13.x

For a complete breakdown of the new features, changes and improvements in SmarterTrack 13.x, take a look at the release notes for this latest version.

Brand New Management Interface

The Management Interface for Agents, Managers and Administrators now includes a modern design with improved performance! We are working on making the SAME powerful interface work on tablets and phones in place of having the “old” mobile interface that was included in previous versions. In addition, we have modified the interface so that we can include new sections and functionality for the future. Lastly, there is new functionality throughout, some of which is highlighted below:

  • Ticket and chat notification enhancements: Ticket and chat counts render faster and require less server resources. In addition, chat notifications are much more apparent with better Chat icon updates -- the chat icon now changes color and flashes when a chat status changes or requires attention -- and improved sounds performance on alerts!
  • Customization: Agents can now choose from a light or dark theme, plus they have the ability to position the ticket preview window so it’s either at the bottom or to the right of their ticket list. Agents can even remove the preview pane entirely...
  • Browser Notifications: Agents will now receive browser notifications for new live chats, when events fire and more so they can always be connected and ready to help, regardless of whether the management interface is their active window or not.
  • New Follow-Up ticket queue: Agents can now quickly and easily see the customers they need to follow-up with and when those follow-ups need to occur. In addition, it’s much easier to reconfigure a follow-up if it comes out of that status early.

Improvements to the Community

The Community is THE place for customer interaction, which reinforces brand loyalty, increases your connection with customers and end users, and improves the overall relationship with your customers. The community can be used in many ways, whether it’s customer-to-customer interaction or your employees having conversations with customers. Unlike other customer service platforms, SmarterTrack blends both a public-facing customer portal with the tools you need for managing customer interaction and communication. The Portal, the Community and the tools Agents have at their disposal all work together and give you the ability to seamlessly transition from public conversations started in the Community to private discussions with Agents. Therefore, we made several improvements that greatly increase the effectiveness of the SmarterTrack Community for anyone and everyone:

  • Announcements: It’s now possible to create an Announcement, where you can call attention to important items like scheduled maintenance, product releases or any other piece of information you want your users to be aware of.
  • Sticky Threads: There are times when a certain thread has a higher level of importance for you and your users. In these cases, you want that particular thread to ALWAYS stay at the top of the list. Now you can make these types of Issues, Questions, Ideas or Announcements “sticky” so that they receive the attention they require.
  • Locked Threads: Then there are times when a particular thread has run its course. In these cases, it’s now possible to lock a thread so that no other comments or replies can be left.
  • Change a thread’s status: In some cases, users may want to mark threads as “read” or “unread”. That means that they can either revisit it at a later time or simply ignore it. In addition, Agents can now change the status of a thread without having to actually make a comment or add a reply.
  • Auto-scroll to last unread: Now when users visit threads that have new comments, the interface will automatically scroll down to the last unread reply! No more manual scrolling through long threads to find out where the last comment was made!
  • Source View for Agents: Agents can now view the source of their posts, making it easier to apply custom HTML or CSS to their posts.
  • Permalink dates: When referencing a particular post, it’s now possible to use that post’s permalink so users, when clicking that link, go directly to the post being referenced.
  • MUCH MORE, including the ability to all users to upload images, the ability to add simple HTML to Community signatures and more.

The Many Ways of Messaging in SmarterTrack

In SmarterTrack we provide Live Chat with Customers, Instant Message with Employees and Chat Rooms for departments and teams. These methods of communication allow SmarterTrack to be used in many ways, including, but not limited to: an Agent needs help from another Agent; An Agent needs to contact a team for an answer; Company-wide internal and secure messaging for all employees.

In SmarterTrack 13.x we have reworked how we provide this functionality and built it so it can be further extended throughout SmarterTrack. All methods of messaging have been rewritten to be faster and more efficient.

Better, Faster Performance

With the introduction of new technologies, SmarterTrack's performance has improved at both the server and client level! Along with increasing the overall performance of SmarterTrack, these changes will help us improve the introduction of new features down the road. We have also introduced caching and performance improvements to better handle even larger installations of SmarterTrack.

