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Get Greater Insight with Web Data Mining

With SmarterStats business analytics, companies can delve deeper into their website statistics to find hidden patterns in data. Known as Web data mining, this process allows companies to recognize patterns of customer behavior and act on these findings, providing an opportunity to target marketing efforts and increase sales.

Predict customer behavior

Through the mining of website data, companies can discover how to provide website visitors with the type of information, products and services customers are most likely to want.

Improve your site’s design

As companies uncover patterns in visitor behavior through data mining, the overall design and direction of the website can be improved to better meet the needs of visitors and customers.

Website Data Mining

Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Use Web data mining to identify the origin of traffic to specific Web pages and determine which marketing efforts (forum posts, emails, Tweets, etc.) produce the best results.

Identify site and server vulnerabilities

System administrators can use data mining to identify and stop possible attacks on the server. For example, use data mining to look for attempts to hack a website by exploring query items sent to specific pages of a Web site or traffic patters from specific IP addresses.