Utilities for SmarterMail


SmarterTools offers a number of utilities to assist with the conversion of mail accounts from other mail services and servers to SmarterMail as well as other helpful tools. Please understand that these utilities are provided "as-is", and some may or may not work with more modern versions of our products. Clicking the links below will take you to the SmarterTools Support Portal where you can read more about the specific utility as well as get instructions for using it.

  • Convert from Icewarp (Merak) - Converts IceWarp Mail Server (previously Merak Mail Server) to SmarterMail. It has been tested with Icewarp version 10.x.
  • Convert from Ipswitch Imail - Converts Ipswitch IMail to SmarterMail. It has been tested with IMail version 12.x.
  • Convert from MailEnable - Converts MailEnable to SmarterMail. It has been tested with MailEnable version 6.x.
  • Convert from Mailmax - Converts MailMax to SmarterMail. It has been tested with MailMax version 4.8.
  • WHMCS Add-On Module - This is an open-source SmarterMail provisioning module for WHMCS, the all-in-one client management system that is popular with WHM/CPanel users. With this module, you can create, enable, disable, and delete domains from within WHMCS.
  • WHMCS Provisioning Module - This is an open source module developed in PHP that integrates SmarterMail as a Product/Service into WHMCS.
  • SmarterMail Log Analyzer - A simple log analyzer for SmarterMail log files.
  • SmarterMail Server Monitor - Monitors the current status of multiple SmarterMail servers (version 4.3 and above).
  • SmarterMailMon - Monitors POP and IMAP mail accounts for new messages.
  • SmarterNotify - An easy-to-use Windows-based notification utility that sends notifications directly to a user's desktop.
  • SmarterPing - A utility that pings a web application to prevent the application from timing out.

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