SmarterTrack 12.x

Completely New Live Chat Widget for your Website

Live chat is an integral part of a complete help desk. It's not only an efficient way to offer customer service, it's also an important part of your brand presentation and image. To that end, a new live chat widget was created that focuses on the user experience, combining a more modern look and feel with additional customization options so you can better integrate live chat into your existing website.

In previous versions of SmarterTrack, it was possible to use either a button or a text link to initiate a live chat. Of course, if you were a CSS Guru, you could add additional customizations, but that could be tedious. With SmarterTrack 12.x, we've completely redone the live chat to act as an embedded widget directly on your website. There are several default styles and chat types that you can preview before it's added to your site: use bubbles for chats or use the standard line, set your own background color for the chat window, choose one of over 20 different live chat images or upload your own. Once you've refined your layout and style, you simply add the code to your site.

In addition, live chats now follow a user as they travel around your website. You can chat with someone as they move from page to page, without fear of losing contact with them. Through it all, live chat stays consistent, branded and extremely user friendly.

Building a Better Community

SmarterTrack is the only help desk to include a fully encompassed and integrated user Community across all installation options -- from free to paid, on-premise or hosted. We continue to build upon the features of the Community while you build upon your relationships with your customers. In this latest version, we've added a few features that improve the Community's role as a great forum for interaction: User Profiles and Community Conversations.

User Profiles are a way to better connect users: Know who you're talking to with profile bios; Check another user's expertise by viewing their Community Activity, which lays out the topics and posts they participate in the most; See the number of posts and replies a user makes and how many "thumbs up" they get so you can figure out who your most helpful Community member is; Agents can see a user's contact info, which includes quick links to contact the user through a ticket or find other ways to communicate with them.

Along with getting more detail about users, the Community now has private messaging! Customers are able to communicate with each other through private Conversations, allowing them to help each other without the fear of posting sensitive information to the public. Message notifications display in a user's Alerts area, plus email notifications are sent whenever a new message arrives in someone's inbox. All of this builds upon the usefulness and sense of Community between users, as well as between users and agents.

Take the Initiative with Your Visitors

Visitors to your website can be expensive. Whether you're driving traffic using Google Adwords or other online ad networks, using banner ads or more traditional advertising methods, it's important to make the most of a user's visit. While Who's On gives you the ability to watch visitors move through your website in real-time, when it's used in conjunction with live chat, a chat invitation can be sent when a visitor lands on a specific page, like a pricing or licensing page. The Event system can also be used to automatically invite a visitor to chat, and that chat goes right into an active Agent's chat queue! This means you can help a valuable visitor find what they're looking for, quicker and more easily, and make them make the most of their visit.

Furthermore, the ability to use variables and per-department customized text in your invitation messages will let you connect on a more personal level, calling customers by name, noting the city they're contacting you from and more. Live chat PLUS Who's On means companies can easily connect with their customers -- personally -- with the click of a button.

Improving the Performance of SmarterTrack

In Smartertrack 12.x, we've introduced an entirely new way of managing files. We streamline all aspects of your help desk to keep unused, and unwanted, files from bogging down your system. Several items are now regularly compressed to reduce disk space, reduce the number of files on the server and increase the speed of backups: raw content for tickets, user avatars, ticket attachments and call recordings. In addition, when upgrading to 12.x from an earlier version, a one-time cleanup process will run to remove any orphaned files within SmarterTrack. By taking preemptive steps to clean up as you go, SmarterTrack will run smoothly for years to come.

SmarterTrack 11.x

Easy Setup and Day-to-Day Configuration

SmarterTrack 11.x brings you a complete overhaul of the Settings section, making everything incredibly easy to find and ridding the interface of unnecessary settings. We looked at which settings were being used most by agents and administrators and how those settings interact with each other. We consolidated features and functions, reduced the number of settings and pages and drastically improved the overall structure. While a change this big could sound overwhelming, there's no need to be concerned: Along with being more intuitive, every change will be updated in the Online Help, and we created a handy KB article, SmarterTrack 11.x Settings Redesign, so you can see where each setting is now located and what, exactly, has changed.

