What's New in SmarterMail


For a complete breakdown of all of the new features, changes and improvements in SmarterMail 16.x, take a look at the release notes for this latest version.

2-Step Authentication

The ability to secure and lock down email accounts is crucial in today’s online world. SmarterMail 17.x offers 2-Step Authentication, which is secondary authentication and verification of account ownership using popular authentication apps like Google Authenticator as well as verification using a secondary email address. In addition, SmarterMail will automatically generate strong “application passwords” that users will be able to use with third-party applications, such as email clients. Regardless of the authentication method used, accounts are secured with user-generated passwords PLUS a secondary authentication method of their choosing.

Setting up 2-Step Authentication is simple for end users as well as domain administrators. In addition, domain administrators can opt to force 2-Step Authentication, so that all users of the domain are required to set it up, or make it optional, and let users decide for themselves. We’ve spent a lot of time making 2-Step flexible so that system administrators and domain administrators can choose how they want to introduce it to their end users.

Customize, Automate and Integrate using the API

SmarterTools has always included an API for many of the most critical product functions. Now, however, every feature and function within SmarterMail is entirely exposed, allowing companies to build upon our platform however they want. What does that mean?

  • Administrators can fully customize any aspect of SmarterMail. This is especially beneficial to companies looking to fully brand, or even completely redesign, the webmail login page. If an existing system is in place for customer management, like a custom-built control panel, it’s simple to add a custom login area for webmail access! Want to completely overhaul the entire interface? You can!
  • Every aspect within SmarterMail can be automated: from setting up domains and managing mailboxes to adding and/or updating abuse detection rules. Because any feature or function within SmarterMail will have an associated API call, a company could even build their own app, for desktop or mobile!
  • Integrations with existing systems is much simpler. If a company has a custom CRM or billing system, integrating SmarterMail with those existing systems is easier as everything is open and available via web service. That includes adjusting mailbox size limits or adding and charging for add-ons like Exchange ActiveSync or premium antispam products and more.
  • Faster processing of requests and access to information. Since the product now uses the full API as well as making it publicly available, we no longer need a legacy architecture for the product: no more frames, no more separate pages, no more time and processor-intensive calls, etc. Now, SmarterMail is a single-page application, with data being called and presented directly from our API. This means faster load times and simple organization and presentation of your information.

Introducing Team Workspaces

SmarterMail 16.x introduces Team Workspaces! We are determined to help customers save money and avoid using paid services such as GoToMeeting or AnyMeeting. That means integrating web conferencing and turning SmarterMail into a truly unified communications platform. Team Workspaces can house an unlimited number of participants and include live video chat for up to 8 participants, screen sharing, video and audio controls, a group chat sidebar, a whiteboard for team collaborating, the ability to upload and share files and much, much more.

And using a Team Workspace couldn’t be simpler: Just create your team workspace and share the link to other people -- either inside your organization or outside. It doesn’t matter if you have a group of offsite employees, have “work from home” days or want to have a video conference with customers or contractors: SmarterMail’s Team Workspaces can easily replace virtually any third-party service you’re using.

Enhanced Group Chat

Group chat has been a part of SmarterMail for many, many years. With SmarterMail 16.x, we completely re-wrote our chat server to bring new features and more functionality. We know that customers use third-party products like HipChat or #Slack to improve their internal communication. However, those services cost extra and can cause undue burden on IT managers. So it’s now possible to leave those services, and their costs, behind and use SmarterMail for all your communication needs. SmarterMail’s enhanced group chat now offers things like:

  • Image and video link previews. Just upload an image or paste a link to a video and see what you’re clicking on before you click on it or download.
  • Video chat. It’s easy to start a video chat, and then invite up to 7 other members to participate, all from within the team chat area!
  • Shareable links. Share a link to an external site, or even a meeting workspace, and it’s fully clickable for anyone you share it with.
  • Use of third-party chat clients. If you’re used to using Pidgin or Adium on your desktop, or IM+ or Xabber on your mobile device, go right ahead! Unlike other services, SmarterMail’s group chat is fully compatible with most chat clients.
  • File sharing. Simply drag a file into a chat and it’s automatically saved to your file storage and made publicly available.
  • Flexibility, so adding in things like our own voice and video, which is very much in demand, is easier to manage and develop.

Best of all, since this is all contained within SmarterMail, it’s fully archived and saved! And unlike third-party services, it’s easy to retrieve archived chats whenever you need to.

Simple Mail Server Installation and Management

SmarterMail 16.x isolates the monitoring and management tools from the setup and configuration settings. Because we manage mail servers ourselves, we realize how important it is to separate functionality so that mail administrators can quickly take actions on and/or prevent intrusions and other common issues they face. Combine the ability to do all this from mobile phones and tablets, and we have dramatically simplified, and improved, the life of a mail administrator!

Simplified Account Management

In SmarterMail 16.x, we’ve centralized account management to a single area, allowing you to manage users, aliases, domain administrators and user groups from a single page. When viewing your SmarterMail accounts, you’ll be able to quickly see how many users or aliases you have created versus the license limit for your domain.

In addition, we’ve made it easier to see a number of user details at a quick glance, including whether a user is authenticated with Active Directory, their last login date, their disk usage and whether that user has Domain Administrator privileges.

Desktop Notifications From Your Browser

We understand that you’re not in the webmail interface 100% of your day, much less have your webmail browser tab open and available. That can make it harder to know when a new message is delivered or when you get a team chat or calendar reminder. Well, SmarterMail 16.x fixes that with browser-based notifications!

