Intuitive and Powerful Webmail Client

Intuitive and Powerful Webmail Client

Web Email, Contacts, Calendars, Team Chat and More

Both casual and power users will find SmarterMail's webmail client extremely intuitive and incredibly easy to use. Your favorite web browser provides access to email, group chat, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks from any desktop, tablet or smartphone. With support for the most popular synchronization protocols, like Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) and Exchange Web Services (EWS), and CalDAV and CardDAV, you can even sync anything with your favorite mobile or desktop email client.

Share Files and Eliminate Attachments

SmarterMail’s File Storage is hassle-free option to send and share large attachments at no additional cost, eliminating the need for third-party file managers, like FileGenius, Send File or Jumpshare or an FTP server for transferring files. Users can send and share files of any size by simply uploading the file then sharing a link to download it directly! No more delays in sending or receiving messages, problems with attachment sizes or added stress to the server. PLUS: SmarterMail can connect to Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft's OneDrive, giving you even more options for sharing files with users.

Full International Support

SmarterMail is truly an international product. With customer email accounts in over 120 different countries, support for languages other than English is a priority. This includes support for non-Western character sets, right-to-left languages and more.

Fully Responsive for Mobile and Desktop

The webmail client was built so that it would work across operating system and web browsers, whether you're on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. In today's "on-the-go" society, having access to all of your email, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes is crucial, 24 x 7. In addition, it's crucial that you can get to your assets, whether you have your laptop with your or not. In an email cafe? No problem. A library? Again, no problem. And the best part? You're using the same interface you'd be using on your home computer, so the look and feel is exactly the same, no matter where you are or what device you're using.

Additional Features in SmarterMail's Webmail Client

It's not just reading email, scheduling appointments or creating and editing contacts, either. There are a number of features available in the webmail interface, including:

  • Everything is indexed, meaning fast, powerful search capabilities
  • Follow up flagging allows you to organize messages by importance
  • Link tasks directly to emails for greater efficiency
  • Auto-complete addressing makes it easier to communicate
  • Attachments view lets you see all of the attachments you've received
  • Share calendars and contacts with others in your organization
  • Map and share inboxes, so multiple people can see emails received by "generic" users
  • Tons of detailed reports on disk space usage, messages sent and received, spam and virus reports, and more

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