Introducing Users and Organizations

SmarterTrack 11.x introduces a new Users and Organizations section into SmarterTrack's Management Interface, allowing agents to view all communications from multiple users within the same organization. Often times, multiple people from one company will be in communication with your agents and now all that information can be collated in one place. Common scenarios where this can be used include multiple customers from the same organization inquiring about purchasing a product or multiple employees from a company requesting a resolution to a similar issue. By associating multiple users to an organization, agents will no longer have to browse through tickets or users; they can simply choose the company the customer is associated with and they'll see all the information they need.

Prevent Spam in the Community

SmarterTrack's Community can be a great resource for communication between users and agents. However, if administrators allow new user registration on the portal, the Community may be subject to an influx of threads created by spammers and bots. Smartertrack 11.x introduces a myriad of spam prevention methods to help keep the Community clear of spam:

  • Honeypot Detection - Fields are added to user input forms that attract bots but are not visible to humans. SmarterTrack uses these to filter out automated scripts that are used to send a large amount of community spam.
  • Timer Detection - A form must take at least a certain number seconds between generation and submission. For humans, this is usually undetectable. Because spam-bots try to send spam as fast as possible and don't make a new source request for each post, they will fail this test and be shown a "Try again in a few moments" message.
  • Calculated Match Fields - Fields are added to user input forms that verify that the same page cannot be submitted repeatedly without contacting the server again.
  • Keyboard/Mouse/Tap Event Detection - Scripts embedded within the forms certify actual human interaction using a mouse, keyboard, or gestures.
  • Hyperlinks Disallowed for First Few Posts - Spammers' goals are to post links on your site, increasing their visibility to people and search engines. To prevent this, new users who have limited posting activity in the Community are not able to hyperlink URLs. If they submit their post without hyperlinks and later try to edit them in, their edits will be saved but all hyperlinks tags will be stripped out.

Easily View All User Information

User Details has always been an important tool in viewing all interaction from a single user. With SmarterTrack 11.x, we've made it even easier to get to and it now provides more useful information! Simply click on a user's email address, whether in a ticket, live chat, or call log, and you're presented with all the communications through tickets, live chats, calls and surveys, as well as their profile information and any roles they are assigned. You can add a comment about the user that other agents can see, modify any custom fields, view their history, such as their login dates and dates of their latest interactions, and even see statistics on how often they've been in contact with your company. Having all of a user's information easily presented in a neat layout brings yet another CRM attribute into your powerful helpdesk system.

View All Recent Ticket Activity in One Location

When things get busy, and agents see a large number of tickets coming in and leaving their queues, it can be difficult to remember where every ticket has gone. SmarterTrack 11.x resolves this with the new Recent Activity and Recently Transferred ticket views. Say you added a comment to an old ticket but can't recall if it's in your Waiting or Closed queue. Worry no more with Recent Activity! All tickets that have been modified in any way will appear, whether you've simply added a comment, changed the priority or sent a ticket response. Using the Recently Transferred ticket view, you can even see tickets that have left your queue altogether, regardless of whether they were taken by another agent or transferred out. SmarterTrack continues giving agents the tools they need to improve their workflow and give them the time to focus on what really matters: your customers.

Community Improvements for Both Customers and Agents

The Community has been a great addition to SmarterTrack by allowing agents and customers to collaborate on problems or ideas and get questions answered. In this latest version, we continue to amp up the Community with features that make it more intuitive and user friendly. Customers will be pleased to see that they can now add a personal touch to each of their posts with the ability to add custom avatars, as well as signatures! On the management side of things, new community reports have been created that show just how engaged your employees are with your community, making quality control simpler than ever.

Numerous Security and Efficiency Improvements

With each major version of SmarterTrack that's released, we do our best to include a large number of back-end improvements to keep help desks performing at their best and to ensure the security of the software. Many of these changes are in the back-end code, so they're not easily seen by end users, much less by system administrators – except when they notice how much better SmarterTrack runs. In this most recent version, we spent a great deal of time benchmarking SmarterTrack and then making changes to increase the level of performance and security across the board.