Now, regardless of the browser you’re using, you’ll get a little pop-up at the bottom of your display when you get a new message, receive a calendar reminder or even get a new chat. Simply click the browser notification and you’ll open your new message, go to a live chat, go to a meeting workspace or open your calendar event. In the future, we're looking at introducing browser extensions that will allow you to access your inbox, live chat or other areas of SmarterMail without having SmarterMail open at all!

Put User “Aliases” To Work

Aliases are a powerful way to manage your email, manage your communication and manage your life. And we all use them: email aliases for sending messages to departments or your entire organization; domain aliases for consolidating brands or multiple variations of your domain; user aliases for your “extended” employee base; disposable addresses for one-time conference registrations or even plus addresses for newsletter sign ups and organization. Each type of alias has its own function, and now they’re even more powerful.

In SmarterMail 16.x you can now reply from aliases or even compose new messages using an alias. We’ve also expanded on that functionality and added the ability to create and map signatures to each new identity you create. For example, if you have multiple brands in various locations -- say you have offices in Tampa and Miami, and each has a different domain name -- you can create a domain alias and actually use that as a primary address for new or ongoing communications. You no longer need 2 different email accounts set up, and no longer need to manage each account separately. All of your communications can be centralized in one account in SmarterMail!

Improved Sharing For Your Organization

SmarterMail 16.x makes it much easier for users to share their contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and even email folders. Users now have the ability to share right from within whatever section they’re in. In addition, when an item is shared with a user, a sharing icon appears so that users can quickly and easily attach those shared items to their own account. Permissions and sharing changes also propagate automatically, so if a calendar changes from “read-only” to “full control”, you don’t have to lift a finger for those changes to take effect.

Improvements Across All Synchronization Protocols

Version 16.x brings great improvements and updates to the syncing protocols SmarterMail utilizes, including to the Exchange ActiveSync and Exchange Web Services technology. In addition, we focused not only on introducing new features and functionality into SmarterMail but on increasing optimizations and efficiencies throughout the mail server as well. Even with the introduction of web conferencing and video chats, full API exposure and more, SmarterMail 16.x's overall performance has improved, being faster than ever and using less system resources!

Important Note: Password Policy Compliance is no longer included as overall changes to security are being made with each minor release and future major versions.

SmarterMail 15.x

Taking the Headache Out of Spool Management

With the Spool Dashboard, administrators can take spool management to the next level by monitor common aspects of the email spool, such as message activity, top outbound senders, top inbound domains and more. In addition, administrators can take action on any messages currently in the spool. For example, they can block a sending IP that is inundating the mail server with unwanted messages, thereby preventing issues from becoming problems for email users. And while monitoring the spool regularly is good practice, this feature is extremely helpful should the mail server become compromised. By using the Spool Dashboard, admins can easily spot a compromised account, block the sender and delete the unnecessary messages -- all in one place! The Spool Dashboard provides a real-time look at a mail server's activity so admins always know what's going on.

Simplify Spam Prevention Across your Organization

For enterprise organizations, Web hosts or ISPs -- or any business, really -- that manage multiple mail server installations, keeping spam settings consistent across those servers has its challenges. SmarterMail 15.x makes it easy to use the same set of antispam rules for all of the mail servers across your organization.

This is because all global spam settings are now contained in a single XML file. That means you can configure a solid set of antispam rules on one server, then easily move those settings over to any additional SmarterMail servers you have running simply by copying over your antispam XML. As an added bonus, email administrators can even work together to create and share their antispam XML files files, combining their experience and understanding to create the most reliable settings available. Those files can then be easily uploaded to any SmarterMail server, right from the Web interface!

Never Miss a Meeting

Too often, meeting requests or event invitations can get lost or overlooked when you're inundated with emails. SmarterMail's introduction of tentative meeting requests makes managing appointments a breeze!

When a meeting invitation is sent, a tentative appointment will be added to the invitee's calendar. They can then either accept or decline the invitation. And even if a meeting or event is tentative, the invitee will STILL get the reminder, if one was added to the invite! Having ALL requests and appointments shown on their calendar allows a person to be prepared by quickly glancing to see what lies ahead.

New Features for Administrators

Managing a mail server is no easy task, but SmarterMail 15.x brings several improvements to make an Administrator's job easier, including the ability to:

  • Change the account being impersonated from within the domain's users grid.
  • Rename a domain or username within webmail (without stopping the SmarterMail service).
  • Customize an installation by uploading a favicon image.
  • Grant additional permission to other system administrators so they can manage domains and impersonate accounts.
  • View administrative logging that has been updated to log more efficiently and be easier to read.
  • Create temporary passwords for user accounts in order to troubleshoot issues. A user's actual password will no longer be displayed in webmail.
  • Prevent previously used passwords from being utilized when changing an expired password.

Long-Awaited Exchange Web Services (EWS) Update

The implementation of EWS for SmarterMail 15.x is a complete re-write that supports the new EWS protocol released by Microsoft. With this version we were able to remove an entire layer of processing, resulting in a much faster user experience. In addition, SmarterMail 15.x now works seamlessly with eM Client and Outlook 2016 for Mac, including PUSH functionality for Outlook 2016. Additional improvements mean that using EWS for Outlook, Apple Mail, eM Client and and more is a much smoother experience.

You Can Never Have Too Much Protection

As if it weren't enough that we offer a number of different types of protection for your mail server -- out of the box -- we're adding even more! For example, DKIM for message signing can now be managed through the SmarterMail API! This is a great addition because signing messages with DomainKeys has been deprecated because it's become obsolete.

Additionally, there are times when a SmarterMail installation needs to be moved to a new server or potentially restored from a backup. Improving on SmarterMail's backup recovery, all settings files that contain a backup file will automatically load from that file if the primary fails. For example, if a user's config file was corrupted during a migration, rather than the system administrator having to manually swap the corrupted file with the backup to load the user information, SmarterMail will automatically load the backup file instead. This will save administrators valuable time in getting the user back online.

