New Features in SmarterStats

SmarterStats 11.x

For a complete breakdown of all of the new features, changes and improvements in SmarterStats 11.x, take a look at the release notes for this latest version.

Focus on Security

Log files contain a TON of information about a website, so safe and secure access to that information is important. While using the SmarterStats Service is the best way to process logs, not everyone has the ability to use the Service. Therefore, to ensure the security and integrity of your data transfers when using FTP to get your logs, SmarterStats now supports FTPs and sFTP! Therefore, no matter where your websites are hosted -- whether on Windows, Linux or a combination of both -- you can have peace of mind knowing your file transfers are safe and secure, and access to your data is protected during the file transfer process.

High Trafficked Sites Are No Problem

As sites grow in popularity, moving them from a single site on a single server to a load-balanced architecture makes perfect sense. However, analyzing log files for those sites can be problematic. SmarterStats 11.x adds support for load-balanced headers, which makes log and site analysis for load-balanced sites simple. By adding support for these headers, SmarterStats can accurately detect information from the load-balancer about where traffic is generating and relay this information correctly to site administrators. So now, administrators and site owners can view a load-balanced site's statistics just as they would if it were managed on a single-server platform.

You Want to Save Space, and We Want to Help

Server administrators know that having enough disk space is key: it helps keep a Web server running smoothly and keeps websites from experiencing unexpected faults and errors. One way to preserve disk space is to compress a Web server's log files. SmarterStats 11.x introduces the ability to FTP these compressed and archived log folders, as well as those that are stored under the root FTP location, allowing them to remain in their compressed and easy-to-manage state. This not only helps server administrators preserve disk space, it provides site owners with the analysis they need to optimize and improve their online businesses.

SmarterStats 10.x

For a complete breakdown of all of the new features, changes and improvements in SmarterStats 10.x, take a look at the over 30 release notes for this latest version.

Force Traffic Over HTTPS

SmarterStats 10.x gives system administrators yet another reason to have peace of mind when it comes to security. Rather than using the default HTTP connection, system administrators can now force all SmarterStats traffic over HTTPS. This is an excellent way to greater secure your installation as this allows all data to be encrypted and prevents third-parties from listening in on communications to and from the SmarterStats server.

Simple Interface Customization

SmarterStats 10.x introduces a much simpler way for system administrators to customize the look and feel of the SmarterStats experience. Now, rather than having to access system files to create custom styles, system administrators can simply override existing SmarterStats styles with their own variables, or more simply, by modifying the overall color scheme of the primary, secondary, and hyperlink colors. System administrators can even drastically revise the look of the interface by adding in system level custom CSS styles.

Brute Force Detection

At SmarterTools, we understand that security is a necessity. To further improve user security, SmarterStats 10.x includes brute force detection for the Web interface login. A user account will now be temporarily locked if there are too many failed login attempts.

More Flexibility with Site Maintenance

When a site is initially configured, SmarterStats will import and process the original logs. At times, such as when logs or import filters have been added or removed, it may be necessary to re-import and reprocess these logs. To give system administrators greater flexibility when it comes to site maintenance, logs can be re-imported and reprocessed by choosing a specific month. This can be extremely useful as administrators can focus system resources on only processing the necessary logs files.

Additional Site Propagation Settings

For large enterprise users, automation can be extremely handy and, in some cases, is necessary in order to operate efficiently. With this in mind, SmarterStats 10.x includes two new, important site settings that can be propagated to all sites and set as a default for newly configured sites: "Include logs stored in subfolders" and "Look for logs in .gz and .zip archives".

SmarterStats 9.x

New Interactive Charts

Presentation of data has always been a strong point of SmarterStats, and the new charting engine we've introduced takes that presentation to a more interactive, and much better performing, level. Users will actually be able to mouseover chart items and see what the data represents. Users can select points on line charts or sections of pie charts and clearly see what the data points represent in the data provided and be able to tell what the charts tell you and then use that information and act upon the data. No more looking at a point, scanning the legend or having to work out where that point falls in the x/y axes of your chart. The new charts display much faster and require fewer resources without sacrificing quality and the responsive design means that reports will adjust to fit a browser window without disrupting the flow of information.