SmarterTrack 10.x

Introducing the SmarterTrack Community

Having a centralized location to communicate with customers and end users is key to any business. With that in mind, SmarterTrack 10.x introduces a new Community area. The new Community can replace existing customer communities, like forums or other services that are designed to allow users to interact with each other, as well as communicate with you and your agents. The SmarterTrack Community allows users to post comments and suggestions, ask questions or offer other feedback, and even has a voting system where users can vote up or down things like feature requests or answers to questions.

Redesigned Customer Portal

Completely redesigned, from the ground up, the customer portal in SmarterTrack 10.x offers users a streamlined, modern and more organized interface. Built with a responsive layout, the new portal scales well to any sized desktop browser and even looks great on tablets, phablets and smartphones while significantly decreasing the footprint and page load times. Not only does the new portal look great, it's also faster and much more agile.

Improved Text Editor Throughout

A new text editor means that users have the tools they need to create richly formatted messages, without a lot of unnecessary code in the background. Cleaner code can help keep delivery, receipt and viewing of tickets fast and efficient. In addition, the editor is also included for creating knowledge base articles and canned replies, meaning that users can format key elements such as addresses, highlight important points, include links to Web pages or addresses, easily insert images and more. The new editor is more efficient, more accurate and creates much better-looking, and faster performing, back end code.

Better Transparency and Management of Surveys

Knowing what your customers and end users think about you, your product or service, or the level of support they're receiving is key to offering the best service possible. With SmarterTrack's flexible survey system, you were already able to create virtually any type of survey, with a number of different question types, and attach those surveys to your tickets and live chats. With SmarterTrack 10.x, your ability to actually see the results of those surveys is greatly improved. For example, each ticket and live chat now has a Survey tab that will display the survey and the score the agent received. Double clicking on the survey brings it up in a new window, so you can easily view the survey, the answers and the ticket or live chat. In addition, survey ratings are now displayed in the ticket and live chat header so agents can see how they rated when a survey is completed and admins can use custom text for survey links and add those links to Group and/or Department signatures. Transparency is key to keeping tabs on the level of service and support being provided, and SmarterTrack 10.x delivers.

Improved Search Engine and Social Engagement

One of the many benefits of SmarterTrack is it's SEO-friendly nature. Between knowledge base articles and news items, not to mention the new Community, SmarterTrack can further assist businesses with their search engine strategy and social interaction. SmarterTrack 10.x improves in many of these areas. For example, sitemaps are now automatically generated via the site's Robots.txt file. In addition, social sharing options have been updated to include sites like Google+ and LinkedIn, and the entire social sharing piece was re-written to be much easier to manage. Finally, extensible schema tags were added to portal content, allowing for better search engine indexing and SEO. While this last change may not be entirely noticeable, it is a big change that has significant positive impact for SmarterTrack users.

Larger Number of Additional improvements

With each successive major version of SmarterTrack that is released, we do our best to include a large number of back-end improvements to help keep mail servers performing at their best. Many of these changes are in the back-end code, so they're not easily seen by end users, much less by system administrators, except when they notice how much better SmarterTrack runs. Some of the changes in SmarterTrack 10.x include improved processing of HTML messages, leading to both incoming and outgoing messages being processed much faster. There's an improved code structure to speed up startup and reduce overall resource usage, and we've also improved many areas of the application, such as live chat and Who's On, so that there is less load on CPU and memory.

SmarterTrack 9.x

Tremendous Performance Improvements

We spent a great deal of time benchmarking SmarterTrack and then making changes to increase the level of performance across the board. In many instances we've seen increases of 70% or more in the speed and responsiveness of the SmarterTrack 9.x interface. We've also seen huge decreases in memory and CPU usage, even under extremely heavy loads. All of this means that the product runs much quicker and much more efficiently than previous versions. Some of the changes we've made include:

  • Re-factored and completely re-wrote many areas of the web interface to reduce the amount of JavaScript code, CSS and HTML, making the entire web interface much faster, much more responsive and much lighter weight.
  • CSS files have been converted to LESS, making stylesheets much smaller and more efficient.
  • The button bars were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The context menus were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The date pickers were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The tree view controls were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • Greatly increased performance of the Web interface.
  • Replaced the message editor control with a more lightweight control.