SmarterMail 14.x

Unique Logins for Each Domain

SmarterMail 14.x allows administrators to create unique login screens for every domain. Small businesses using SmarterMail on their own servers, or even companies using SmarterMail from their hosting provider, will benefit from the ability to customize the SmarterMail login page to add a company logo, provide additional branding text, or simply adjust the default "Login to SmarterMail" text to be more in line with an overall brand message.

Additionally, these customizations are especially beneficial for Web hosts and ISPs, where each domain represents a separate entity. Because administrators can decide which domains are able to override the login page settings, Web hosts and ISPs can choose to offer this customization for free or to use it as an upsell opportunity for their hosting plans. They can give their customers the choice of whether users see the default SmarterMail login page or one customized to that company's brand. Furthermore, since hosted domains are able to provide their own contact information and support links, Web hosts and ISPs will see a reduction in calls and support requests from users who belong to a company they host.

Multiple Calendar Support

SmarterMail 14.x introduces the ability to add multiple calendars to a single user account. Do you prefer managing personal and work appointments separately? Do you have a separate project that you want to track alone? Well now you can by creating a new SmarterMail calendar for your account! Along with being able to add as many calendars as needed, users can add their own custom color to the calendars they have available. When viewing all calendars together, the customized color can help dictate the calendar for the appointment being viewed. Even better, users can sync their additional account calendars using Exchange ActiveSync, Exchange Web Services, CalDAV and SharePoint. This means they have access to all of their personal appointments, not only within the SmarterMail Web interface but in their preferred email client or application as well.

Connect and Share Using Dropbox and OneDrive

We take file storage to the next level by adding support for Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive! File storage was adopted early on in SmarterMail, making file sharing a breeze. Continuing to build upon that, and similar to the Google Drive file sharing that was made available in an earlier version, we've added the ability to connect SmarterMail to your Dropbox and Microsoft Onedrive accounts.This means you can link to files two ways: using SmarterMail's built in file storage or linking to files you've stored in your preferred cloud storage account. Even better – you don't have to manage the permissions for your files with any of the integrated services as SmarterMail will automatically modify the file share so that anyone with access to your linked file can easily open it, view it or work with it!

EWS Support for Office 365 for Mac

SmarterMail 14.x adds support for a more recent version of Exchange Web Services, a data synchronization protocol that allows communication between an email client and the mail server. Support of this updated version means users can seamlessly sync SmarterMail messages, contacts, calendars and tasks to third-party email clients like Microsoft Office 365 for Mac.

Create a Disposable Alias

A Disposable Address is a randomly generated address, completely independent of a user's current email address. This address acts as a timed alias, forwarding mail to the designated folder for however long the user specified. When the time limit has been reached, the address is no longer valid and mail will not reach your mailbox. This ideal for those times when you only need a temporary sign up or don't want to give out your email address. You get what you need from the newsletter or service and can rest easy knowing you won't receive an increase in spam messages.

View Multiple Resources Simultaneously

In this version, we bring collaboration to the next level by adding the ability to view all calendars – shared and native – in one calendar interface. The same holds true for viewing contacts, tasks and notes as well. This is an easy way to have all of your similar data presented together without having to switch between what's natively in your account and what is shared to you! By simply checkmarking the resources you want to view, you can check out your own calendar appointments along with any that have been assigned on your Domain shared calendar, easily compare your own tasks with a coworker's shared list and so much more! The ability to view like-items together gives you less time managing displays and more time focusing on what's important.

Message Sniffer Integration

SmarterMail 14.x includes the very sought after Message Sniffer integration! Message Sniffer complements SmarterMail's built-in antispam and antivirus features and accurately captures more than 99% of spam, viruses, and malware right out of the box. It learns about your environment automatically to optimize its performance and accuracy without your intervention; and it can be easily customized to meet your requirements. Because Message Sniffer runs all of its signatures locally, it doesn't need to communicate with any services outside of the mail server, making it quicker and more efficient. Furthermore, the database is regularly and automatically updated to protect against new spam and malware attacks. What this means for users? Less time spent managing unwanted, malicious mail and more time getting down to business.

SmarterMail 13.x

For a complete breakdown of all of the new features, changes and improvements in SmarterMail 13.x, take a look at the over 50 release notes for this latest version.

New Password Requirements and Detection Capabilities

Keeping a mail server secure can be a difficult task as it is. Add non-technical users on top of that, and it's no wonder why mailboxes can so often be broken into. Mail administrators can have peace of mind in knowing that SmarterMail 13.x offers additional settings and features to help keep users from abusing their email privileges, not to mention keep mailboxes, and entire mail servers, secured. These new features include:

  • The ability to set password expirations so users must regularly update passwords.
  • The ability to disable outgoing SMTP on accounts that violate password requirements.
  • An auto-grace period to give users time to update passwords before their outgoing SMTP is disabled.
  • User notifications sent on configurable time intervals to alert users to update their account passwords.

Abuse Detection Rule Additions

With SmarterMail's abuse detection rules, mail administrators have tools at their disposal that will alert them to potential issues before they become actual problems. SmarterMail 13.x includes a new rule that will block or quarantine messages from a sender, as well as alert an administrator, when too many bounce messages occur within a specified timeframe. In addition, the Internal Spammer rule now includes the ability to block or quarantine messages from the sender as well.

Along with these changes, system administrators can use preset abuse detection settings based on whether they'd like relaxed or strict security. These presets cover settings for DoS, SMTP brute force, email harvesting and more. Mail administrators can choose a preset during the initial setup or upgrade wizard or at any time on the abuse detection page.

