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Improve Search Engine Rankings and Increase Traffic

SmarterStats provides key information webmasters and marketers need to create keyword-rich content that helps drive traffic to a website. Why pay for traffic using PPC campaigns or other means when, with the right tools, you can rank well for your targeted keywords in organic search engine results?

SEO Keyword Comparison

Outperform your competitors by understanding their strategy

Dissect your competitors' SEO strategies and develop counterstrategies to compete with them effectively. Detailed competitor analysis reports allow businesses to compare a website's performance for an unlimited number of keywords against other websites, track a competitor's rankings in search engines, and monitor Google PageRank trends. If you’re not sure who your online competitors are, use the built-in competitor suggestions to discover other sites that might be fighting for website traffic.

Track multiple metrics per campaign

SmarterStats' search engine ranking reports can help businesses develop their SEO strategy by:

  • Tracking multiple search terms in Google, Yahoo!, Ask, and Bing
  • Comparing keyword performance across multiple websites
  • Tracking positions in search engines over time to identify successful SEO strategies
  • Monitoring websites for underperforming keywords that may need to be removed
SEO Tools - Search Engine Visibility Reports

Target specific audiences or products with SEO campaigns

As part of an overarching SEO strategy, businesses may want to target a certain demographic or drive traffic to specific products. SmarterStats allows users to create multiple SEO campaigns with their own set of keywords, competitors and reports allowing website owners to track and evaluate individual campaign results.

SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool

Discover new keywords

While web analytics reports list the words or phrases visitors are currently using to find your site, SmarterStats’ SEO functionality can help identify new keywords that may improve the volume or quality of traffic to your site. Let SmarterStats do the work of suggesting keywords by scanning your company's website, or use a competitor's site for keyword suggestions instead.

Analyze search engine spider activity

The success or failure of a website is directly correlated to its search engine performance. With SmarterStats’ spider and bot detection, user can create reports that effectively and accurately determine which website pages search engines are indexing and when. In addition, there may be pages that are being visited but not crawled by search engines or even pages the search engines can find but visitors can’t. Having this information is crucial for ensuring online success.