Simple Customization for the Portal and Management Interface

SmarterTrack 9.x introduces a much simpler way for users to customize the look and feel of their management interface as well as the entire customer-facing Web portal. Now, rather than having to access system files to create custom styles, users can simply override existing SmarterTrack styles with their own variables or, more simply, by modifying the overall color scheme of the primary, secondary and hyperlink colors. Users can even drastically revise the look of the management interface. For example, by moving the navigation icons to a horizontal position versus their default vertical position. Of course, if an Administrator prefers the defaults, customization at the user level can be disabled, thereby preserving branding and corporate identity. Regardless, with these changes to the customization experience, web developers can more fully integrate a SmarterTrack help desk into an existing Web site.

Streamlined Knowledge Base Suggestion Process

Both live chat and ticketing are integral parts of any company focused on customer service. However, they shouldn't be barriers to customers finding out information on their own. In fact, companies can cut support costs by better positioning self-help resources, making them more apparent and easier to use for their customers. With that in mind, SmarterTrack 9.x better integrates self-help options for issues prior to a live chat being sent to an agent or a ticket being submitted from the Web portal. After an end user types in their initial query they are presented with a new page that lists suggested knowledge base articles based on keywords and phrases that are contained in the live chat or ticket text. End users can then see potential solutions before communicating with customer support agents and possibly resolve their issues themselves.

Improved Spell Checking

No one likes to send replies to tickets or live chats with spelling errors. SmarterTrack 9.x offers a completely revised spell checking engine that greatly increases the accuracy of the spell check as well as adding in grammar support. The new spell check also ignores things like URLs and email addresses and allows agents to add words to their own personal dictionaries.

Better Mobile and Tablet Support

SmarterTrack was architected so that the experience a user gets from a browser on a tablet mirrors their experience in the browser on their desktop. With this latest release, the experience is even more fluid and enjoyable due to a complete revision of the HTML editor used to create and/or reply to tickets, create knowledge base articles and more. Now it's even easier, and more efficient, for agents to work from anywhere, at any time, using the laptops or tablet devices. And of course, the mobile interface is still available for devices with smaller screens, like smart phones.

Greater Support for International Customers

SmarterTrack is a truly international product. With customers in well over 120 different countries, support for languages other than English is a priority. In addition, as SmarterTrack's adoption across the globe continues to rise, support for non-Western character sets is also essential. With SmarterTrack 9.x we've not only included support for right-to-left languages in the management interface and on the portal, but we've also gone through the entire product and greatly simplified our language strings to make things much easier for automated translations and for customers who create their own translations files.

17 Different Spell-check Dictionaries Included

In addition to the improved spell checking, SmarterTrack also includes dictionaries for 17 different languages. The languages supported include:

  • English (US+UK Combined) - DEFAULT
  • English (US), (Australia), (Canada), (UK)
  • French
  • German/German (Switzerland)
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese/Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish

These dictionaries are fully editable as well, so agents who speak multiple languages and use the dictionary of their choice and add words as needed. addition, as SmarterStats' adoption across the globe continues to rise, support for non-Western character sets is also essential. With SmarterStats 8.x we've not only included support for right-to-left languages in the management interface and on the portal, but we've also gone through the entire product and greatly simplified our language strings to make things much easier for automated translations and for customers who create their own translations files.

SmarterTrack 8.x

Fully Integrated Softphone

SmarterTrack 8.x has one of the most integrated SIP-compliant VoIP softphones of any helpdesk on the market and even includes multiple brand support. The softphone is configurable from within SmarterTrack, allowing all settings, profiles and agent information to be pushed to any desktop or laptop an agent is using. This full-featured softphone includes the ability to transfer calls, automatically create call logs and record incoming and outgoing calls. It also displays incoming and outgoing communication history for a caller, offers complete call analytics and allows businesses to keep all customer communications (tickets, live chats and call logs) in one location.