Blacklisting Improvements

In previous versions of SmarterMail, when system administrators blacklisted an IP address, they'd then have to restart the SmarterMail service in order to drop those existing connections. Understanding that this causes unnecessary downtime for users, improvements have been made to the way blacklisting functions in SmarterMail 13.x. Now, when an IP address is blacklisted, SmarterMail automatically drops existing connections in POP, IMAP, and SMTP, which means less work for mail administrators and increased uptime for users.

Restore User Data Without Stopping the SmarterMail Service

SmarterMail 13.x makes it easy to restore user data directly within the Web interface, without needing to restart the SmarterMail service. If a user mistakenly deletes messages or an entire email folder, or if the user's mailbox becomes corrupted, mail administrators now simply need to have the backup files in the place and select what they'd like to restore from within the Web interface.

Prevent Incoming Spam with Secure Aliases

Email aliases are great for saving time when sending messages to multiple users that you communicate with often. However, if a spammer gets ahold of your company aliases, it could mean an increase in spam. SmarterMail 13.x adds alias protection by including an option to only allow emails to be sent from addresses that match the alias domain.

SmarterMail 12.x

Improved Text Editor Throughout

A new text editor means that users have the tools they need to create richly formatted emails, without a lot of unnecessary code in the background. Cleaner code can help keep delivery, receipt and viewing of emails fast and efficient. Cleaner code also allows for greater flexibility when changing how a particular email looks as it's easier for a Web designer to go into the code directly to make changes without relying solely on the design tools offered in the editor. In addition, the editor is now included when adding Notes and creating Tasks in SmarterMail, meaning that users can format key elements such as addresses, highlight important points, include links to Web pages or addresses, and more. Having a rich text editor available when creating Tasks and Notes increases the functionality and improves the overall experience when using these features.

Connect and Share Using Google Drive

SmarterMail's File Storage makes it easy to share large files without having to worry about hitting any attachment limits or adding large files to your recipients' inboxes. SmarterMail 12.x takes file storage to the next level with the ability to connect your SmarterMail account to your Google Drive account. With this connection, you're then able to link to files either using SmarterMail's built in file storage or to files you've stored in your Google Drive account. Even better – you don't have to manage the permissions for your Google Drive files as SmarterMail will automatically modify the file share so that anyone with access to your linked file can easily open it, view it or work with it!

Greater Support for IPv6

While earlier versions of SmarterMail offered support for IPv6, SmarterMail 12.x increases the functionality available to System Administrators. For example, IPv6 is now supported in greylisting, IP whitelisting and blacklisting, SMTP authentication bypass, SPF checks and more. In addition, system admins can include IPv6 addresses when setting up abuse detection rules for things like DoS, bad SMTP harvesting and password brute force.

Increased Spam Management

Knowing when a mail server is listed by one of the realtime black lists (RBL) used by SmarterMail used to be a manual process. SmarterMail 12.x now includes an automatic RBL checker that lets you know if your server is actively blacklisted. System administrators can even set up system events that will immediately notify them if a server becomes listed by a RBL, which means that they can quickly act if a server does become listed.

Improved Migration

SmarterTools has always made it easy for end users and administrators to move mailboxes over to SmarterMail, regardless of whether they're moving from a competing mail server or from any one of the most popular mail services. With SmarterMail 12.x, we've added some features to make it even easier. For example, it's now possible to import users at the domain level, and automatically apply any domain defaults to them on import. In addition, system administrators can see any and all migrations that are occurring, in real time. Finally, it's now possible to stop and restart migrations right from the migration wizard.

Large Number of Additional Improvements

With each successive major version of SmarterMail that is released, we do our best to include a large number of back-end improvements to help keep mail servers performing at their best. Many of these changes are in the back-end code, so they're not easily seen by end users, much less by system administrators, except when they notice how much better SmarterMail runs. Some of the changes in SmarterMail 12.x include improved processing of HTML messages, leading to messages being processed much faster. There's an improved code structure to speed up startup and reduce overall resource usage, and we've also improved remoting calls, leading to improved performance for webmail users.

SmarterMail 11.x

Tremendous Performance Increases

We spent a great deal of time benchmarking SmarterMail and then making changes to increase the level of performance across the board. In many instances we’ve seen increases of 70% or more in the speed and responsiveness of the SmarterMail 11.x interface. We’ve also seen huge decreases in memory and CPU usage, even under extremely heavy loads. All of this means that the product runs much quicker and much more efficiently than previous versions. Some of the changes we’ve made include:

  • Re-factored and completely re-wrote many areas of the web interface to reduce the amount of JavaScript code, CSS and HTML, making the entire web interface much faster, much more responsive and much lighter weight.
  • CSS files have been converted to LESS, making stylesheets much smaller and more efficient.
  • The button bars were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The context menus were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The date pickers were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • The tree view controls were re-factored to be lighter weight controls.
  • Greatly increased the performance of the Web interface.
  • Replaced the message editor control with a more lightweight control.
  • SmarterMail Service memory has been drastically reduced using SpamAssasin.

Simple Customization of the Webmail Interface

SmarterMail 11.x introduces a much simpler way for users to customize the look and feel of their webmail experience. Now, rather than having to access system files to create custom styles, users can simply override existing SmarterMail styles with their own variables or, more simply, by modifying the overall color scheme of the primary, secondary and hyperlink colors. Users can even drastically revise the look of the webmail interface. For example, by moving the navigation icons to a horizontal position versus their default vertical position. Of course, if the Domain Admin prefers the defaults, customization at the user level can be disabled, thereby preserving branding and corporate identity.

