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Utilities and Conversion Tools

SmarterTools has a large and active user base that is very influential in the development of additional plug-ins, utilities and converters for our products.
Utilities and Conversion Tools in the Knowledge Base

Installation Methods

SmarterTrack customer service software is available as a traditional installation or as a hosted service (SaaS). Businesses that choose the traditional deployment of SmarterTrack can install the software onto a local or co-located server in dedicated, VPS and shared environments using the standard install download.
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Release Notes

SmarterTools provides release notes to customers to help them identify bug fixes, changes and feature enhancements in each SmarterTrack release. Release notes for legacy versions are offered as a convenience, though these products are no longer supported.

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Legacy Versions

What's New

With each new release of our products we add new features, as well as make improvements to existing ones, in order to provide the best products possible for our customers. Many times these changes are a direct result of customer suggestion and interaction, making the development process a very social experience.

Technical Information

Determine which edition of SmarterTrack is right for your organization, compare SmarterTrack with competing customer service software, or find out other general information about SmarterTrack.

Technical Support Portal

SmarterTools provides many free resources to help customers resolve issues with their SmarterTrack installation, including online help documentation, knowledge base articles and an online Community. Paid support options are also available along with comprehensive individual training. You can view all support options at the Support Portal.

System Requirements

SmarterTools recommends reviewing that your network, hardware, software, clients and other elements meet the requirements for SmarterTrack.
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