More User Information

SmarterTrack 8.x continues to expand the amount of information about each customer by associating all communication within the helpdesk to a user's email address and phone number. In addition, complete user statistics help you understand the frequency and method in which a customer communicates with your helpdesk. Finally, user comments have been added and can be displayed across tickets, live chats and call logs to help agents better assist customers.

Tasks System Enhancements

Tasks can now be assigned statuses like approved, in progress, on hold or completed and you can use the task scheduler to automatically create recurring tasks. Plus, managers can easily view global tasks by status or agent to get a better idea of what's being worked on and when.

Better Knowledge Base Management

We've revamped the knowledge base to make it easier to identify where articles are in the creation process and who is responsible for them. Now you can assign articles to agents, view a list of articles with broken links and quickly moderate customer feedback or ratings. Plus, see the path customers take as they browse your knowledge base—if they viewed another article prior, it'll be listed as a referrer.

Custom CSS

Customize your help desk without making changes to configuration files or changing skins! SmarterTrack 8.x allows system administrators to override CSS styles and customize the portal or management interface any way they want.

Combine multiple actions into a single manual event

SmarterTrack's extensive event system now includes the ability to combine multiple actions into a single, manual event. Manual events can significantly increase the productivity of agents by eliminating the need to perform multiple actions individually; instead, actions can be combined into a single event and performed with one simple click. For example, you may want to transfer a ticket to an agent in another department, send a canned reply to the customer, adjust the custom fields in preparation to track the ticket and SMS the receiving agent that the ticket is on its way. Instead of having to perform all of these actions separately, manual events can make all this happen with just one click!

Agent Avatars

Now you can add a personal touch to ticket and live chats with agent avatars. Uploading pictures or avatars that display in ticket and chat messages makes your agents seem more human and helps customers feel at ease.

Easier Access to Custom Fields

To improve usability, custom fields can now be viewed and edited from the communication tab of tickets, live chats and call logs.

Improved Categorization and Organization

SmarterTrack 8.x introduces master categories. Configured by the system administrator, master categories are available on time logs and tasks to help managers see where an agent's time is spent or to organize tasks related to a specific project.

Improved Security

Take the security of your help desk up a notch by enforcing minimum password requirements for employee logins and enabling a setting that protects your system from brute force attacks by temporarily locking a user account if there are too many failed login attempts.

SmarterTrack 7.x

Redesigned Portal Interface

SmarterTrack 7.x includes a totally redesigned portal interface that makes it easier for customers to find the self-service resources then need when they need them. Plus, we've added seven different portal skins to help companies customize the portal, as well as increased the portal width and the font sizes to make content easier to read and sections easier to navigate.

Interface Enhancements for Mobile Devices

SmarterTrack 7.x improves the user experience when accessing both the portal and management interface from any tablet computer, mobile phone or other mobile device. When coupled with mobile applications like Skype or other VoIP clients, you now have the ability to manage customer service and sales inquiries on your iPad as seamlessly as if you were sitting at your office computer.

iPad/iPhone Shortcut

Have agents install a shortcut to the management interface to the homescreen on their iPhones or iPads, so they can access their tickets, chats and call logs instantly. Customers can also install a shortcut to the customer service portal on their iOS devices, so self-service resources are never more than a click away.

Knowledge Base Commenting System

Encourage portal users to provide feedback on knowledge base articles with the new commenting system and use that information to improve and revise portal content. System administrators can enable commenting by role, require login to comment and require comments to undergo moderation before they are published. Plus, article comments are included in the content search engine spiders crawl and can help boost SEO.

Knowledge Base Article Ratings

Let portal visitors rank the usefulness of specific articles on a scale of one to five stars. Lower ratings can be used as an indicator that the article is not needed or requires revisions. In addition, system administrators can exclude ratings from specific from users to prevent individuals from manipulating the results.

Automatic Translation of Knowledge Base Articles

Companies that serve customers who speak different languages can now auto-translate knowledge base articles. Powered by Google Translate, the articles display in the language selected by the portal visitor. Companies that want to use native language translations still have that option too.