Significant Improvements to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Customers using the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) add-on enjoy the industry standard in syncing technologies for all mobile devices and will be ready for the next version of Microsoft Outlook for Windows that's coming in Office 2013. With SmarterMail 11.x we've made some significant changes in how SmarterMail integrates EAS, including better handling of the most popular devices from Samsung, the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, as well as devices from LG, such as the LG Optimus G, Apple and Nokia, as well as seamless integration with their native email clients.

Changes to how SmarterTools products work with add-ons are often only available with major upgrades due to the agreements we have with our vendors and partners. Customers who stay current with are able to take full advantage of these changes and modifications, not to mention receive full version upgrades at no additional cost. In addition, with SmarterTools, you can reinstate your Upgrade Protection at any time and still receive a discount. And unlike our competitors, SmarterTools doesn't force customers to purchase each incremental upgrade that's available when reinstating Upgrade Protection.

IPv6 Now Available

With the dwindling availability of IPv4 addresses, more and more hosting companies and service providers are moving towards utilizing IPv6 addresses. In addition, there will come a point where businesses of all shapes and sizes need to begin using IPv6 addresses as well. SmarterMail 11.x is here to help ease that transition. In fact, implementation of IPv6 with SmarterMail 11.x is just as simple as IPv4 - there’s no learning curve, no hassles and essentially the same functionality is available for IPv6 addresses as for legacy IPs. End users won’t even be able to tell the difference!

Greater Calendar Control

In SmarterMail 10.x we greatly increased the functionality of our calendaring, and with SmarterMail 11.x we’re continuing that trend. In this latest version, users can not only set the default view for their calendars in the Web interface (either daily, weekly, monthly or all appointment views) but users can also automatically clean out old calendar entries. Domain or System Administrators can also default the auto-clean feature for calendars, making it an ideal solution for those admins who want to keep their mail servers manageable and running as smoothly as possible.

Improved Spell Checking

No one likes to send emails with spelling errors. With SmarterMail 11.x we completely revised how spell checking works, greatly increasing the accuracy and adding in grammar support. In addition, the new spell checking ignores things like URLs and email addresses and users can select an option to force spell checking before their email is actually sent, which should help with those awkward misspellings and grammar mistakes. You can also add your own words to your own dictionary to further customize and simplify your communications.

Personalize Your Contacts

With the growth in popularity of social networks, people are used to see whom they’re talking to when typing up messages. SmarterMail 11.x allows users to add pictures to their contacts, thereby putting a face to a name, as it were, when typing up emails or using the included live chat. Contact pictures will even carry over to third-party live chat clients like Adium or Pidgin so users always see the person they’re communicating with, regardless of medium. In addition, ActiveSync and CardDAV will synchronize contacts with your choice of Third-party applications.

New Features for System Administrators

As if the incredible performance increases won’t make their jobs easier enough, we’ve also included several new features, tools and improvements for System Administrators. Some of these include the ability to utilize an abuse detection rule that allows blocking of IP addresses that exceed a set number of authentication failures over a variety of protocols, the ability to delete IP address that no longer exist right from the IP address bindings page and the implementation of the UIDPlus extension for IMAP. System administrators can even search log files written to the MRS\App_Data\Logs folder from within the management interface and much more.

17 Different Spell-check Dictionaries Included

In addition to the improved spell checking, SmarterMail also includes dictionaries for 17 different languages. The languages supported include:

  • English (US+UK Combined) - DEFAULT
  • English (US), (Australia), (Canada), (UK)
  • French
  • German/German (Switzerland)
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese/Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Greater Support for International Customers

SmarterMail is a truly international product. With customers in well over 120 different countries, support for languages other than English is a priority. In addition, as SmarterMail’s adoption across the globe continues to rise, support for non-Western character sets is also essential. With SmarterMail 11.x we’ve not only included support for right-to-left languages in our Web interface, but we’ve also gone through the entire product and greatly simplified our language strings to make things much easier for automated translations and for customers who create their own translation files.

SmarterMail 10.x

Protection from Downtime with Failover

Mail servers have become the hub of communication for both individuals and organizations. With failover functionality, a hot standby can be put in place as a safeguard against downtime and to ensure the integrity and reliability of all communication. SmarterMail Enterprise licensing and the End User Licensing Agreement now include the ability to have a secondary mail server in standby mode at no additional cost.

New Mobile Interface for Smartphones

A light, yet fully-functional interface created exclusively for smartphones that makes managing email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes on Android, iPhones and Windows phones easier than ever. The new mobile interface is perfect for times when you can't use a mobile email client, like when you need to check your schedule on a colleague's iPhone or want to check your email on your spouse's Galaxy II.

Support for Multiple Contact Email Addresses

Expanding on SmarterMail's already robust contact management tools, users can now add additional email addresses for every contact in their address book. These additional contact email addresses will even sync across multiple devices when using technologies such as SyncML, Microsoft ActiveSync, SharepointSync, Exchange Web Services and others.

Support for Auto-Discovery

Auto-discovery means that only an email address and password are needed to configure new accounts on most desktop clients and mobile devices that use IMAP, SMTP, POP, Exchange Web Services and Microsoft ActiveSync. Using just these two pieces of information, all other configuration settings are automatically configured, making it easier for users to set up their own accounts and dramatically reducing the amount of administration and support needed from a company's IT department.

Outlook Availability Checking

Users who sync their mailboxes with Outlook 2011 for Mac via Exchange Web Services as well as those who eventually move to the next versions of Outlook for Windows that supports EWS can now check the availability of meeting attendees right from within the Outlook interface using Outlook's Scheduling Assistant. That means users will never double-book appointments and that they’ll always be able to see who’s available and when.

