How To Videos


Below are some videos to help you use SmarterMail. The videos cover a number of topics from installation and adding domains and users to how to create calendars, using Team Workspaces to adding accounts to email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and much more. These videos can be used by themselves or in conjunction with the resources found on the SmarterTools Support Portal as well as our extensive help documentation.

Introducing SmarterMail Videos

System Administrators manage all of SmarterMail: from adding new domains to spool management, spam protection to server health and security.
Domain Administrators manage their own domain: from creating users to managing accounts, setting up signatures to managing mailing lists.
End Users constantly use the web client, sync their accounts to mobile devices and use SmarterMail for their important communications.

General How To Videos

Installing SmarterMail
Adding Domains and Accounts
Sharing a Calendar
Creating a New Contact
Creating a Team Workspace
Setting Up DNS
Sync to Outlook Using IMAP
Sync eM Client Using EWS
Migrate Email From Gmail

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