Events System Enhancements

SmarterTrack 7.x includes new events for when an agent goes away from the keyboard or when a ticket is overdue. In addition, the events system now includes support for custom fields for event conditions, so system administrators and managers can be notified about virtually anything that occurs in the help desk installation.

Improved Speed and Interface Optimizations

SmarterTrack 7.x is the fastest version of the help desk software created to date! We've made it easier for installations with thousands of agents to find specific agents and improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 9. In addition, we've optimized session requirements and when used in a clustering environment, these optimizations reduce the overall memory and bandwidth of the database and network traffic.

SmarterTrack 6.x

Redesigned Web Interface

The new Web interface is visually pleasing and focuses on improving the user experience to make it far easier to use. SmarterTrack 6.x includes dozens of UI enhancements, including smaller page sizes, less JavaScript, and more advanced interface rendering that help improve page load times.

Time Logging

With the introduction of time logs, agents have the ability to track the time spent resolving customer issues via tickets, live chats or phone calls. Managers can use this information to proactively manage help desk workflow, develop new policies and improve overall help desk efficiency.

VoIP Integration

Automatically populate call log fields like the subject, customer phone number, customer name, email address, assigned group and agent fields with VoIP integration. Made possible via exposed Web services or your VoIP system's ability to launch an external URL when a call is received, this feature makes it easier for companies to track incoming calls and customer issues.

Click-to-call Functionality

Escalate visitors from chat to voice with a click of the mouse. When logged into the management interface, agents can click on any phone number to initiate a telephone conversation with a customer.

Live Chat Enhancements

SmarterTrack 6.x makes several improvements to live chat, including separate indicators when live chats are in the queue or haven't received a response for a long time, message time stamps and geographical mapping that shows where your customer is chatting from.

Google Analytics Integration

SmarterTrack 6.x makes it easy to gather Web analytics on the customer portal with Google Analytics integration. Just provide your Google Analytics site ID and SmarterTrack will automatically place the necessary tracking code on your portal pages.

Cross-installation Ticket Transfer

With the addition of cross-installation ticket transferring, companies using multiple installations of SmarterTrack can easily transfer a ticket from one installation to another.

More Social Networking Options from the Portal

It's even easier for customers to share portal content on their favorite social networks. With the click of the mouse, customers can share any knowledge base article or any news item to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon and a dozen other social sites.

Custom Distribution Options

With custom distribution options, system administrators can restrict the ability to transfer tickets, live chats and call logs to other agents, hide the queue, or restrict an agent's ability to start or stop receiving tickets and live chats.

Dual Axis Reporting

SmarterTrack 6.x improves its reporting with the introduction of dual axis charting. Dual axis charting allows SmarterTrack to plot two different elements on a single chart—even if they have different scales—making reports much easier to read and understand.

Events System Enhancements

New events in SmarterTrack 6.x help managers automate the workflow and improve help desk efficiency. For example, managers can now set up an even to receive notification when an agent adds a time log to a ticket, live chat or call log or when an agents starts or stops receiving live chats.

Events External Provider

Included in the events system enhancements is the ability to use the events external provider to update third-party software and databases on virtually any action taken by an agent in SmarterTrack.

Updated Web Services

SmarterTrack 6.x includes new Web services for live chat, tasks, call logs and role permissions. In addition, existing Web services were updated to enhance functionality and make them easier to use.

Failover Functionality

With failover functionality, system administrators can virtually eliminate service interruptions by installing a second server that is always connected to the database in standby mode. For businesses that use their help desk as a mission-critical part of their operations, failover functionality ensures the help desk remains online if there is a primary server failure.

Load Balancing Functionality

Load balancing functionality improves performance and scalability by using a load balancer to distribute the requests to the help desk installation across multiple servers and improving the frequency in which data is cached. When used in conjunction with failover functionality, this is an ideal option for organizations that want to deploy SmarterTrack in a high-volume environment or ensure maximum uptime.

