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Live Chat Software for Customer Support

Industry analysts report that live chat software can significantly reduce costs when compared to phone calls and it allows companies to double the capacity of their customer service and support teams. In addition, more and more people are turning to chat as a preferred method of communication. SmarterTrack's live chat feature can help businesses reduce phone calls, assist more customers concurrently and caters to customer preferences. It also increases service levels efficiently without increasing cost.

Translate Live Chats

Speak to customers in their own language

Automatically route live chats to the appropriate agent by assigning languages to departments or use the built-in live chat translation feature to allow agents to respond to chats in nearly every language.

Personalize live chats with agent avatars

Just as with tickets, you can add a personal touch to live chats using agent avatars. By using pictures of your agents you can provide customers with a more personal experience.

Easily see live chat effectiveness

Using surveys, it's very simple to see the results given to an agent on any live chat. Once a survey is answered, the live chat window displays the relative score of the survey by highlighing the survey's star rating. A handy survey tab shows the survey offered, the completion data and the rating. From here, it's easy to see the actual survey and results, so agents and managers alike can view results on a chat-by-chat basis right from the live chat interface.

Website Visitor Monitoring

Watch visitors and initiate conversations

Monitor visitors across multiple websites, track search engine referrals and use a visitor’s navigation history to evaluate a potential customer’s interest. Then increase conversions and enhance the quality of customer service by proactively engaging customers in real-time communication via live chat.

Help customers help themselves

When customers and end users initiate a live chat, allow them to see possible solutions and/or answers to their questions using your in-house knowledge base. By providing potential answers to customers before they interact with an agent, you not only empower them and teach them how to solve an issue but you also save money on support costs.

Live Chat Software Mobile Live Chat Software

Chat with customers from your mobile device

Connect to SmarterTrack while on your iOS, Windows Phone or Android device and respond to tickets and live chats while on-the-go. SmarterTrack's helpdesk is designed to provide a flawless experience on mobile devices and touch screens, but you can also answer tickets and live chats via the mobile interface.

Live Chat Coaching

Aid employee development through live chat

Improve employee training and efficiency with SmarterTrack’s coaching and co-chat features. Monitor live chats and proactively address issues by coaching the agent in real time or joining a chat to help both the agent and customer simultaneously. Promote collaboration by allowing an agent to seek guidance from a more experienced agent via instant message or create permanent chat rooms to conduct virtual meetings with agents across various locations.

Plus, you can:

  • Spell check and check live chat responses for grammar errors.
  • Push files to customers from the chat interface.
  • Use dictionaries in one of over 17 different languages.
  • Use visual and audible cues to alert agents of active chats.
  • Attach related tickets, tasks and time logs.
  • View all live chats associated to a specific email address.
  • Create flexible rules and department structures.
  • Offer surveys to gauge customer satisfaction.
  • Auto-discover knowledge base articles and resolutions.
  • Add internal notes to help agents better assist customers.
  • Analyze helpdesk reports on live chats and agents.
  • Configure events for any live chat action.
  • Use custom fields to collect even more customer data.
  • Integrate with existing databases and authentication systems.