Conference Room Scheduling

Just like with Microsoft Exchange, it is now possible to set up conference room resources that can be shared across an organization. This allows users to schedule time in conference rooms and means they no longer need to manage separate documents or calendars for conference room availability. In addition, users can see conference room availability and conflicts when setting up appointments just as they see attendee conflicts and availability.

Support for Remote Wipe of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are used more and more, both personally and professionally. That means they end up storing vast amounts of critical information, including contact information, bank account information and even personal and professional documents. Therefore, a lost or stolen mobile device can mean disaster for the device owner. System administrators now have the ability to reset any mobile device that is synced with SmarterMail back to factory default settings. This can be done quickly, easily and securely, from anywhere at any time, right from the webmail interface.

SmarterMail 9.x

Improved Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail

SmarterMail 9.x includes support for Exchange Web Services, a newer data synchronization protocol that will eventually replace the outdated MAPI protocol, as Exchange Web Services allows for faster communication between an email client and the mail server. Available as an optional add-on at the server level, Exchange Web Services seamlessly syncs SmarterMail messages, contacts, calendars and tasks to third-party email clients like Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac, Outlook 2012 for Windows and Apple Mail on Snow Leopard and Lion.

Instant Messaging

Allow users to chat with other users on the same domain with SmarterMail's built-in instant messaging server. Whether they use webmail or another XMPP-supported IM client to communicate, a user's chat history is archived and searchable, so it complies with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

Interface Enhancements for Desktops and tablets

SmarterMail 9.x improves the user experience when accessing the Web interface from any desktop or tablet. Page speed is significantly increased and all features of SmarterMail are fully compatible with touch screens, so users can access their messages, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes from anywhere on an Apple, Android or Windows tablets and computers.

Outgoing Message Validation

Decrease the likelihood that your users' messages are flagged as spam with SMTP authentication. Validating users' “From” addresses against their SMTP authentication credentials lets other servers know the message is from a valid user.

Outgoing Spam Quarantine

System administrators can quarantine outgoing messages that have been flagged as spam by SmarterMail's spam checks. Quarantining such messages allows administrators to investigate why certain messages are blocked as spam and make appropriate adjustments, if necessary. In addition, system administrators can easily resend any outgoing messages that should not have been quarantined.

Outgoing Virus Quarantine

System administrators can quarantine outgoing messages that have been flagged as containing viruses by SmarterMail's ClamAV or the Cyren Zero-hour Antivirus add-on. Quarantining such messages allows administrators to investigate false positives and make appropriate adjustments or notify the developer of the virus scanner, if necessary.

Administrative Enhancements

SmarterMail 9.x includes additional administrative enhancements such as webmail logging for domain and system administrators, new Web services and an MSI installer for automated installations.

SmarterMail 8.x

New Message Notifications

With new messages notifications, users receive a notification that they’ve received a new message no matter which section of the interface they are viewing. Users can click on the notification to open the message or view the message from their inbox.

Improved Contact Sharing

Users can now download, save or send contact details in .CSV or vCard format, making it easy to share the email address or phone number of a friend or colleague in their SmarterMail address book.

Touch-and-go Functionality

Emailing a contact, mapping an address or adding an email address to your contacts list has never been easier. SmarterMail 8.x introduces clickable addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for click-to-map, click-to-call and click-to-mail functionality in messages, contact details, calendar items, tasks and notes.

Improved synchronization

SmarterMail 8.x includes support for vCalendar 1.0, so users can download the latest version of the Funambol SyncML clients to sync their mailboxes with Outlook, Thunderbird and mobile devices.

Synchronization Center Translation

The synchronization center now detects the browser language and automatically translates the sync info into that language, making it easier to provide info about available sync protocols to international users.

Attachments View

The new attachments view makes searching for a file hassle-free by displaying all incoming and outgoing messages with attachments in a single location.

Improved Message Management

SmarterMail 8.x has built-in filters to help users view read messages, unread messages, replied to messages or forwarded messages with the click of the mouse. Plus, users can now forward multiple messages at once.

Enhanced Signature Options

Users with multiple signatures can now select the signature they want to use when composing a message. System administrators that want to enforce corporate governance across webmail and email clients can configure domain-wide or system-wide footers with disclaimer text or any other information that’s needed.

Password Compliance

SmarterMail 8.x helps system administrators enforce password rules and increase the security of a user’s mailbox. Use the new password compliance report to identify accounts that don’t meet the specified password requirements and send them a request to change their passwords.

Password Retrieval

Make it easy for users to regain access to their account when they forget their password with the new password retrieval option in SmarterMail. When enabled, users that can’t remember their password will receive an email to their backup email address with instructions on resetting their password.

Improved Performance

Numerous optimizations to SmarterMail 8.x reduce disk I/O by an average of 25%. This includes better grid controls, improved charting and an update to the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework.

Improved Administration

With better spool management, enhancements to IP binding settings, hard limit throttling and support for SPF RR lookups, mail server administration is easier and more convenient. Plus, system administrators have access to even more Web services.

SmarterMail 7.x

Improved Searching

SmarterMail’s search function has been enhanced with a new indexing engine to return faster, more accurate results. Now users can find any message, appointment, attachment, contact, task, or note from anywhere in the interface. System administrators will also notice that the improved indexing reduces server utilization.

Synchronization Center

To help users determine which desktop applications and mobile devices can be synced with SmarterMail, SmarterTools developed the synchronization center. When users access the synchronization center from the webmail interface, they’ll be able to see the available synchronization protocols for each application/device and view a list of their current sync connections.