Incredible Performance Increases

With every major product release we always look for ways to improve the performance of our software. With SmarterStats 9.x, we've been able to greatly reduce system resource usage when processing log files and in the presentation of data. This is due to both changes we've made on the back end as well as the move to the new charting engine. Single site users will notice the difference – the faster processing and display of data – but enterprise users will definitely see how much faster data processes and the vast decrease in system resources, specifically the decrease in memory usage.

Continued Support for the Latest Devices and Platforms

As SmarterStats adjusts to understand the ever-evolving Internet, users will get the most detailed and accurate business metrics for their business. Knowing the browsers, operating systems, platforms and devices being used by website visitors is an integral part of continual improvement on the Web, and the continued success of an online presence. SmarterStats 9.x now gives better insight into these metrics by including newer devices such as the different Kindle Fire tablets being sold as well as more modern devices such as Google Glass.

Easier Sharing of Data

The ability to share data with others is an integral part of using SmarterStats. With SmarterStats 9.x it's even easier for webmasters, marketing specialists or even business owners to share their website statistics, SEO reports and more. For example, it's now possible to export report items as PDF files. Each PDF file is a standalone report, complete with title page and neatly formatted data that can easily be used in business meetings or as part of marketing proposals. In addition, scheduled email reports can now also be sent as PDF files rather than inline HTML-based reports. This is ideal for sharing data with others for use on-the-go or for those times when HTML emails aren't readily accessible.

Smarter Importing of Log Files

System Administrators generally have monitors that check disk space availability on the servers under their control so that they can be alerted when hard drives begin to fill up. To complement that vigilance, SmarterStats now handles situations where disk drives have less space than necessary for storing log file data. This means that SmarterStats will no longer FTP log files or save configuration data to disk drives with low disk space thereby eliminating potential service issues, file corruption and more.

SmarterStats 8.x

Tremendous Performance Increases

We spent a great deal of time benchmarking SmarterStats and then making changes to increase the level of performance across the board. In many instances we've seen increases of 70% or more in the speed and responsiveness of the SmarterStats 8.x interface. We've also seen huge decreases in memory and CPU usage, not to mention much faster importing of log files, even under extremely heavy loads. All of this means that the product runs much quicker and much more efficiently than previous versions. Some of the changes we've made include:

  • Re-factored and completely re-wrote many areas of the web interface to reduce the amount of JavaScript code, CSS and HTML, making the entire web interface much faster, much more responsive and much lighter weight.
  • CSS files have been converted to LESS, making stylesheets much smaller and more efficient.
  • The button bars were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The context menus were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The date pickers were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The tree view controls were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • Greatly increased the performance of the Web interface.

Auto-detection of Log Files

One of the major hassles with setting up a site in SmarterStats is accurately labeling the log file type that the site uses. This is especially a problem when managing a mixed-platform environment: Linux and Windows servers. SmarterStats 8.x greatly simplifies the process of adding in new sites as it will now auto-detect the log file type when the site begins processing. Having SmarterStats auto-detect the log file type will make setting up mixed-mode sites much easier for most System Administrators.

New Support for Rotating Logs

It's no surprise that log files can take up a lot of valuable disk space. In some environments, particularly those running Linux and Apache, System Administrators conserve system disk space by rotating log files. That means they will allow a log file to grow to a certain size or for a certain time, then move it and rename the file (most commonly by adding a date stamp) and instruct the web server to begin writing a new log file for data. While it is a simple way to conserve space, it can be difficult to report on those rotated logs. SmarterStats 8.x now fully supports the rotation of log files and can easily manage, import and report on rotated log files.

Greater Support for International Customers

SmarterStats is a truly international product. With customers in well over 120 different countries, support for languages other than English is a priority. In addition, as SmarterStats' adoption across the globe continues to rise, support for non-Western character sets is also essential. With SmarterStats 8.x we've not only included support for right-to-left languages in the management interface and on the portal, but we've also gone through the entire product and greatly simplified our language strings to make things much easier for automated translations and for customers who create their own translations files.

SmarterStats 7.x

Site Tuning Functionality

The new site tuning functionality in SmarterStats 7.x scans your site for more than 20 different problems known to affect a site's search engine ranking, such as broken links, excessive linking, META and title tags, and multiple redirects.