SmarterTrack 5.x

Call Logging

SmarterTrack's ability to track customer communications across all channels is complete with the addition of call logging. Agents and managers can track both incoming and outgoing phone calls; associate tasks, tickets, and live chats to calls; and view detailed call reports that track call volume and duration for inbound and outbound calls.

Task Management System

Help agents stay on top of their workflow with a new task management system that allows agents and managers to create tasks and track work associated to a specific ticket, call, or live chat.

Mobile Interface Functionality

SmarterTrack 5.x provides managers with the ability to monitor agents' tickets and allows agents to manage their tickets and live chats via mobile devices. This functionality is made possible through a WAP interface that works across all major mobile phones, including Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile devices.

Enhanced Ticket Management

SmarterTrack 5.x includes several enhancements to its ticket system, including the ability to add attachments to tickets without sending a response, the ability to modify an auto-responder's subject format, and the ability to mark a ticket for follow-up.


With follow-ups, companies can keep in constant contact with both existing and new customers. Integrated with the events system, follow-ups notify agents when customers haven't responded or need additional service.

Live Chat Attachments

SmarterTrack 5.x improves the level of communication between employees and customers with the ability to send and receive files via live chat.

Additional Event Categories

Configure notifications based on even more agent-level and system-level events, including task events, live chat events, call log events, POP events, and SMTP events.

Knowledge Base Enhancements

Several enhancements to the knowledge base improve article organization and navigation. Agents will also benefit from the ability to perform bulk operations on news items, canned replies, and knowledge base articles.

Updated Web Services

New Web services available for SmarterTrack 5.x include the ability to query tickets based on a wide variety of search criteria and the ability to retrieve brand information. In addition, existing Web services were updated to enhance functionality and make them easier to use.

Additional External Providers

A new user information provider allows companies to pull information from an external database and display the information within the ticket tabs, allow agents to have access to all available customer information (recent purchases, licensing information, number of past tickets, etc.) in one convenient location.

SmarterTrack 4.x

Installed Software or Hosted Service (SaaS)

The introduction of SmarterTrack 4.x provides organizations the option of dedicated, VPS, or shared server installation or to purchase SmarterTrack as a service (SaaS) from SmarterTools Hosted Services.

Enhanced Ticket Management

SmarterTrack's industry-leading ticket system gains surveys, Get Assist agent support, multiple signatures with dynamic signature support and enforceable company-wide signatures, the ability to assign tickets based upon languages or roles, and more.

Brand Support

Companies with multiple branded divisions or departments can manage all of their customer communications from a single application. Fully integrated brand support enables companies to customize tickets, agents, departments, emails, knowledge base articles, live chat, and the portal to increase brand recognition and share resources across brands.

Expanded Live Chat

Live chat gains multi-language translations, transcripts via Web browser, email, or print, real-time typing, enhanced coaching and co-chat, the assigning of live chats by brand and/or language, and more.

Agent Instant Messaging

SmarterTrack 4.x promotes internal collaboration with the new agent instant messaging feature, which allows agents to instant message each other for assistance, share key information, or attend meetings remotely.

Get Assistance and Agent Chat Rooms

Agents can now seek out internal expertise from other agents and mangers by using Get Assistance from within tickets and live chats. Agent chat rooms are available to foster productive and rapid collaboration between agents.

Multi-language Support

Communicate with customers around the world with multi-language portal support for more than 60 different languages and dialects.

Real-time Translation of Live Chats

SmarterTrack 4.x also includes real-time translation of live chats and the assignment of live chats based upon language in addition to brand.

Expanded WhosOn Visitor Tracking

WhosOn receives geographic mapping, enhanced events, visitor surveys, website visitor broadcast messaging, configurable attributes, and more.

Integrated Survey System

Surveys can be launched at the conclusion of chats, upon ticket closure, or upon virtually any other event trigger-able with the SamrterTrack system. Agents and departments can be "scored" based upon survey results, individual survey and detail reports are readily available, and vital business intelligence can be gathered to help ensure success.

Performance Optimization

The entire SmarterTrack product has reduced the size of pages, increase browser compatibility, decreased threads and resources on server, dramatically reduced the number of database calls, and much more.