Redesigned Webmail Interface

The new webmail interface is visually pleasing and focuses on improving the user experience by reducing the amount of time and number of clicks it takes to access mailbox data. In addition, SmarterMail 7.x includes dozens of UI enhancements, including smaller page sizes, less JavaScript, and more advanced interface rendering that help improve page load times.

File Storage

Files that are too large to be attached to messages can now be uploaded to the server and shared through public links—making it easier for users to share files and easing the load on the mail server spools.

CalDAV and CardDAV Support

SmarterMail 7.x introduces support for CalDAV and CardDav, giving users with Mac, iPhone, iPad, and other clients that utilize the technology additional options for synchronizing contacts and calendars.

Follow-up Flagging

To help users easily identify email messages that need follow-up action, SmarterMail 7.x introduces follow-up flagging. Emails marked for follow-up display a red flag icon within the message header and can be easily accessed from the special follow-ups view within webmail, ensuring that important emails can be identified at a glance.

Linked Tasks

Because email exchanges often result in new tasks, SmarterMail 7.x includes the ability to link a message to a task. Linked tasks display their start and due dates on calendars just like regular tasks do, but they're also available from a special linked tasks view. By linking emails and tasks together, users can ensure relevant communications regarding a task are always easily accessible and available.

Weather Forecast

SmarterMail 7.x users in the United States can plan for outdoor events when they view 7-day weather forecast on their calendar, courtesy of the National Weather Service.

Auto-saved Email Addresses

Because most users send email to the same recipients, SmarterMail 7.x automatically pulls email addresses from the Sent Items folder and saves them separately from emails in the contacts list. These auto-saved email addresses are then used to auto-complete the To and Cc fields when applicable and can easily be deleted if necessary.

Enhanced Contacts View

Along with a totally redesigned contacts view, SmarterMail 7.x also provides users with a list of the most recent messages, appointments, and attachments related to each contact in one, convenient location.

Free-Busy Scheduler and Availability Checking

SmarterMail 7.x includes two new features to help users schedule time to communicate and collaborate. With the free-busy scheduler, users can now note important events on their calendars without appearing as unavailable to meet at that time. Redesigned appointment invites include the option to check availability before accepting the invitation, ensuring users never double-book appointments again.

Multiple System Administrator Accounts

SmarterMail 7.x fulfills a request to allow hosting companies and businesses to provide system administrator access to the mail server without having to share the same login information. Now SmarterMail installations can have multiple system administrator accounts, each with separate login credentials.

SmarterMail 6.x

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Add-on

The addition of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as an optional SmarterMail add-on for brings the speed of the leading over-the-air synchronization technology to SmarterMail customers. Exchange ActiveSync reduces sync time, extends the battery life of mobile devices, and delivers better syncing for collaboration features than any other platform.

Enhanced Outlook Synchronization

SmarterMail 6.x introduces two-way syncing with Microsoft Outlook 2007 without the use of any third party tools, making managing and maintaining calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes faster and more efficient for users.

Hassle-free Mailbox Migration

SmarterMail 6.x makes mailbox migration simple with open source converters and a built-in mail server conversion tool. The built-in mailbox migration feature gives users the ability to import email and collaboration items from most email platforms and services—making it easier and more cost-effective to acquire new customers and manage migrations.

SpamAssassin-based Pattern Matching Engine

Based on SpamAssassin technology, this powerful pattern matching engine can process substantially higher volumes of email per day than previous versions of SmarterMail without the need for a distributed antispam server.

Improved Message Archiving

Email archiving and retrieval is taken to a new level in SmarterMail 6.x. The new archiving section allows for the more effective search and retrieval of archived email. Businesses required to save emails due to legal and regulatory requirements will find SmarterMail an ideal solution, for compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and other regulatory requirements.

New Antispam Measures

SmarterMail 6.x strengthens out-of-the-box spam protection with additional antispam measures, including DKIM spam check, additional greylisting rules, POP message filtering. These additions help to ensure that SmarterMail is the leader in out-of-the-box email spam protection.

Cyren Premium Antispam Add-on

When used in conjunction with SmarterMail’s out-of-the-box antispam features, the optional Cyren Premium Antispam add-on delivers upwards of 99% spam protection. Commtouch technology complements SmarterMail’s built-in antispam features by adding real-time email transmission pattern recognition.

Cyren Zero-Hour Antivirus Add-on

The Cyren Zero-hour Antivirus add-on identifies viruses based on their unique distribution patterns and provides a complementary shield to conventional antivirus technology, protecting in the earliest moments of malware outbreaks and continuing protection as each new variant emerges.

Improved Mailing Lists

SmarterMail 6.x greatly enhances mailing list functionality with advanced features normally only found in stand-alone mass mailing applications. The additions of bounce detection with automatic removal, double opt-in, subscriber custom fields, mail merge, logging per subscriber, message prioritization, and much more, not only provide tools to successfully manage large mailing lists, but when used in conjunction with the throttling and prioritization features it can help protect the server from being saturated.

Manage All Email Accounts from One Interface

With the combination of POP importing, IMAP importing, SMTP identities, and multiple signatures—Webmail users can now effectively use one SmarterMail account to manage all of their email accounts. Users can reply using multiple SMTP identities with ease and have immediate access to primary SmarterMail calendars and contacts—allowing full access to all of SmarterMail’s collaboration tools, synchronization features, and more from one Web interface.

Enhanced Webmail and Administration Interface

Dozens of new features have been added to SmarterMail 6.x to improve the user and administrator experience, including Silverlight reports and charts, new message attachment and attachment thumbnail views, and user-definable columns for contacts, calendars, and tasks.

SmarterMail 5.x

Over-the-air Synchronization with BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile Devices

SyncML technology available to facilitate over-the-air synchronization of calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes with a variety of mobile devices. Not all functionality is available on all devices.