Interface Enhancements for Mobile Devices

SmarterStats 7.x improves the user experience when accessing the web interface from any tablet computer or smartphone. Page speed is significantly increased and all features of SmarterStats are fully compatible with touch screens so users can view stats from anywhere on an Apple, Android or Windows mobile device.

Improved International and Foreign Language Support

In addition to providing analytics for international search engines, SmarterStats 7.x adds support for URLs with foreign characters, such as those in Russian or Chinese. In addition, users can now email reports in the recipient's preferred language, making it easier to share crucial site and SEO analytics across any language.

Support for .ZIP and .GZ files

Individuals and companies that compress their raw logs as .ZIP and .GZ files can now import them in to SmarterStats 7.x at any time, allowing companies to significantly reduce the amount of space needed to store log files.

New Report Items

New Report Items SmarterStats 7.x adds several new report items, including a bounce rate report that identifies how frequently visitors land on your site and immediately leave without viewing additional pages and a report that identifies the most popular entry and exit pages of your website.

Better Browser Detection

SmarterStats has reworked its user agent detection to provide users with a clearer understanding of the browsers, devices or operating systems visitors are using to surf your site.

Page Details View

SmarterStats 7.x introduces the page details view, which allows users and site administrators to view performance and traffic stats, as well as page tuning details, on a page-by-page basis. Plus, users can create pag aliases directly from the page details view, making it easy to add common names to unique page URLs whenever necessary.

Improved Bot Detection

To help users better understand activity from real visitors, programmatic calls to your website (such as those from a REST API or Web services) and calls from site uptime services are now considered a spider/bot and will be included in the stats for those reports.

SmarterStats 6.x

Redesigned Web Interface

The new Web interface is visually pleasing and focuses on improving the user experience to make it far easier to use. SmarterStats 6.x includes dozens of UI enhancements, including smaller page sizes, less JavaScript, and more advanced interface rendering that help improve page load times.

New Report Items

SmarterStats 6.x provides even more information with several new report items, including an ISP report that gives users the ability to see who their biggest providers of traffic are and a report that breaks down the traffic generated from mobile phones and tablets by OS/device. Spider reports have also been updated to include the latest spider and bots, ensuring that website statistics reflect actual customer behavior. In addition, all report items were streamlined and redesigned to give the most relevant information that customers look for.

Section Overview Reports

To improve usability, report items are now grouped in separate sections of the interface. Each section has an overview report that provides users with an at-a-glance view of their website activity, server health, SEO performance and more.

Improved Data Mining

The data mining functionality was restructured in SmarterStats 6.x, making it easier for users to identify patterns in visitor behavior and act on these findings. Data mining reports have been optimized and all the information needed to customize these reports is available in one, easy to access section of the Web interface.

International Search Engine Support

With international search engine support, SmarterStats users can analyze the performance of their website and SEO keywords in,,, etc.

Dual Axis Charting

SmarterStats 6.x improves its trend reporting with the introduction of dual axis charting. Dual axis charting allows SmarterStats to plot two different elements on a single chart—even if they have different scales—making trend reports much easier to read and understand.

Clickable URLs

SmarterStats 6.x introduces the base URL feature. When this feature is enabled, URLs in reports are clickable, making it easier for users to view and analyze webpages listed in report tables.

Report Cancellation

SmarterStats 6.x also includes the ability to cancel report generation. This feature can be useful if a report is taking an unusually long time to load or if you want to change the report options during report rendering.

SmarterStats 5.x

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Reports

Monitor SEO campaigns and enhance optimization efforts with new SEO reports, including keyword position reports, competitor reports, search engine visibility reports, and Google PageRank reports.

SEO Campaigns

Track, evaluate, and compare search engine results for keyword sets on your own website or competing websites.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

SmarterStats' built-in keyword suggestion tool can help webmasters and SEO analysts find keywords for their websites that may help improve the volume or quality of traffic their sites receive from search engines.

Competitor Suggestion Tool

When conducting a SEO campaign, it may be beneficial to find out what SEO tactics the competition used to attain their search engine rankings. SmarterStats' built-in competitor suggestion tool can help webmasters and SEO analysts identify websites that may be competing for search engine traffic.

