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Partnering with SmarterTools gives you access to an industry-leading portfolio of products and services that meet the needs of small businesses, hosting companies, and enterprise organizations. SmarterTools’ partner programs were designed to help you build business, create revenue, and ensure maximum return. For more information about partnership opportunities, contact


This partner option gives qualified applicants the ability to generate additional revenue by purchasing SmarterTools software licenses and support at a discounted price and reselling them at a profit. This remarkable program includes built-in profit margins, advertising price protections, and generous discounts for both resale and internal use.
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This partner option is designed for larger hosting companies or other organizations that already lease software and/or server space. Lease-resellers receive SmarterTools software licenses at discounted monthly rates, giving them the opportunity to earn revenue.
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Bundle Providers

This partner option is designed for companies that want to increase the value of their products and improve customer retention without incurring costs. By providing a bundle of SmarterTools products to customers, bundle providers add $800 value to their current offering.
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