Greatly Expanded and Enhanced Web Services

SmarterMail has always been at the forefront of automation through Web services (SOAP/API). SmarterMail 5.x adds dozens of additional user and administrative operations that can be accessed via control panels and other external applications.

New Optimized Interface Design

SmarterMail 5.x introduces the entirely new STInterfaceFramework, a fully skinnable Web interface with drag and drop, right mouse click support, and optimized AJAX controls bringing desktop application performance to the Web.

Enhanced Antispam

SmarterMail 5.x delivers up to 97% spam protection out-of-the-box. SmarterMail 5.x antispam features now allow users to customize the level of protection with flexible configurations on multiple antispam processes.

Prioritization of Domains and Messages

SmarterMail 5.x gives system administrators the ability to prioritize domains and messages in the spool, allowing administrators to ensure critical emails are delivered before non-critical messages or messages with a large mailing list. This feature also gives system administrators the ability to create automated actions based upon that priority.

Improved Calendaring

New calendar/availability views, an enhanced reminder system, and iCalendar specifications have been added to the calendaring functions to improve usability and appointment notification.

Mass Messaging for Administrators

SmarterMail 5.x gives system administrators the opportunity to send mass emails and reminders to selected groups alerting them of upcoming changes or news.

All New Events System

SmarterMail 5.x is one of the first mail servers designed to be event-driven. There are now a virtually infinite number of event configurations that can be created and used to provide notifications and—more importantly—cause specific pre-defined actions to be implemented. There is almost no end to the number and types of events that can be defined.

All New Reminders System

Reminders and notifications now have distinctive pop-up displays, available audible chimes, and effective management features.

All New Notification Profiles

Individual users can be informed via SMS text message or email to any address when a specific email arrives in their mailbox, an appointment reminder has occurred, their mailbox is getting full, and much more.

Advanced Reporting System

SmarterMail 5.x introduces the new STReportingFramework, which uses real-time mail server statistics, historical summary reporting, and detailed trend analysis to create one of the most flexible and robust reporting capabilities on the market.


Throttling has been added to allow system administrators to limit the number of messages, amount of bandwidth, and/or the number of bounced messages that will be allowed to or from a domain, user, or mailing list in a given amount of time to prevent system abuse. Actions can be automated based upon the throttling parameters to prevent abuse in real-time.

Advanced Message Composition

Composing and sending a message is easier and more efficient with multiple composition pop-ups, background uploading of attachments, additional editing and formatting options, and much more.

Security Enhanced

The new SmarterMail 5.x interface adds a new security section to support the existing security features and add even more protections. With the introduction of these new features, the security scheme will often be referred to as the "DETECT, PREVENT, and LIMIT" foundation.

SmarterMail 4.x

SmarterMail Sync for Smartphones

SmarterMail Enterprise Edition now includes SmarterMail Sync for smartphones running Windows Mobile 5 operating system. Synchronize all your contacts, appointments, and tasks via your SmartPhone. SmarterMail Sync for smartphones is located within the SmarterMail interface under the Settings menu.

Supports IMAP IDLE

This feature is an extension of the IMAP protocol that allows SmarterMail to send status updates in real-time. This grants users the ability to maintain a connection with the mail server via any client that supports IMAP IDLE (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, third-party applications that support mobile devices), in turn, instantly informing them of any changes or updates.

Supports SSL and TLS Connections

SmarterMail 4.x offers SSL and TLS connections for all protocols. This feature allows SmarterMail to accept incoming SMTP, POP3, or IMAP sessions.

Specify User Password Strengths

System administrators can require minimum password strengths for all users, which can help increase the security of your box(es). Letter casing, numbers, symbols, and length are all fully customizable.

New Enhancements and .Net 2.0 Equals Faster Servers

SmarterMail 4.x enhances the performance of all back-end services, web interface code, and supports Microsoft .Net 2.0. This results in better performance and more efficient server operation.

Robust Anti-Spam Improvements

Greylisting, SpamAssassin, and additional spam checks on incoming mail have been added to the existing anti-spam measures of previous versions at no additional charge.

Enhanced Anti-Virus Protection

SmarterMail 4.x includes ClamAV right out of the box for superior, open-source virus protection.

Now Scan Outgoing Mail for Spam

Avoid blacklisting of your domains. Use the new SmarterMail 4.x outgoing spam checks protect your network from abuse.

Real-time Dashboard and Email Reports

SmarterMail 4.x adds new administrative and email reports and features; including a Web-based dashboard displaying real-time server performance.

Improve Performance with Gateways

Using SmarterMail gateways (available with the Enterprise Edition) allows for enhanced load balancing features. Version 4.x also adds round-robin distribution to 3rd-party gateways.

Smart Gateways and Improved Load Balancing

New smart gateways allow mail servers to send through the entire array of outbound gateway servers to better balance loads.

Message Status Icons

Every message in your SmarterMail inbox will now have a corresponding status icon. These icons will inform the user of what actions have been taken for each individual email. The types of status icons include: read, unread, forwarded, and replied.

New Intuitive Webmail and Admin Interfaces

The webmail and system administrator interfaces have been re-designed with a renewed focus on reduced load speed and better usability. New features like a preview pane, lower-bandwidth component controls, custom skins, and an intuitive Today page.

Synchronize Personal and Shared Outlook Features

Version 4.x includes the new release of SmarterMail Sync for Outlook. Now synchronize shared calendars, contacts, tasks, and now notes; including optional automatic synchronization on startup and exit of Outlook (Enterprise Edition only).

POP Retrieval

Allow users to grab email from external POP accounts and pull them into SmarterMail accounts.