Server Activity Reports

SmarterStats 5.x adds six new reports that help system administrators track traffic and visitor activity at the server level. System administrators can identify the worst offending sites in terms of CPU usage and bandwidth, determine which server receives the most Web traffic, view aggregated data for multiple servers, and more.

Improved Mobile Phone Detection and Reporting

Updated user agents allow SmarterStats users to track the website activity of visitors that use Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Symbian mobile devices to access your site. Plus, a new mobile phones report makes this information easily accessible.

Import Data from Multiple Log Sources

SmarterStats now supports multiple log sources, allowing for efficient processing of data in high-volume, enterprise, and load balanced environments.

Dynamic Page Support

SmarterStats now allows dynamic URLs to be referenced as unique pages, enabling users to collect data associated to these URLs.

Page Aliases

To help users better understand website performance, SmarterStats now includes the ability to transform cryptic URLs and names into friendlier, easy-to-remember names.

SmarterStats 4.x

New Optimized Interface Design

SmarterStats 4.x utilizes the STInterfaceFramework, a fully skinnable Web interface with drag and drop, right mouse click support, and optimized AJAX controls—bringing the features and performance of a desktop application to the Web.

Advanced Charts and Graphs

Advanced dynamic charts and graphs have been added utilizing using Microsoft Silverlight.

Web-based Log Viewer

Identify problems quickly with a Web-based viewer that allows administrators to view error log data.

Propagation of Settings

Settings can be propagated across websites, domains, and entire systems in one step—saving valuable time and resources.

Getting Started Wizards for Administrators and Users

SmarterStats now includes intuitive wizards to assist both users and administrators as they set up and configure SmarterStats.

Enhanced Reports

Reporting is now based after the STReportingFramework for improved speed and flexibility. More than 30 new reports have been added—bringing the total number of available reports to more than 100.

Spider and Bot Identification and Reporting

The ability to isolate and separate spider traffic gives individuals the power to see into search engine methods (e.g., Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live, and Ask). Reporting is now separated between real visitor data and spider/bot traffic. New spider report items have been added for a total of 15 spider report items.

Added Data Mining Capability

Data mining is a process of organizing and sorting large amounts of data to isolate information relevant to a specific circumstance or business need. New data mining reports have been added to SmarterStats for a total of 15 data mining reports with enhanced ability to drill down into data from report items.

Additional Geographic Items and Reports

SmarterStats provides the ability to visually see website performance graphically and to allow the identification of markets across borders and without boundaries. New geographic report items (including breakdowns by city) have been added for a total of 18 geographic report items.

SmarterStats 3.x

LFilter Sets

SmarterStats allows users to create filter sets which will limit the return values of their reports. By using filter sets, reports will only include the data you need, in turn, making them easier to analyze.

Specify Inverse Filters

Users can specify inverse filters by inserting a exclamation mark (!) at the beginning of a filter set. Inverse filters are especially helpful if you only want the data from a specific directory or resource.

Automated Diagnostics

With automated diagnostics, users can now have the peace-of-mind that SmarterStats is running efficiently. This automated feature checks the application and assures that all areas are performing correctly and that they are not any corrupted files.

New Optimized Web Interface

The SmarterStats interface has been completely redesigned with a focus on usability: including customizable chart views, favorite reports, and more powerful custom reports.

Enhanced Reporting

Receive your reports via email on-demand or at regular scheduled intervals in a re-organized and easy-to-use format with new filter sets for clarity. Export your reports to CSV or TAB format for use in third-party programs like Excel.

Data Mining

Drill down into report items to get the data you need, when you need it.

Multiple Language Support

SmarterStats 3.x includes a fully translatable interface and support for encoding on search engine parsing.

Enhanced Administrative Features

SmarterStats 3.x adds hundreds of new administrative enhancements including importation of IIS settings and improved diagnostic support.

SmarterStats 2.x

Expanded Reporting

More than 65 new report items were added version 2.x; including geographic reports.

On-demand Reports

Have data right now with SmarterStats 2.x on-demand email reports.

New Log Formats

SmarterStats 2.x now provides support for Apache and IPlanet log formats.

New Administrative Features

In version 2.x, system administrators can exclude query string items, exclude data by IP or directory when importing, and more.