Administrators can quickly and securely manage mail server configuration and maintenance tasks, while recurring tasks can easily be automated through exposed web services. Having access to SmarterMail from anywhere, at any time, means administrators can be more proactive in dealing with issues well before they become actual problems.

Multiple views of reporting charts and graphs

Detailed Reporting

With dozens of pre-defined reports, SmarterMail provides critical statistics on server health, spam, viruses, disk space usage, incoming and outgoing messages and more that help system and domain administrators monitor their systems. All reports include the ability to drill down into every domain or user on the system to help administrators identify trends, manage costs and effectively allocate resources.

Remote Management

SmarterMail was initially built by, and for, email server administrators. Using a web-based structure that’s accessible using any desktop or mobile browser, both domain and system administrators have the ability to access and manage their domains and servers from anywhere, at any time. In addition, a completely API-driven structure means tying SmarterMail in to any third-party monitoring service, management platform or notification system is simple and extremely reliable.

2-Step Authentication

The ability to secure and lock down email accounts is crucial in today’s online world. SmarterMail offers 2-Step Authentication, which is secondary authentication and verification of account ownership using popular authentication apps like Google Authenticator as well as verification using a secondary email address. In addition, SmarterMail will automatically generate strong “application passwords” that users will be able to use with third-party applications, such as email clients. Regardless of the authentication method used, accounts are secured with user-generated passwords PLUS a secondary authentication method of their choosing.

Google authenticator being used for 2-step authentication

Comprehensive Logging

When administrators want to know what's going on with their servers, they need logs to be able to see what happened and when. SmarterMail contains some of the most comprehensive logging of any mail server. From ActiveSync to XMPP, and everything in between, all logs can be set to the detail level an administrator wants, are fully searchable and are easily accessed on any desktop or mobile device. Administrators can even enable custom logs when working with SmarterTools support to dig even deeper into what's going on with their server.

Email migration modals

Simple Migration

Using SmarterMail’s integrated migration utility, new users can easily transfer their email and collaboration items from providers such as Office365, Gmail, or Yahoo! as well as from other email products such as IceWarp, Kerio, MailEnable and Open-Xchange. The easy-to-follow instructions guide a new user, eliminating the need to contact an email administrator for assistance. However, domain administrators also have the ability to import users at the domain level and can set defaults for users -- both new and existing -- at the domain level and propagate those settings as needed. System administrators can monitor all ongoing migrations, in real time, and even stop them, if needed.


SmarterMail comes fully equipped with effective and self-updating email virus protection measures to ensure mail server security. With ClamAV antivirus, detailed antivirus activity reports are available at the system, domain, and user levels. In addition, the ClamAV signature database is updated multiple times a day and contains hundreds of thousands of signatures, including generic signatures that are able to detect new variants at a high rate. SmarterMail can also be integrated with third-party antivirus products and services. SmarterTools has also partnered Cyren to offer premium antivirus protection for administrators.


SmarterMail includes, at no extra charge, structured, multi-layered spam prevention that can help achieve efficient and effective spam protection without the need for additional third-party products. Administrators can customize their level of spam protection using a variety of industry-standard methods including greylisting, SPF, DKIM, RBLs, URIBLs, SMTP blocking, blacklist/whitelist and more. SmarterMail can also be integrated with third-party antispam products, appliances and services. SmarterTools has also partnered with both Cyren and MessageSniffer to offer premium antispam options for administrators.

Spam mitigation interface on desktop and mobile


With archiving, all incoming and outgoing email and group chats are captured at the spool level so it’s always saved. Even if a user deletes a message or live chat, it’s still preserved. In addition, archiving can be set on the server as a whole, covering all communication across all domains, or at individual domain level.

Views of SmarterMails built in security administration


SmarterMail has several built-in protections that prevent the mail server from being compromised, including support for incoming and outgoing SSL/TLS connections, administrator access restriction by IP, intrusion detection (IDS), active directory authentication, harvest attack detection, denial of service (DOS) attack prevention, malicious script authentication and brute force detection. System administrators can also set and enforce password rules to decrease the likelihood that the security of a user’s mailbox is breached.

Auto Clean

Users, domain administrators and system administrators can all create auto clean rules for calendar appointments and email folders. The ability to automatically prune old calendar events keeps calendar views and agenda items clear and uncluttered. Removing old emails preserves disk space that can be filled by deleted messages, junk email and sent items. Users can even create their own auto clean rules on any custom folder they’ve created.

Simple Setup

SmarterMail’s installation process makes configuring the server quick and easy. Not only are the core files installed, the installer will also verify that the server meets the minimum requirements to run SmarterMail. That means it will automatically install any missing pieces for you or update frameworks to ensure SmarterMail runs right out of the box. Configuring IIS and setting SmarterMail up with a new app pool and standalone website is also part of the process.

Steps showing SmarterMail's intuitive installation process
Comprehensive automated programing interface
Comprehensive API

SmarterMail is a single page application built on top of a robust API that encompasses every single feature and function available. Simplify administrative tasks by automating things like creating mailboxes, modifying domain or system settings, managing the spool, determining domain-specific bandwidth usage for billing and much more!

Third party integrations

Having an extensive API means that third-party developers can build integration modules for their own applications or other popular products and services. In addition, we created our own modules for some of the leading management applications and control panels that are used by web hosts and ISPs and enterprise organizations around the world.

Powerful events
Powerful Events

The Event system in SmarterMail is an incredibly powerful and flexible tool that allows both domain and system administrators to automatically perform actions based on specific criteria and remain up-to-date with what is going on with the server as whole, or individual domains and user accounts.