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Business Analytics to Gauge the Success of Your Online Presence

SmarterStats has over 100 different report items that analyze website traffic, a complete set of search engine optimization tools to help manage SEO campaigns and site tuning analytics that help improve a site's overall performance.

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View analytics on-the-go

Use SmarterStats' web-based interface to access your business analytics from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Since SmarterStats is optimized for tablets and larger-screen smartphones, it's fast and easy to navigate to the reports and tools you need, when you need them. Marketers and managers can view the reports they need, and system administrators can manage domains, from anywhere at any time.

Get more accurate website statistics with log file analytics versus script-based software

SmarterStats delivers accurate website statistics without the use of JavaScript tags. With log file analysis, users can measure website visitor traffic separately from spider and bot traffic, analyze website performance and page load times and even monitor the performance of servers across the network. Script-based analyzers like Google Analytics only record data from pages that have the JavaScript tracking code. That means pages without the code aren’t being included in your website statistics.

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Windows or Linux log formats—no problem!

SmarterStats supports multiple log file types, including IIS and Apache and allows access to those log files locally or remotely through FTP, UNC and SAMBA. SmarterStats can auto-detect log file types on a per-site basis, and supports rotating logs to help conserve disk space. System administrators can even deploy SmarterStats across a distributed network that includes a mixture of both Windows and Linux Web servers.

SmarterTools product integrations

SmarterTools has spent considerable effort into providing a solid Web Services implementation in its products in order to facilitate integration with a variety of third-party products. As a result, more and more developers are finding it easy to tie our products into their own products and interfaces and SmarterTools is able to provide integration modules and product tie-ins of our own.

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Business Analytics

Business analytics software for everyone

Individual Websites

For individuals, SMBs or even companies with a single website, SmarterStats Web analytics, site tuning and SEO software delivers accurate website statistics that help webmasters and marketers improve search engine rankings, website performance and overall marketing efforts.

Enterprise Organizations

Larger businesses or those running SmarterStats in a hosted environment can use a single server to provide business analytics to as many as 30,000 different websites across a distributed network. Other enterprise-level benefits include an comprehensive API exposed via Web services that allow for the automation of tasks like adding sites, migrating websites between servers or even determining website-specific bandwidth usage for billing purposes and the ability to propagate standard settings across a large number of domains and/or users without sacrificing the ability to make customizations as needed.

Perfect for regulated industries and EU privacy guidelines

SmarterStats is perfect for financial, healthcare and governmental organizations that have regulations surrounding data privacy. Data can be stored for an indefinite period while being kept safe and secure. The use of log analytics, versus script-based analytics, also meets all EU cookie regulations!

Greatly improve website performance

Site tuning helps improve a website's overall performance and search engine compatibility. By looking for common, and sometimes hidden, issues that could cause visitors to leave your site because it's too slow or search engines to avoid it because of too many redirects, site tuning ensures your site is available to anyone looking for it.

SEO Software

SEO makes money

SEO tools can improve your search engine ranking and increase your number of visitors, thereby improving your chance of making money. Detailed reports provide statistics on keyword ranking and competitor performance, plus built-in keyword and competitor suggestion tools help SEO analysts refine keywords for SEO campaigns and monitor competing websites.