The Ideal Enterprise Email Solution

Enterprise Email at a Small Business Price

A secure, reliable and feature-rich email server

SmarterMail offers all of the features necessary for the enterprise customer, but at a much lower total cost of ownership. These features include:

  • Intuitive webmail interface that works in any browser
  • Full team collaboration, including shared contacts, calendars, tasks and notes
  • Group chat features for connecting with team members anywhere in the world
  • Mobile synchronization for connecting to iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones and tablets
  • Complete task management
  • Conference room scheduling
  • Event scheduling, including attendee availability
  • Full contact management, including attachment, meeting and email history
  • Industry standard security, antivirus and antispam
  • MUCH more
All of this and more is available at a lower cost when compared to other enterprise email solutions, especially Microsoft Exchange or even Exchange Online. This is accomplished through automation and a web-based management system, in addition to lower hardware requirements. SmarterMail can run as a standalone server with minimal hardware and software, or even run alongside other applications due its low system requirements (RAM, CPU cycles, disk space, etc.).

Email and Group Chat Archiving Included

With compliance standards and other corporate regulations dictating how long enterprise communications need to be stored, having a simple, effective archiving strategy is important. SmarterMail Enterprise offers archiving for both email and group chats as part of the standard installation. It's easy to set up for the entire server or on a domain-by-domain basis, and for emails, all messages are archived before they hit the spool for delivery. That means that all email correspondence is archived, even if messages are deleted or forwarded to other mailboxes. In addition, mailboxes can be restored from the archive as needed, or even restored to a backup account, and all communications are fully indexed for fast, efficient searches.

Enterprise Email Security Built-in

SmarterMail has several features that can prevent an email server from being compromised, including:

  • Support for incoming and outgoing SSL/TLS connections
  • Administrator access restriction by IP address
  • Intrusion detection (IDS)
  • Email harvesting attack detection
  • Denial of Service (DoS) attack prevention
  • Brute Force Attack detection
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Password policy enforcement
This is all complemented by the included antivirus and antispam features that can further protect an enterprise server from malicious activity, from becoming blacklisted or from daily new spam outbreaks that can overwhelm a server, not to mention individual mailboxes.

Failover Functionality Available

Email servers have now become the communication and collaboration hub within any organization. Therefore, any interruption of service can significantly impact productivity. Having a standby server means that when your primary server goes down, a hot standby is waiting to take over, thereby minimizing any downtime. When paired with third party monitoring services, System Administrators can even automate the failover process using SmarterMail's extensive Web Services to further minimize the impact on enterprise productivity.

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